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I, The Dragon Overlord

Chapter 478: Getting Along with the Goddesses

Chapter 478: Getting Along with the Goddesses

“Your Highness Sune, your [Temple of Brightwater] is quite enjoyable. Your believers are also quite interesting as if they are constantly seeking pleasure by wandering between being human and beast. Although their chaotic attribute makes me dislike them slightly, I can accept their kindness.”

Louie walked into the pavilion. At this time, he was not wearing any clothes.

Now that Louie’s way of thinking had changed to that of a dragon and a god, he had completely abandoned all useless human ethics.

The divine kingdom of the Goddess of Love and Beauty seemed close to that represented by Greek mythology, as it was a kingdom of profound passion.

Of the five women present four were goddesses and one was a demigod, but none of them reacted to Louie walking naked at all. The goddess who followed Sune was wearing a bright yellow dress. She even covered her mouth to stifle her laughter as her two beautiful eyes stared straight at Louie.

Only the demigod was a bit unable to adapt to the gods’ boldness and was slightly embarrassed.

“To love eternally is what my believers should pursue.”

The Goddess of Love and Beauty, in her translucent robe, walked to Louie. Her red hair swayed like burning flames. She was very enthusiastic to hold Louie’s arm. Her delicate hand shone with faint light as she giggled heartily.

If a pure-hearted boy was in front of the Goddess, they would absolutely be burned to ashes by the flames of her love.

Louie was not embarrassed by Sune’s teasing. He stepped into the pavilion and said to the goddesses, “Ladies, I have disturbed your party. I wonder if I, a man, am welcome here?”

Although he was inquiring, Louie had already sat down.

Outside the pavilion was a fountain of magic power with a beautiful statue of Sune. The statue radiated with beautiful colors. Inside the pavilion, exquisite and luxurious food that only the gods could eat without fear was displayed.

For things like food, the gods could make other races cook them or they could use the laws of the divine kingdom to make them. Moreover, food could change the laws of the divine kingdom at any time. It could be said that no matter which god the believers choose, they would be able to go to the paradise they sought after death.

Louie picked up a piece of pastry and threw it into his mouth, enjoying the stimulation of his taste buds. This may be the best food for mortals, but for a true god like him, it was just something to satisfy his appetite. In Louie’s own divine kingdom, he could create it at will.

“Your Highness Louie, you are like a flamboyant bard and not like a dragon at all.”

The girl with the bright yellow dress covered her mouth and laughed. She was small and had long black hair. Her dress was plain in appearance but embellished with many fine embroidery and gems.

“This is my subordinate, the Goddess of Joy, Her Highness Leila.”

Sune, as the host, actively introduced the goddess of Louie.

Without waiting for Louie to speak, Selune, who sat beside him, chimed in, “I felt the same thing as Your Highness Leila did when I first met His Highness Louie. It was not like facing a dragon at all. Compared to the Five-colored Dragon God, the former Dragon God, His Highness Louie is different.”

On Louie’s right side was the Selune, and on his left was Sune. Being among the strongest gods of the current era, it was only appropriate for them to sit together.

“I don’t like the basic thought processes of dragons. Although this problem has not changed at all for the past million years, I still hope that they can progress.”

Louie did not mind saying bad things about the dragons as this was the truth. Dragons were born strong, so they became lazy and simply did not know what progress was.

As Louie said this, Louie wrapped his hand around Selune. He spoke emotionally and warmly, “It’s been a while, Your Highness Selune.”

“For the gods, having an incarnation is important. In this period of time, I have been condensing my incarnation. Your Highness Louie is ultimately a new god. You will also gradually get used to the gods wasting time.”

The ancient goddess said as if she was imparting knowledge. She did not resist Louie picking her up by the waist. She even hooked up her gown to make it follow.

The Silver Moon Goddess could feel Louie’s sincere feelings for her, which was not just business between two gods, but his true feelings.

Although the affection was very light, it was indeed love. In the divine kingdom of the Goddess of Love and Beauty, a trace of love was enough to be converted into passion. As a guest, Selune would also abide by the rules of the divine kingdom.

Besides, it was not that she didn’t have any feelings toward Louie. Although they were light just like Louie’s, she was a god who had lived for millions of years, so it was not easy to have a trace of affection.

The Goddess of Love and Beauty beside them looked at their physical interaction. As the Goddess who rules over love, the love between the gods in front of her was the strongest love. It even made her stronger which made her happy.

If all true gods could be in love, the Goddess of Love would have been able to become the god among gods in one fell swoop.

However, it was impossible to make the gods pursue love as much as mortals do.

“Oops, I’ll dance for His Highness Louie and Her Highness Selune to help cheer them up.

The Lady of Joy stood up holding her bright yellow dress. Her bare feet tapped on the ground as she joyfully laughed as she danced.

“It is said that Lady Joy is a goddess who doesn’t stop dancing, representing the inspiration and creation of countless songs and poems. I am very inspired by seeing you dance.”

“That transparent flower… that he smelled as a child… just like the soul dived into the blue waters…”

Louie chanted poetry as the Goddess of Joy danced and embraced the softness of the Silver Moon Goddess. His eyes met the moving and graceful dance of the Goddess of Joy, making him almost fall to the side of chaos.

Fortunately, the power of order kept him in the order faction and calmed his reason, preventing Louie from falling into chaos completely. That said, Louie still appreciated the Temple of Brightwater. He liked it very much and would definitely come here more often when he had free time.

This was the ideal place for gentlemen dragons like him.

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