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I, The Dragon Overlord

Chapter 476: Temple of Brightwater, A Night of Love

Chapter 476: Temple of Brightwater, A Night of Love

The Arboreal Realm was a realm of chaos. Louie who was a part of the order faction had an instinctive dislike of the place, but the scenery of the Arborea Realm and the passionate goddesses living here made Louie choose it after weighing the pros and cons.

In Louie’s life, the most beautiful scenery he had seen was the territory inhabited by the elves of the Silver Moon Kingdom. The beauty of the Temple of Brightwater was no less than the beauty of that place. Although Louie had not yet been the Silver Moon Goddess’ Gate of the Moon, he believed that it would also be as beautiful as this place.

Unlike Louie’s Dragonblight, which has various terrains including deep seas and volcanoes, the Temple of Brightwater was close to just large plain and small hills. Countless vegetation grew on these plains and hills. Rivers and waterfalls flowing down could be found across the hills. They would flash with colorful light under the sunlight and spread into the distance. The exotic plants and flowers everywhere brought forth a charming fragrance.

The plains and hills were covered with elegant and exquisite manors and cottages. These were the places where the believers of the Goddess of Love and Beauty lived in. Although the gods had just awakened and this place only has a few believers, Louie could still feel the joy and liveliness in it.

This was a divine kingdom with a light and idyllic landscape.

“Dragonblight is ultimately a holy land for dragons, so various terrains have to be prepared that are suitable for all dragons. But this scenery isn’t too bad either..”

Louie walked between the manors and huts. He saw many men and women gathered on the lawn, enjoying singing, dancing, and poetry. There were even bards on the side, happily playing tunes like this was a banquet.

There was no distress or depression on their faces.

Louie walked through several places, and almost every palace had such a scene.

Frivolous, extravagant, superficial, vain, and complete hedonism.

This was a hedonist’s paradise. The most desired place for dreamers.

“Sir, is this your first time here in the Temple of Brightwater?”

Just as Louie was viewing the scene full of pomp, a young girl walked over. Her eyes lit up after seeing Louie’s handsome face, and her whole body turned enthusiastic.

Although he stood still, Louie’s presence was still quite huge and unique, but because he had hidden his divine might, the mortals in front of him could still raise their heads and talk to him.

However, the might he possessed made everyone understand that he was a powerhouse. A handsome and powerful man was welcome anywhere in the world of San Soliel, especially in the lands of the Goddess of Love and Beauty, where these passionate, bold, and open maidens lived.

The girl who greeted Louie was already beautiful from a mortal’s point of view. Looking at her temper and dress, she must have been the lady of some noble family or a priestess of the Goddess of Love and Beauty.

“It is indeed the first time I have come here.”

Louie said with a nod and a smile. This time he was here to discuss having an alliance with the Goddess of Love and Beauty, not to pick a fight.

Unless in times of danger, the divine kingdom of the gods were normally open to people. Anyone could come and go as long as they respected the rules of the divine kingdom. Louie’s divine kingdom was also the same.

Compared to the Temple of Brightwater which was suitable for humans, Louie’s divine kingdom was vaster and had diverse terrain and environment, making it more suitable for many non-humans. By now, there were already many intelligent magical beast races that had moved into his divine kingdom.

“If this is your first time here, as the priestess of the Goddess of Love and Beauty, I think I can show you around. If you want to find love here, it would be even better. There are countless young girls with budding spring hearts waiting for their Prince Charming.”

The priest of the goddess boldly and politely hugged Louie’s arm with great enthusiasm.

Louie was dumbfounded as he chuckled.

Capable men and indulgent words mix well together. As long as they gave out a bit of sincerity, they could make young girls happy. They could also easily enjoy the beautiful flowers.

In fact, in more ancient times, the priests of the God of Love and Beauty were divine prostitutes, and only those of very high status such as noble ladies could become them.

As long as men donated enough money to the church, they could have sex with the priests and priestesses of the goddess at will. This would not be considered shameful at all, but would only be considered as conveying faith for the goddess.

Of course with the progress of civilization, the Church of the Goddess of Love and Beauty stopped doing such activities, but the dress of the Goddess’ priest was still quite daring. To Louie, they even seem a bit like SM clothes.

“Then, lady, I’ll have to ask you to show me around the kingdom of the Goddess.”

Louie said courteously.

Louie was a casual person. He did not think that his sexual favor was that precious of a thing. If the girls here wanted to do something with him, he would not refuse as long as they looked good.

The priestess of the goddess was delighted as she pulled Louie along the path between the fields. Many beautiful girls also boldly glanced at him. After seeing him, some girls even ran to grab onto him, hoping that he could join the banquet of these believers.

Louie liked this divine kingdom a lot. Before he became a god, he thought that if there was a god to believe in, then it would definitely be the Goddess of Love and Beauty, because, in her divine kingdom, he would be able to satisfy his deepest longings and desires.

This was the benefit of a world where true gods exist. Anyone could find a god that they could devote their faith. Those who desired it could find a god of their liking. No matter good or evil, there was always a god who would accept and fulfill your desires.

In some slightly hidden places, various banquets were being held. Louie could see the men and women passionately intermingling together behind curtains. Noticing Louie’s gaze, the priestess beside him laughed, “They have love in mutual contact. Love is like a moth to a flame. In the face of such passion and love, they should enjoy the joy of love and lust, should they not?”

“A night of love?”

Louie could not help but say.

Then, he saw that the priestess of the goddess beside him had teary eyes that flashed with passion and love.

Louie laughed and hugged the priestess and warmly said, “You know, at this moment, I also fell in love with you.”

Immediately after that, the two people’s clothes were on the ground. Under the gazes and laughter of the young girls, Louie began to explore the beauty of love.

This was a divine kingdom of the gods. There was no such thing as moral ethics.


When Louie entered the Temple of Brightwater, the owner of this place, the Goddess of Love and Beauty Sune, was already aware of it.

The Goddess of Love and Beauty, who was as beautiful as the Succubus Queen, smiled at the other Goddess beside her and said, “Our neighbor, God Louie, has finally come to visit us. As the owner, I should go to receive him, but I didn’t expect that God Louie would integrate into the Temple of Brightwater so quickly.”

Sune was slightly surprised because Louie was originally from the order faction. She could not believe how he could easily integrate into this chaotic kingdom so quickly.

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