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I, The Dragon Overlord

Chapter 475: Contingency Plans

Chapter 475: Contingency Plans

In the moon pool of Sleeping Dragon Temple, Princess Andrea washed her body clean of any dirt before stepping on the edge of the pool with her long jade legs. She clenched her teeth as pain flashed across her face.

Due to the pleasure radiating through her body and soul, Andrea initially did not feel anything wrong when they did the deed, but when it was over, she found that she was red and swollen with pain.

Even though Louie had shrunk his “weapon” as much as possible for the sake of her body, Andrea was still a human. Even if she was a divine creature, she would not be able to withstand the demands of a dragon for three days and three nights.

She stepped out of the pool and gazed at the magnificent sanctuary that was impossible to build with human hands. Andrea’s face flashed with ambition and desire.

When she was young, Andrea already had the ambition to become the Empress of the Subila Empire, but she knew that as the third-in-line to the throne and as a woman, she was not likely to succeed. For this reason, she grew an innocent and pure mask over her face. She pretended to ask for help from the people, so as to gain their love and support.

But after that day she entered the ruined divine kingdom of the Prince of Lies, Andrea’s ambition grew bigger.

Even if she became the ruler, her reign would only be for a few decades of glory and wealth. When she learned the power and greatness of the gods, she had no choice but to admire them. Thus, Andrea’s ambition changed – to become an immortal true god!

And now, she had the help of a powerful god. Even though her road to becoming a true god was still bumpy, there was at least a visible possibility of this happening. With that, she gave it everything she had.

Andrea took a deep breath and then quickly walked into the portal that Louie had left for her.

The princess was glad that she had taken her clothes off in her bedroom before she had been brought by Louie into his divine kingdom. If she had taken her clothes with her, they would probably be ripped apart by now.

Enduring the pain, she squatted down to pick up her clothes from three days ago. Because this dress was quite challenging to wear and Andrea did not want to call the maids, she put on the clothes herself which took an hour to finish.

She held her stomach and walked out of her bedroom with small steps. The sun was already high up in the sky when she came out. Along with the other guards outside, Corwin stood pensively, determined to complete his task.

Seeing this, Andrea sighed. She was not a heartless demon. Even if her heart was dark, she was still a human being. She already knew about Corwin’s feelings, and she was very grateful for his many years of heartfelt companionship.

But that was all there was. Love stories about knights and princesses were stories written by bards. In reality, such things were impossible to occur. Every country’s princess would finally be on the throne or turned into a political tool and be married to a minister. Every royal and imperial family was the same. There were no exceptions.

There was a saying ‘you gave me a peach, but I only want an apple’. The easiest way to get into a woman’s heart was to know what she needed. Corwin had no idea what she wanted. Moreover, let alone luxuries or jewels, Corwin could not even get himself anything good.

Even though she was grateful for and mocked him, the Princess still showed a pure and beautiful smile, “Corwin, nothing happened in the past three days, right?”

Suddenly hearing the princess’ dreamy voice behind him, Corwin was joyfully surprised. He quickly turned around and knelt on one knee, “Your Highness, nothing has happened in the past three days, but your absence has made the first prince and the second prince somewhat suspicious.”

‘Ah, the princess is still so beautiful and gentle. She has even forgiven me for my rudeness. For the princess, even if I have to give my everything, I will not hesitate to do so.’

Corwin thought excitedly.

“Is that so? Then there’s no problem. I have already finished my own business, so I will personally go visit my royal brothers to let them feel at ease.”

Andrea smiled softly and covered her stomach as she walked with uneven steps.

“Your Highness, are you not feeling well?”

Seeing Princess Andrea’s frown of pain, Corwin stepped forward and asked with concern.

Andrea raised her hand to stop Corwin’s thoughts. She gently stroked her belly and shyly whispered, “Girls always have a few days of discomfort.”

In fact, Andrea was not shy at all, instead, she felt the new life growing in her belly. Asides from perhaps Louie, no one could know if its constitution was divine or draconic. But she could clearly make out its life force within her.

Hearing Andrea’s joke, Corwin was stunned, but he quickly reacted. Seeing the Princess’ adorable appearance, he felt happy.

Thinking of this, Corwin felt fortunate.

After taking a closer look at the princess, he felt that three days had greatly changed her. Her expression became softer. Hidden behind her pure look was one that had a flirtatious taste. He felt as if the princess had grown up after three days.

And strangely, Corwin felt a kind of instinctive fear when standing in front of the princess. It was different from the air of regality that came from her before. This time, it was real fear.

This was brought by divine power that Andre had fused with, but Andrea had already taken the initiative to restrain it. If it was released in full power, Corwin who was not yet at legendary rank would be easily suppressed.

“Corwin, come with me to meet my royal brothers. I will depend on you for my protection.”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

Corwin gripped the hilt of his sword and said, “I will protect you from harm with my life!”

Andrea had returned to the Subila Palace to start her plan of killing all her relatives. Louie also left his divine kingdom and went to the Temple of Brightwater.

Currently, there were three divine kingdoms in the Arborean Realm: the Goddess of Silver Moon’s Gate of the Moon, the Goddess of Love’s Temple of Brightwater, and Louie’s Dragonblight.

For the gods living in the same realm, they consider each other as neighbors no matter how far apart they were. This would be the first time Louie would visit his neighbor.

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