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I, The Dragon Overlord

Chapter 7: I, The Primordial Dragon

Chapter 7: I, The Primordial Dragon

Louie unconsciously let out a dragon roar and then carefully opened his eyes.

He couldn’t help but be cautious. Asides from learning that this was a world of magic from the intelligent brain, he knew absolutely nothing about it. He was now only a ‘small and weak’ baby dragon, so there was nothing wrong with being careful.

However, when Louie opened his eyes, he was completely stunned by the scene before him. It differed greatly from his imagination.

The first thing that caught his attention was the huge tree towering towards the sky. The incredible hardwood towered above the clouds and scraped the heavens themselves.

At this moment Louie stood on a branch of this tree. More specifically, he was on a huge platform formed by the intersection of many branches. From his viewpoint were lush trees and greenery as far as the eye could see, as though he was in a misty wonderland.

He took a deep breath and tasted the incomparably sweet air. Unknown but pleasant energy washed over his body, almost eliciting a moan from him. He knew that this was the magic energy that the intelligent brain told him he needed to grow. It was also the special energy of this world.

At the same time, this mysterious energy seemed to have unlocked some knowledge within him. The instincts engraved into his body were beginning to awaken. Louie instantly knew many things such as the language of the many races in this world and the dragon language that should have been innate to him. In the blink of an eye, he had mastered everything.

‘This is…… an elf?!’

Louie warily surveyed his surroundings. After finding that he was actually surrounded by a group of people looking at him, he became even more cautious. But after noticing the long sharp ears attached to these people’s heads, Louis instinctively recognized their race.

A dragon’s instincts were truly useful.

‘Are these elves inebriated or something? Why are they swaying like drunks?’

Louie was puzzled. A female elf stood in front of him. She was wearing exquisite armor and a gorgeous green long gown. She held a sharp sword in her hand, while a longbow was strapped to her back. Except for her who stared at him with caution, all the other elves had fallen down on the ground in a drunk-like stupor.

Louie took a look at the sword and bow of the elf in front of him. There were complex patterns inscribed on them that let out a mysterious aura. The weapons also glowed with emerald green light. A single look was enough to tell that the two weapons were not ordinary objects.

The elf in front of him had flower-like delicate dimples. Although her body was covered by armor, her curves could still be seen. After seeing this female elf, Louie’s eyes flashed with amazement. Although the other party had a tense and cold expression – even letting out killing intent – her face and figure could not be compared to the women of Earth. It was as if a fairy had descended from the heavens.

‘The stories did not lie after all. The elves are a beautiful race.’

Fortunately, Louie was now a dragon. As a dragon, his inverted pupils did not show any sense of surprise. In Sisna’s perception, she could only see a baby dragon that glanced at her.

The elves that had collapsed on the ground appeared to be older. Although they were still charming, Louie only looked once before losing interest. His greatest attention lay with the elf that the armed elf was protecting behind her. Although her body also seemed to be weakened, she could still remain standing.

Just by the crown on her head and the long, elegant gown on her body, it was obvious that this female elf had a noble status. Louie could even feel a mysterious connection of sorts between them, but it was unclear.

Louie sized up the female elf some more. Her face seemed to be veiled by a mysterious fog, so people could not see her face. When he looked at the faintly discernible bare white feet under her long gown and her jade fingers that were clutching a wooden staff, his spirit entered a sudden trance.

The crystalized godhood in his soul trembled for a while before his spirit cleared up. He realized that he was almost charmed by the mere skin of the elf in front of him, even as a dragon. He secretly smacked his lips…

‘Damn, this elf is poisonous!’

He exclaimed inwards at her drug-like attraction. He clearly knew that he had almost been charmed, but as a male, his instincts still made him want to look at her and sink under her incredible beauty and temper.

Carandia’s beautiful eyes hidden under the fog flashed with amazement. The ‘baby’ dragon in front of her was not an ordinary creature. It must be known that other than being the elf queen, she had another more mysterious identity. If the other party was a normal baby dragon, then it would definitely be charmed by her.

Thinking this, she became more cautious. With her strength as a demigod, she looked at the immature dragon like it was a flower hidden in the mist – as if it contained countless secrets. He was likely an unknown powerhouse from another realm. Although Carandia would not be afraid just because of this, she was the one who summoned him at this critical juncture, so it would be best to treat him with care.

She quickly stopped the head of her royal guards and told her not to show hostility. Dragons were an extremely proud race. In their eyes, all else were like ants. The hostility from the head of her royal guards might cause a misunderstanding. Dragons, who fought crazily to protect their own dignity, were enemies that no one would ever want to face.

‘What if this is an ancient dragon with a strange obsession or even one of those primordial dragons that have long since gone extinct? Moreover, there was that doorway that appeared when it was summoned…….’

Carandia was deeply worried about it. The doorway made her recall the long-passed history of the world. Moreover, some of the strongest and oldest beings developed fetishes that seemed incomprehensible to others. Dragons, with their ability to shapeshift, were no exception. The dragon in front of her might like to act young, thus it wasn’t strange that it appeared like a baby dragon.

With this in mind, Carandia gracefully performed an ancient elven salute. Her beautiful, delicate voice, with the timbre of spring, flowed from her mouth, “…… I am Carandia, the founder of the Silver Moon Kingdom, the queen of the elven race, and the spokesperson of the Silver Moon Goddess on this world. I hope you can tell me your name so that I can admire your glory.”

Carandia’s tone was quite respectful. She knew that dragons had almost identical personalities and were generally twisted existences. Unless a person could overpower one to the extent that they felt fear, these violent dragons might just fight to the death with just a single word of disrespect.

The other elves present looked at their queen with surprise. The language she had spoken was not elven, but a language that even the most knowledgeable elves might not necessarily have understood.

This was also Carandia’s test. What she was using was the Primordial Dragon Language. It was also known as the first language of the dragons, the Dragon God Language. The current dragon language was a simplified version of this ancient tongue.

Other than the few ancient dragons, the current dragons simply did not know it.

Louie didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with the words spoken by the elf who called herself the queen. The other party’s language even made him feel a sense of intimacy as if it was his native language.

Louie opened his mouth. The other party’s respectful attitude made him feel elated, causing his entire body to feel joy. He did not know if dragons instinctively liked this kind of compliment or if it was just himself. Just when Louie was ready to say his name, he stalled for a moment.

His name did not carry enough majesty, and the name Louie sounds a little too simple. How was a dragon’s name supposed to start? Would his identity be exposed if he said it?

Louie worried for a moment before he thought of those famous works that he had read before and said stiffly, “……my name is Louie Marigoth Alexander Nozidom Icella Nesario Caracolon! Remember my name, elf. This is your honor!!”

As his words fell, Louie looked at the silent elf in front of him and felt apprehensive. This name should be long enough for a dragon, right?

At this moment, Carandia was shocked, but luckily her shocked expression was blocked by that layer of mysterious fog. The ‘hatchling’ in front of her not only understood the Primordial Dragon Language but even replied with it.

However, she had never heard of this name, which hinted of endless glory, before in all her life. She concluded that the dragon in front of her was a primordial dragon from a different world!

‘I never thought that in this world, those primordial dragons that lived for tens of thousands of years still existed……’

Carandia sighed. The world was so big that even the Gods couldn’t fully peek into it.

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