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Chapter 1: Rebirth

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“Ouch... It hurts...” Le Wan woke up with her hand on her head. She felt as if there were thousands of ants crawling in it.

“In the future, don’t overestimate yourself and try to be a good person,” she was just a fourth-year student who had been doing her internship.

One day, having just come out of a friend’s company building, walking along the street, she saw a kettle falling from an elevated balcony, with a girl, three or four years old, that was going to be hit by it. At the time, Le Wan herself wasn’t thinking about anything else before she rushed up and pushed the little girl away. In the end, she didn’t manage to avoid the falling kettle herself, and it ended up hitting her head.

“I’m so lucky to be able to keep my life even after all of that,” Le Wan opened her eyes with great difficulty. What she saw wasn’t the inside of a hospital, but a completely unfamiliar place.

On the large floor-to-ceiling windows, there were pine and jade-white colored double lace curtains. The cream-white walls were printed with light green floral patterns, matched with pure white classical furniture, including the luxurious bed under her that was also covered with lace. All of this reflected that the owner of this room was a little princess who was loved and raised in a rich family.

Could it be the room of the little girl she saved? Le Wan subconsciously tried to dig out the scar on her thumb, but she only felt smooth skin.

She lowered her head in shock and looked at the pair of well-maintained, slender, and well-proportioned hands in front of her, which were somewhat unfamiliar.

This was definitely not her hand!

An electric current suddenly flashed through her mind, and a long string of memories rushed into it. “Ah! Ah!” Le Wan cried out in pain while gripping her head.

It turned out that she was a female cannon fodder who had the same name as her, a sacrifice in the struggle between the female lead and the supporting actress in a real-life and fictional novel!

In the novel, the original body’s owner was the cousin of the real daughter. Her father was the eldest son of the family who inherited the family business, while her mother was a gentle and capable wife, and her two elder brothers were dragons among men. Moreover, her younger brother was obedient, and her fiancé was also handsome and charming, which made other people envious.

It could be said that from the moment she was born, she had been a winner in life.

However, such a pampered little princess had become an unlucky victim after 20 years of smooth sailing.

The origin of her tragedy was the return of the true heiress after her rebirth!

The story of the real and fake daughter took place in the family of the original’s second uncle. Due to some strange coincidences, the two families got the wrong child. The ‘fake’ daughter was brought back to the Le family and became the apple of their eye, while the ‘real’ daughter was stranded in the countryside and suffered a lot growing up.

After the two’s true backgrounds were discovered, Old Master Le personally ordered that the Le family’s blood could not be left outside, so the true daughter was able to return.

With the real and the fake heiresses sharing the same roof, naturally, a fight would ensue.

Originally, all of this should have had nothing to do with the original body’s owner, but because her fiancé coincidentally fell in love with the real daughter when he first saw her, it became a problem.

Little Sun, who used to always revolve around her, had his eyes glued to the real young lady after meeting her. He even deliberately began distancing himself from her and started to deny their relationship.

The original owner of this body was proud and arrogant. Her heart was originally locked on to her fiancé, but in the end, her fiancé actually abandoned her repeatedly and stepped on her face for a woman from the countryside. How could she bear such a blow and humiliation?

In addition, the ‘fake’ daughter had subtly provoked the ‘real’ one many times. She believed that everything was the real daughter’s fault, so she repeatedly found trouble with her and constantly provoked her as well. In the end, she herself became the catalyst for the relationship between the scumbag fiancé and the real daughter, ending with the two of them getting together, leading to others envying them instead. However, having done all that, she had put the family who loved her between a rock and hard place, thus making a bad end for herself.

From a reader’s standpoint, it was quite common for the original villainess to be reduced to cannon fodder in a typical novel. However, now that she had become the cannon fodder, Le Wan could only say, “Bah! Scumbag and slut, get as far away from me as you can!”

She would definitely not be like the original owner of this body who would sacrifice her life and her family for a scumbag!

“Baby, are you up yet?” A gentle voice suddenly came from outside her door.

Le Wan immediately became nervous. This was the mother of the original body. What if she was discovered to be ‘abnormal’? Also, she couldn’t just suddenly acknowledge a stranger as her mother.

Perhaps it was because she didn’t respond that the person outside the door got worried and directly opened the door.

When she heard the door click, Le Wan’s heart skipped a beat. She looked up and saw a familiar face. She cried out, “Mom!”

“Why are you so shocked? Don’t you recognize your own mother?” Lin Xiang, which was also Le Wan’s real mother’s name, had the same face as her real mother as well. At that moment, she was looking at her with a face full of love, gradually overlapping with the face in her real memory.

Le Wan hugged her and burst into tears.

Three years ago, Le Wan was also a little princess envied by everyone. In the end, her father had trusted his business partner too much, which led to their company’s bankruptcy and a huge debt.

The debt collectors were everywhere. In the process of avoiding them, her father fell down the stairs and knocked his hard head on the floor. Medical treatment didn’t come in time and thus he left their lives.

Back then, her mother had suffered a huge blow, and she had met with an accident while she was walking on the road in a daze, leaving the then twenty-year-old Le Wan alone in this world. 𝓲𝔫𝐧𝙧𝒆𝒶𝘥.c𝙤𝒎

In the end, she could finally meet her mother again, and she was still the same as in her memory. Le Wan was immersed in the feeling of recovering what she had lost, and she cried uncontrollably. However, Le Wan’s mother still thought that she was suffering because of what had happened yesterday.

“It’s all your big brother’s fault. Mom has already punished him. Your dad and big brother have also punished him. Be good and don’t feel wronged.” Mama Le caressed her head and back with heartache.

Yesterday, the original owner of the body was jealous because her fiancé had an ambiguous relationship with the ‘real’ daughter, so the two had an argument. In a fit of anger, she drove the car away. In the end, because she was driving too fast, she ended up in an accident.

After the accident, everyone in the family was concerned about whether she was injured and whether she was in pain. Only her big brother lectured her seriously, saying that she was insensible and did not cherish herself.

The original owner of the body was already upset over her quarrel with her fiancé, which was amplified with the shock of the car accident. When she got home, she even got scolded by her elder brother. She suddenly fell into despair, feeling that everyone was against her and did not love her anymore. She locked herself in the room and began to pity herself, not willing to talk to anyone. Then, as if her brain had stopped working, she suddenly learned of a method from somewhere which led her to actually swallow a large amount of melatonin.

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