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149 Flattery

The brighter Le Wan was on the stage, the more Le Yan felt that she was inferior to her.

What was even more unacceptable to her was the way Fu Sui looked at Le Wan. From surprise to displeasure, and at that moment of determination, Le Yan clearly caught every change in his mood, so she hurriedly interrupted him.

“That’s great. Sister doesn’t seem to be affected by the exam results.”

As if she didn’t notice Fu Sui’s irritation, Le Yan looked at the stage with shining eyes.


Fu Sui thought she was looking at Le Wan, but in fact, Le Yan was looking at the set of ruby jewelry on Le Wan.

With Le Yan’s reminder, Fu Sui’s feverish head finally came back to his senses. After getting past the effect of Le Wan’s beauty, his disgust for Le Wan took over again.

He gently swirled the non-alcoholic champagne in his hand, and an evil smile flashed across his face. “She’s really doing well today.”

It was just an exam and a bet. What was it compared to Uncle Le’s actions today? Didn’t she see how many people were staring at her? Of course, it was a plus point for a woman to be beautiful. There were always many beautiful women, but there were not many rich and beautiful women.

On such an important occasion, Uncle Le was actually willing to abandon his sons and hold her hand on the stage alone, clearly showing to the crowd that he favored and valued Le Wan. Even if they could not take over the Le Group in the end, they would still be able to reap a great harvest if they obtained Le Wan.

“The scenery is good.”

The more glorious Le Wan was on stage, the more he tapped his foot on the ground when she got off the stage. So, the more glorious Le Wan was, the better. Thinking of the plan in his heart, Fu Sui finally became happy again.

Le Yan didn’t miss Fu Sui’s ambiguous words and the interest in his eyes. She guessed that he would go and cause trouble for Le Wan later. She smiled and held her dinner bag tightly, restraining her hands from trembling with anticipation.

On the stage, Papa Le could feel the envious gazes of the audience. He puffed out his chest proudly and gave an even more impassioned speech. Finally, he raised the glass of champagne in his hand and invited everyone to have a drink with him, announcing the start of the banquet.

As the hosts of the ball, Papa Le and Mama Le were the busiest people. After being in the background like a flower vase for quite some time, Le Wan was looking for a chance to go out and rest. However, just as she lifted her foot, she and Mama Le were surrounded by a group of people.

“Oh, my, Mrs. Le and Miss Le are so beautifully dressed today, especially when you were standing on stage. You were so beautiful that you were practically glowing. You didn’t look like mother and daughter at all. You’re clearly a pair of beautiful sisters.”

Most of the guests who were invited to the party today were people who had business dealings with the Le Group. On such an occasion, naturally, no one would be so insensible as to find trouble for the Le family.

Therefore, at this moment, Le Wan felt as if she was in a group of people praising her. As she listened to their various fancy flattery, she was so embarrassed that her toes were about to tear her high heels. However, she still had to maintain a polite smile on her face, creating a kind of calmness that was not affected by flattery or humiliation.

As for social events, with Mama Le around, there was no need to trouble her to appear.

Mama Le was able to take in all their compliments and nimbly return them. She pointed casually. This person’s hairstyle was good and fashionable; that person’s brooch was good and made her feel good, and that person’s dress was good and highlighted her figure.

Of course, Mama Le’s choice of words would not be so straightforward. With just a few words, she was able to make someone happy. This was her ability. At the side, Le Wan was amazed. She was proud, but at the same time, she shook her head. She really couldn’t learn such a skill.

Just when Le Wan felt that she could continue to be like a flower vase in peace, everyone’s eyes suddenly turned to her, because one of the ladies asked a question.

The crowd gathered around to chat, not only to warm up their relationship but also mainly to understand Le Wan’s situation.

Just as Fu Sui had thought, Papa Le and Mama Le’s favoritism had turned her into a piece of fat meat, and everyone’s attention had been focused on Le Wan.

Although some people didn’t like Le Wan’s outfit today and felt that she was too ostentatious, their unhappiness and her status were insignificant compared to her value.

This was the case for the lady who first brought up the topic. She looked down on her, but at the same time, she was scheming.

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