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I, The Dragon Overlord

Chapter 8: Language of the Gods

Chapter 8: Language of the Gods

Under this mutual misunderstanding, both sides were silent. Louie wondered if the name he had invented was satisfactory, and he felt a hint of apprehension within. On the other hand, Carandia wondered why she had summoned a primordial dragon from a distant realm. But above all, the most incredible thing was the contract that had been established between the two of them.

‘Intelligent Brain, what’s going on? Has something bad happened to you?’

Louie was not an idiot. He calmly looked at the patterns inscribed on the platform beneath him. Even if they were indecipherable, he could guess as to their purpose – namely, the body of a magic formation. Louie could not believe that a dragon who relied on technology to cross worlds would accidentally end up on top of a magic formation.

[My deepest apologies, host! Crossing different worlds requires accurate coordinates and a stable path. These require tremendous amounts of energy, and my reserves were insufficient. As we were crossing dimensions, I was able to detect a divine power reaction from the world of San Soliel. I used it as a coordinate to construct a tunnel, and luckily we arrived at this world without any mistakes.]

The monotonous words of the intelligent brain made Louie spit out blood.

‘You frick. In order to save energy, you didn’t even think about coming here when you saw the coordinate reaction?’

[Yes, Host! This was the best choice at that time.]

‘Best choice my ass!’

Louie wanted to curse. How could the intelligent brain even be called the most intelligent creature? It was clearly the most retarded creature, right?!

Louie had already planned everything out for himself. After arriving at San Soleil, he would first find a ravine to hide and borrow its magical energy to evolve. Afterward, he would return to Earth. He did not care about the long run; his first priority was to secure his own safety.

And this so-called intelligent creature was actually the greatest idiot among all retarded creatures. It jumped to strange coordinates without a second thought, ignoring any potential dangers of the location.

Although he knew he was in some elven country and saw its eye-catching inhabitants, this was completely different from his plans.

‘From today on, I’ll call you retard.’


The intelligent brain fell silent and did not retort.

‘What’s with this contract?’

Louie could perceive a connection between himself and the woman who called herself the elf queen in front of him. As it was a contract on equal terms, the godhood in his soul did not react. At that time, Louie instinctively felt that this contract was important to him and did not think much about signing it.

Now that he thought about it, it should have come from his instincts as a magical creature. He was happy to find the coordinates of this world and felt an innate thirst for this location.

[Contracts are a special characteristic of this world. Even the Terran Civilization could not understand it. Two parties who have signed a contract must fulfill their respective obligations or pay a great price. Even the gods of this world cannot easily negate their bindings.]

Although it was called a retard by Louie, the intelligent brain was still a bit useful. Even if this retard only knew bits and pieces of this magical world, it was still better than the current Louie.

‘I still have to meet its obligations? How troublesome.’

Louie was very annoyed. If he hadn’t understood the contents of the contract, he would not have signed it.

The pact with the elf queen in front of him was actually very simple. The elf queen in front of him paid her divine power to provide Louie with coordinates on this continent. Louie in return had to win this war for her.

What was especially interesting was that initially, his name on the contract was simply ‘Louie’. But after the stream of gibberish, he had introduced himself with, his name on the contract changed to match it. It seemed that the world itself had recognized the awkward mish-mash of names he had strung together as his official name.

Carandia was indeed the queen’s name. The contract would not lie to anyone. However, her surname had been artificially erased, leaving only a blurred image. Louie did not know why she did not dare show him.

Of course, these were not things he could consider at the moment. Although spoke with the intelligent brain for what felt like half a day, and many thoughts swirled in his mind, his deliberation only lasted for an instant in real-time. In the eyes of the wide-eyed queen and others, his silence was only a few seconds.

“Your Majesty Carandia, I have already understood the contents of the contract. The glory of the dragon race cannot be stained. Since you have paid the price, I will keep the agreement and bring you victory!”

Fortunately, Louie had read countless novels before becoming a dragon, and he knew how to feign calmness. Moreover, his voice, which should still have been childish, sounded infinitely more majestic. The other elves turned white at his words, and even the fierce warrior guarding the queen trembled slightly with a shaking sword.

It was as if the language Louie used to cast an oppressive force over them.

At this time, Louie also felt a bit of strain on his body after the words came out. Even the godhood in his soul trembled. He rummaged through the memories that he had just awakened and discovered that the so-called Dragon God Language was simply the language of the Gods. Each syllable contained countless meanings and held great power. If he did not have godhood, he wouldn’t have been able to speak even a single word.

Carandia’s delicate body also shook slightly, but she was much better off than the other elves. After receiving Louie’s reply, she bowed her head, and her melodious voice once again blossomed from her throat.

“Thank you for your generosity and help, Lord Caracolon……”

This time, the elf queen did not use the ‘Dragon God’s Language’ anymore and returned to using the elven language. Apparently, she had struggled quite a bit using the language of the Gods.

Louie was not used to the name that Carandia called him with as it was not the real name that he used for many years.

‘Retard, you created this mess, so you should also think of a way to solve it. With my current power, can I win?’

Louie did not know anything about wars in this alternate world. He was not an adult dragon, but just a baby one. How was he supposed to win a war?!

[Please don’t worry. After I obtained the coordinates via the contract, I devised a foolproof plan…… There is still some divine power in the godhood in your soul. As long as you use it, you can become a ‘God’ of this world for a short amount of time. In this backward civilization, winning a war with your power is just a matter of time!]

At the intelligent brain’s words, Louie’s tension dropped.

‘Good. It seems that I was wrong about you, little wit!’


The intelligent brain was silent.

Louie had happily changed its name again.

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