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I, The Dragon Overlord

Chapter 4: Traveling to the Other World

Chapter 4: Traveling to the Other World

A four-meter-long python was coiled up in a tree and basking under the sun in boredom.

In this primitive forest, it was already one of the top predators. Its thick and long body carried a terrifying coiling power. Even lions or tigers entangled by it would be strangled to death instantly. Thus, it did not have any natural enemies in this ecosystem.

Suddenly, the trees in the forest shook and the large python awoke. It raised its head and looked in the direction of the sound with its sinister eyes.

Even as one of the apex predators, it remained alert. In this primitive ecosystem where even the weak could prey on the strong, any creature that relaxed its vigilance would end up becoming another’s meal.

Under the python’s watchful gaze, the leaves in front of it swayed. A giant beast about 3 to 4 meters long treaded on dead leaves and twigs. It had golden scales that shone under the sunlight, and even the python, with its limited intelligence, knew not to provoke this beast. Every feature of this giant beast seemed optimized and honed for killing; it appeared to be a natural killing machine.

The python had never seen such a monster in its life of hunting. It wondered why the other party’s scales shone. In the wild, this kind of flashy appearance would only attract undue attention. Although it did not have any wisdom, the python followed its instincts and turned tail, thinking that this was a beast not to be provoked.

Suddenly, the beast that shone with golden radiance seemed to notice it. Its snake-like inverted pupils glared at the python with a unique majesty that could not be compared to a snake.

The beast’s gaze alone struck fear into the heart of the python. It was as if it just encountered the most terrifying predator in its entire life.

The python wanted to flee but noticed that it could not move. It wanted to intimidate it the same way it intimidated its prey, but it noticed that other than trembling, it could not do anything else.

When prey spots its predator, the right answer is to scream and flee. But when the predator is just that ridiculously strong, even those options are taken from it.

The life of the python ended when it saw the terrifying golden monster brandishing its claws.


“Is this the so-called Dragon’s Might? It’s really useful.”

The skin of the python was very thick, but Louie noticed that his claws could tear the snake apart like paper. He used his sharp claws to pull open the snake, exposing its bright red internal organs.

After becoming a dragon, Louie had thoughts of playing around. In the beginning, he was very careful, but after finding out that no other creature was his match, his actions gradually became bolder.

Even a baby dragon was still a dragon. How could these ordinary creatures without magical ability win against him?

While he was killing for fun, Louie also began learning to use Dragon’s Might. Although it had not yet reached a point where his appearance alone would paralyze other creatures, it worked when other creatures looked him in the eye. Even the strong python immediately withered and lost its fighting power, allowing him to kill it easily.

As for the weaker creatures, he only needed to use his gaze to scare them to death. This let him enjoy the feeling of the much-touted expression: ‘killing with a gaze’.

“However, this is not a good way of doing things. Do I have to spend hundreds of years of effort to grow stronger before I reach adulthood?”

After playing enough, Louie began to think about his future.

He was not a pure dragon. His soul was still a human’s. Although he had retained most of the dragon’s instincts, his body contained the inexplicable substance called godhood. Even his body’s template was from the Dragon God, which sounded like a heavenly existence. Louie, however, lacked one thing, and that was the dragon’s inherited knowledge.

According to the intelligent brain, dragons were creatures that would obtain their foundational knowledge through the dragon race’s inheritance, but Louie was neither a true dragon nor was he born from an egg. Thus, he simply did not have any inherited knowledge so to speak.

“The genetic source of the host’s body is the Five-colored Dragon God. As a Dragon God, you are different from normal dragons. And because of the ‘God Making Project’, the host’s body has undergone genetic adjustments. Although the body’s structure tends towards perfection, you will need a longer amount of time to mature compared to normal dragons.”

Just as Louie was lying on the ground and taking a nap, Intelligent Brain’s words made him jump.

“What do you mean by this? Are you telling me that hundreds of years are still not enough for me to mature?”


The intelligent brain’s monotone voice made Louie furious, “…… What the hell am I supposed to do with this. Do you want me to just go find a corner and hide for thousands of years!?”

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Louie did not think that this was a good choice. Earth was very dangerous. Although he was close to being unparalleled in front of other creatures, as a baby dragon, facing humans was different. Especially considering that humans had high-tech weapons he did not feel confident facing against.

Although his scales were already quite hard, there was no guarantee that they could block bullets. Even if he could block bullets from guns, could he block anti-material rifles or even guided missiles?

Without even needing to think, Louie knew that he definitely could not block them. Perhaps he might be able to face human methods after reaching adulthood or grasping the power of magic, but for now, he would not be able to defend himself from humans. Hiding for thousands of years would also be too difficult. There were satellites in space. After thousands of years, who knew what level of technology humans would have reached.

On the other hand, if he was caught, then the result was obvious. The end would definitely result in him being submerged in formalin and becoming a research sample.

“Host does not need to worry. The God Making Project has already considered this difficulty and has prepared the necessary energy source for growth. As long as you have the energy source, the host can instantly mature. In a short time, you can turn into your final form.”

The intelligent brain’s monotonous voice gradually pacified Louie’s anger, “…… Then, you should have the energy source, right?”

“Deepest apologies. When we were ambushed by the Five-colored Dragon God tens of thousands of years ago and the spaceship had crash-landed on this planet, the energy source was split up into pieces. These should have landed in different corners of this planet. I was only able to maintain a portion of the energy, which has since been used to mold the host’s current body. Only a small portion remains.”

“Then that means there is still a portion of energy? Then quickly give it to me. Let’s talk again after I grow up a bit!”

Hearing the intelligent brain’s words, Louie’s eyes lit up. Although it was not that great of a discovery, and he could not directly grow into a mature dragon, for better or worse, the small amount of energy that the intelligent brain had would allow him to grow a bit. This could also increase his chances of survival. As for the locations of the lost energy sources, he could only consider them at length.

Dragons are a kind of magical creature. Their growth requires some kind of special energy which did not exist on this planet. If the host wishes to advance his growth, he must go to the world of San Soleil.”

Louie who was just happy a moment ago became gloomy again.

“Enough! I’m tired of this. Are you going to play me to death! What is your use anyway!?”

Louie directly cursed. This thing called the highest intelligent life form was no good. It was simply too wasteful!

Going to another world? How could he have such an ability!? Didn’t that mean he could not grow his entire life?

Right now, Louie was regretting that he had become a dragon. It would have been better for the intelligent brain to turn him into a panda. In any case, he could just keep eating and wait for his death.

“Host need not worry. I still have the ability to open a worm-hole tunnel. I have already saved the coordinates of San Soliel and can send the host there at any time.”

“Next time, you should just finish saying everything. Don’t stop in the middle of it.”

Louie felt that the intelligent brain wanted him to feel sad one moment and happy the next. He forcefully calmed himself down, feeling that being angry with this intelligent life form was not worth it.

“What happens after I go to that world? Can I still return to Earth?”

Louie asked the most important question. How great would it be if he could move between the two worlds? If he could not return after going to another world, then he would need a way to find energy sources before leaving.

“The worm-hole is bidirectional. Host can return anytime.”

At long last, the intelligent brain said something good.

“Huuuu……”, Louie let out a sigh.

No matter what was said, he was a little more familiar with Earth. If he went to another world, everything would be unknown.

However, Louie also knew that he could not hesitate. He deeply inhaled and made his preparations, “…… Then Intelligent Brain, do I need to do anything to open the tunnel?”

“Host does not need to do anything.”

“Then, Intelligent Brain, you can begin opening the tunnel. Let us advance to San Soliel!”

Louie was not a person to screw up at crucial times. He spoke with seriousness in his eyes.

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