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Chapter 12: Game

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Suddenly, an evil thought appeared in Le Wan’s mind. She took a light step forward, pulled out a chair, and sat down beside him. She rested her chin on her hand and stared at him calmly.

Zhai Jing saw her actions from the corner of his eye. He pursed his lips and did not say anything. He only stared at the computer screen, but Le Wan could clearly see that the tips of his ears were getting redder and redder.

This damn sense of abstinence made her want to bully him more and more.

The more Le Wan watched, the more interested she became. She directly laughed out loud while holding her stomach.

At this moment, the sound of victory came from the computer. Zhai Jing took off his headphones and loosened his stiff fingers. He leaned back and tried to put some distance between them.

Le Wan raised her eyebrows and suddenly closed in.

Zhai Jing could only smell a sweet fragrance, and Le Wan’s face was magnified in front of his eyes.

“...” 𝒊𝙣𝔫𝑟𝑒𝓪𝘥.𝒄om

Just as Zhai Jing was about to stop her, he saw Le Wan stretched out a finger and hooked his black-rimmed glasses. His heart skipped a beat and he closed his eyes subconsciously.

In the dark, Zhai Jing’s hearing was amplified. He could hear his own heartbeat and also hear Le Wan’s disdainful voice, “How many days have you not slept? you have such dark circles under your eyes. You don’t even need to put on makeup. Just by sitting in the zoo, you’ll be the most popular Panda.”

Zhai Jing’s rapid heartbeat had not calmed down, but he had already regained his senses. He turned his head to avoid Le Wan’s hand and put on his glasses again. He coughed and said in a low voice, “Where’s the bracelet?”

Seeing his increasingly cold face, Le Wan lost the mood to continue teasing him. She took out a jewelry box from her bag and handed it to him. “I was afraid that I would lose the bracelet, so I found a box to keep it. If you don’t want it, you can just throw the box away.”

When Zhai Jing saw the low-key yet luxurious logo on the box, he paused for a moment and sneered. He took the box and stuffed it into his pocket. “Is this the real-life version of ‘buy the casket and return the pearl?” This old silver bracelet was probably not even as expensive as the box that contained it.

Le Wan spread her hands. She really took it casually. However, the original body was an exquisite little princess, and everything she used was not cheap.

She looked at the chat boxes that were flashing madly on the computer screen and her interest was piqued again. “Are you a training partner? Have you completed your mission?”

Le Wan had once been a boosting agent, so she was quite familiar with the process.

Zhai Jing rubbed his swollen forehead. His body had already sent out a warning signal from the lack of sleep for a long time.

Zhai Jing knew that he urgently needed rest, but as long as he thought of his mother who was lying in the hospital, he could not stop.

“There’s still one more round.” Zhai Jing was about to put on his earphones when he saw the news of the client’s invitation. However, Le Wan snatched it away from him and said, “I’ll call him for you!”

Zhai Jing frowned. “Don’t make a fuss. This is a mission.”

Le Wan pushed him away with her butt and accepted the invitation. “Don’t worry. I won’t let him lose.” She pointed to the sofa beside the water dispenser behind her. “I think you’re going to die if you don’t sleep now. I don’t want to be held responsible if something happens.”

Seeing that she had already entered the game and seemed to be quite familiar with it, Zhai Jing pursed his lips and did not say anything.

After all, Le Wan was a top student in University. She learned everything quickly, including games. She picked up the game very quickly, and her logic and awareness were excellent. Coupled with her piano practice, her hand speed was very stable, and it didn’t take long for her to kill an enemy.

Zhai Jing lowered his head and looked at Le Wan’s serious side profile. His eyes revealed an emotion that he himself did not notice.

The sound of victory came from the game. Le Wan turned around and wanted to show off, but she saw that Zhai Jing had fallen asleep on the sofa.

She gently put down her headphones, squatted in front of him, and looked at his face without blinking.

She used her fingers to trace his eyebrows bit by bit, from his long and curled fan-like enviable eyelashes to his firm mountain roots and the tip of his nose, and then to his lips that usually kept people thousands of miles away.

His lips were slightly pale, but the corners of his lips were slightly curled up.

He was used to keeping a cold face, so Le Wan noticed that the corners of his lips were curved up.

Le Wan felt it was a pity. This face would be so beautiful when it smiled, but the owner of the face did not like to smile.

“Hey...” A voice came from behind. It was the front desk guy from earlier.

Le Wan turned around and pointed at him, shushing him.

The receptionist covered his mouth and pointed outside.

“Boss said that there’s a new customer. He specifically asked Brother Zhai to help him level up. He said that he’s paying a lot of money, so he asked me to ask if brother Zhai is free now.”


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