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I, The Dragon Overlord

Chapter 477: Goddess of Love and Beauty

Chapter 477: Goddess of Love and Beauty

In the fields of the Temple of Brightwater, Louie was releasing his passion on the priestess of the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Besides the two, there were many believers of the goddess who were giggling and watching, not feeling embarrassed about watching a man and a woman being in intimate contact with each other. They watched without prejudice and open faces.

This was the divine kingdom of the Goddess of Love and Beauty. As long as it was not forced sex and both parties were mutually passionate about each other, anyone could be indulgent.

The lust of the divine kingdom of the Goddess of Love and the lust of the succubus of the Abyss might seem the same, but it was different in that there was no evil. There was only a comforting beauty that brought two sides together. The relationships of men and women in this divine kingdom did not contain one-sided feelings. People needed to have mutual feelings for each other. Even if these feelings were ephemeral, they were valid for as long as they lasted.

This was the chaos faction, which was difficult for the vast majority of the order faction’s people to accept.

There were very few male followers of the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Perhaps there were one in ten. Moreover, even if they were the believers of the Goddess of Love and Beauty, a man could indulge in lust in this divine kingdom, because overindulgence was a demonic trait, whereas the Goddess was part of the ‘good’ faction.

Thus in order to obtain the favor of the ladies, men needed to rely on their own talents. If a vulgar and unbearable man were to be here, nothing would happen. They might even be seen as pathetic.

When Louie and the priestess’ passionate act reached full swing, the surrounding girls suddenly shouted, moving everyone’s attention away from Louie. The believers suddenly became respectful as a few figures suddenly appeared.

Those figures were all beautiful ladies, each emitting a vague divine might. Among these ladies was the goddess Louie was most familiar with, the Silver Moon Goddess Selune.


“Her Highness Sune!”

All the surrounding believers greeted with respect and excitement when they saw the god they believed in. Although the Goddess of Love and Beauty belonged to the chaos faction, it did not mean that they could be rude to their god. For the believers, seeing the goddess descend was the greatest happiness in life.

“It seems that our arrival has disturbed the enthusiasm of His Highness Louie…”

A fiery and seductive voice sounded. Just listening to that voice, anybody would immediately fall into the sea of love and lust. This was the voice of the Goddess of Love and Beauty.

This was the first time Louie saw the appearance of the goddess. He fixed his eyes and saw her wearing a translucent robe. Her bodacious body gave off an infinite temptation to those who saw it. Sune looked human, but her features were all perfect as if everything beautiful in the world was gathered together. This was a sharp contrast with the succubus queen.

If it was said that the Succubus Queen incited human hearts to fall into corruption, then Sune incited the deepest love in people’s hearts. They would feel in awe of her and fantasize about being in a romantic affair with her.

Listening to the goddess’ beautiful voice, Louie found that a part of his body swelled even more, and that was precisely thanks to the Sune’s divine authority of love and divine authority of beauty.

‘The beauty of a goddess is really different.’

Louie sighed. Unlike ordinary humans, Sune’s skin was surprisingly light golden which was contrary to Shae’s ink-jade skin and Selune’s moonlight-like skin. Although the goddess looked like a human, she was completely different from one.

The priest who was underneath Louie wanted to struggle to get up upon seeing the goddess, but Sune held her down and enthusiastically said, “No need to be polite. Your act of love with His Highness Louie is not over yet. You can’t stop midway.”

Then the God of Love and Beauty smiled at Louie, “Then we will leave Your Highness Louie alone for now. Please come talk to us when you are finished.”

As her words fell, Sune let out a passionate smile. She walked away in long strides. The Silver Moon Goddess also nodded to Louie and left, following Sune.

Even if Louie and Selune had children already, even if their relationship could be called husband and wife in the eyes of the gods, there were no such ethics and laws in the world of the gods. Moreover, Selune was from the chaos faction. She did not care if Louie indulged himself in other women and could even stand aside and admire them with interest.

Fortunately, Selune and Shae were the oldest goddesses who were too proud to be interested in men, otherwise, Louie would not be able to win them both.

When Sune and Selune left, Sune’s subordinate god also took a curious glance at Louie and then left with another woman whom Louie did not recognize.

On the other hand, the priestess underneath Louie became enthusiastic to learn that Louie was a god, but unfortunately, human endurance could not outlast a dragon let alone a god. It did not take long for the priestess to be defeated. Under the laughter and affection of the goddess’ believers, Louie also left the scene.

The temple of the Goddess of Love was always filled with beautiful art. There were some that seem classical and elegant and some that seem fashionable and avant-garde. Outside the temple were charming sculptures. In the courtyard were hidden paths and nooks. These places were for those shy believers who want to enjoy beauty, love, and passion but don’t want to be surrounded by people.

When Louie arrived at the core of the Temple of Brightwater, he saw a temple of great beauty. It was magnificent in a different way compared to Louie’s Sleeping Dragon Temple. There were exquisite details and even exquisite women.

This was the sanctuary of the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Compared to other areas, this place was much quieter and more serene.

The heart of the place was like the divine kingdom of the Silver Moon Goddess. It was surrounded by a mysterious night. A sweet fragrance spread all around and dripping candles dotted every corner of this place, making people feel an inner romance.

Louie did not stay here for a long time. He immediately entered the deepest part of the temple, a hidden place that only gods could enter. At that place was a gorgeous garden that could not be described with words. Flowers of all colors bloomed and showed off their radiance, turning into the source of light in this dark area. Ivy wrapped around the walls of the temple, and at the center was an exquisite pavilion. Sune and the other goddesses were currently sitting there and gossiping with each other while occasionally letting out pleasant sounds of laughter.

“Your Highness Louie, you’ve come. I wonder if my divine kingdom has made you feel happy?”

After seeing Louie’s arrival, Sune’s eyes lit up as she stood up to greet him.

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