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Chapter 13: Jealous

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“How much did the client pay you?” Le Wan asked.

The receptionist stated a number, and Le Wan nodded. This reward was indeed quite high.

However, Zhai Jing obviously needed to rest now, so Le Wan counted on his fingers. “Then I’ll do it for him.” Anyway, she had nothing to do today, and she didn’t know where to go. Fortunately, she liked to play games.

The young man at the front desk was a little confused. “But... But he specifically asked brother Zhai to help him out.”

Le Wan crossed her arms, “As long as you type out the results, who will know if you’re the real person through the computer?”

The waiter thought for a moment, and it seemed to make sense. However, after he handed the customer’s account information to Le Wan, he realized that he did not know her skills yet!

Just as he was about to ask more, he saw Le Wan controlling his character and performing a whole set of moves. It was obvious that she had extraordinary abilities.

The young man at the front desk shut his mouth in time.

Zhai Jing did not know how many days it had been since he had a good night’s sleep. He closed his sore eyes and listened to the familiar keyboard sounds. His heart suddenly calmed down, but in the next second, his consciousness blurred.

When he came back to his senses and sat up on the sofa, he realized that he had been sleeping for almost six hours.

As he had slept in the wrong position, his neck and shoulders were still sore and stiff. He rubbed them with his hands and found that Le Wan had left without his knowledge.

He pursed his lips, turned on his phone, and saw that he had three sums of money in his account. One of them was the leveling agent he had accepted in the morning, and the amount was correct. What about the other two?

Moreover, the person who transferred the money was the boss of his internet cafe. Zhai Jing was confused. It was not time for his salary to be paid yet. Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something and tightened his grip on the phone.

“Brother Zhai, you’re awake.” The front desk guy was delivering instant noodles to customers and happened to see him when he passed by.

“Where is she?” Zhai Jing’s voice was a little hoarse.

“Ah?” The front desk guy was stunned for a moment before he realized who he was talking about. “Oh, Le God. I just saw her, but I don’t know where she went in the blink of an eye. She might have gone back.”

Zhai Jing lowered his head and entered the chat with Le Wan. He sent her the two sums of money that Le Wan had earned.

Suddenly, a ding-dong sound rang in his ear. He raised his head abruptly and saw Le Wan standing in front of him.

She was holding a few lunchboxes in one hand and eating ice cream in the other. “You’re finally awake. You had a good sleep,” Le Wan said with a lump of ice cream in her mouth.

She put the lunchbox down and took out her phone to see the transfer message. “Why did you transfer the money to me?”

“This is the money you earned.”

“No,” Le Wan rejected the offer immediately. “I’m not being aloof. After all, it’s quite tiring to face the computer for half a day.” Although she was having a good time, “But it’s your order, after all. I snatched it from you, so we’ll split it equally.” She added.

If Zhai Jing did not want it, Le Wan would reject it every time she saw him. In the end, the only person who could compromise was Zhai Jing.

Seeing that he was no longer struggling, Le Wan was satisfied. She stuffed a portion of rice into his hands, “Eat.

“I bought two servings,” Le Wan continued. “If you don’t want to eat them, I’ll give them to Xiaotian.” Little Tian was the front desk guy, Lin Tian.

“Who said I’m not eating?” Zhai Jing took the food and placed it on the table.

He lowered his head and opened the takeaway bag, then asked casually, “You’ve become familiar with Lin Tian so quickly.” If he calls you God of joy, you call him little Tian.

Le Wan didn’t notice the change in his attitude, she only praised, “Then why don’t you take a look at who I am and how difficult it is to subdue him?” All she had to do was show off her skills in front of him and teach him a few tricks, and Lin Tian was willing to kneel down and call her God of joy.

However, these words had a different meaning in Zhai Jing’s ears. He used his chopsticks to push the rice. “It’s really quite easy for you.”

Le Wan pondered for a moment. “Why does it sound like you’re not complimenting me? you’re actually implying something?”

“You worry too much,” Zhai Jing said.

“If you don’t look away when you say that, it’ll be more convincing,” Le Wan replied.

In his heart, Zhai Jing knew that her words were indeed true. She was born into the Le family and had a good appearance and figure. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was taken and that the person was Fu Sui, who had a similar status as her, many people would have proposed to court her.

At the thought of Fu Sui, Zhai Jing’s heart sank further. Yes, she was already taken.

The cell phone on the table started vibrating. Before Zhai Jing could see the name of the person who was flashing on the screen, Le Wan had already picked up the call. “My dear, what’s wrong?”


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