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I, The Dragon Overlord

Chapter 3: Intelligent Brain? System? Dragon God?

Chapter 3: Intelligent Brain? System? Dragon God?

Louie woke up.

He felt as though he had just awakened from a dream. In his dream, he turned into a lizard and lived in the rainforest for a month before being discovered by a predator. He narrowly escaped but then discovered an alien spaceship which, after speaking some words, turned him into a legendary dragon.

“That dream was really long; so long that I thought it was real.”

Louie let out a self-deprecating sigh, but then he froze at his own words.

It was definitely not a human voice and definitely not a lizard’s cry, but a real, majestic, yet slightly childish voice.

His eyes snapped open to reveal jewel-like inverted pupils which emitted an enchanting color. He gazed at that same rainforest from his ‘dream’, but this time his perspective had changed dramatically.

This was definitely not a lizard’s perspective. As a lizard, Louie’s eyesight was very poor, and trees appeared like unclimbable peaks to him. . However, from his current perspective, although the trees were still very tall, he did not feel that they were impossible to scale.

Next to Louie was a pool of clear water. He shifted his body and crawled closer. There was no delay in his movement. It was as if this was the body he was born in.

Through the reflection of the pool, Louie finally saw his current appearance.

Just like the last scene in his ‘dream’, he now had a fierce-looking dragon head, sharp claws, bat-like wings, a powerful tail, and a body covered in fine scales that shone like a mountain of gold under the sun.

“I…… really turned into a dragon?”

Louie murmured with disbelief.

Everything he had dreamt of was actually real. Even if he could accept being reborn as a lizard, encountering an alien spaceship and everything else still felt too mystical.

This was a dragon. In various myths and legends, regardless of whether dragons were good or evil, there was one common point among their species: their power. They were creatures located at the top of the food chain.

And now, he had gone from a small lizard that was at the bottom of the food chain, to a legendary dragon!

“But looking at my current development, I should still be considered as a baby dragon.”

Louie spat out and quickly accepted his new identity. Let alone becoming a dragon, he could even accept becoming a lizard. Before he was worried about his life expectancy, but now, he did not have to worry about this anymore. No matter which story it was from, dragons were known to live for thousands of years. Compared to being a human, becoming a dragon was a great profit.

“However, dragons have now appeared. Is this place really Earth or not?”

Louie was worried again all of a sudden. Previously, he still suspected that he was on Earth, but now, he was no longer sure. How could gigantic dragons appear on Earth? Unless the government was hiding something unknown, no normal person would be able to know this secret.

“Life activity from host detected. Intelligent life reactivated Please don’t worry host, you are still on Earth. There are no foundations for magical creatures to appear on Earth. Other than you, this planet does not have any other creature with magical power.

Suddenly, a hollow and cold yet faintly human voice appeared in Louie’s brain. This startled Louie, but he quickly calmed down. The voice felt very familiar to him. It was the voice he heard when he was transformed into a dragon.

“Who are you?”

Although this voice directly appeared in his brain, Louie was still a little uneasy, but he found himself fairly calm. He did not know if it was because a dragon’s body was different from a human’s. Although dragons could feel fear, the threshold of fear was very high. It was hard to feel afraid.

“I am the highest intelligent life form created by the Terran Civilization,” the voice said with flourish.

“Are you the one who turned me into a dragon?”

“That’s right.”

“Are you inside my head now?”

Perhaps feeling the alarm in Louie’s voice, the voice said, “…… Please don’t be nervous. In order to gain the possibility of ‘survival’, I have been symbiotically bound to the host’s soul.”

Although the voice did not explain in detail, Louie could understand its meaning. It roughly meant that he was now one with it. If he died, then it would also die, and from some of its words, this thing that called itself ‘the Terran Civilization’s highest intelligent life form’, had a desire to live. As long as it had the desire to live, it would not harm him, which assured Louie.

“What is your name?”

“As a creature created by civilization, I have no name. My code name is ‘XXXXX’……”

Louie could only hear strange sounds in his head, causing his brain to ache. He could not understand the code name at all. It might have been some kind of alien language.

“Okay, okay. I can’t pronounce those words. I’ll just call you ‘Intelligent Brain’.”

Louie interrupted its words.

The intelligent life was silent as if searching for the meaning of the words ‘intelligent brain’. After a long time, it said, “…… Although I am different from the ‘intelligent brain’ that the host is thinking of, the host can also call me so.”

“Then Intelligent Brain, according to you, I am still on Earth? Moreover, there are no such creatures like dragons?”


Hearing Intelligent Brain’s answer, Louie once again contemplated.

This was good news. Although Earth was dangerous, compared to those slightly understandable scientific weapons, magic was completely unknown. If he was given a choice right now, he would rather face off against science than magic.

“Then what’s with me becoming a dragon?”

Since everything began with this ‘Terran Civilization intelligent life form’, Louie certainly wanted to understand everything as much as possible.

The host’s current form is the product of the Terran Civilization’s top-secret God Creation Project. Terran Civilization possessed scientific technology far more advanced than Earth’s. They also possessed the ability to cross cosmic planes. By coincidence, the Terran Civilization discovered an inconceivable world— The world of San Soliel. It was a non-technological world dominated by magic.”

“…… Tens of thousands of years ago the Terran Civilization launched an invasion of San Soleil. Compared to the highly developed Terran Civilization, San Soliel was extremely backward. Although it had a complex structural composition, it was nearly completely occupied by the Terran Civilization in a short period of time.”

“However, the Terran Civilization did not expect the laws of the world to be so different. There was even a group of individuals called ‘Gods’ that even they could not understand. Their existence was so incomprehensible that it made the Terran Civilization lose at a critical moment.”

“The host’s body is composed of the Five-colored Dragon God that the Terran Civilization annihilated. The Terran Civilization hoped to research the Five-colored Dragon God’s godhood and flesh to understand the mystery of the gods, but they did not anticipate the incredible nature of the God species. In the process of retreating, they were ambushed by the dead Dragon God and eventually crashed onto this planet 10,000 years ago.”

The intelligent brain explained the general situation in a mechanical voice to Louie. This allowed him to understand why he had become a dragon and not a blind person. This also revealed the Intelligent Brain’s past.

“That crystal was the so-called godhood, right? In other words, my body’s framework is that of the Dragon God?”

Louie became excited at that thought.

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