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I, The Dragon Overlord

Chapter 25: Who Said That All Elves Are Silly And Sweet

Chapter 25: Who Said That All Elves Are Silly And Sweet

Louie didn’t want to be in the spotlight. Unless it was necessary, he didn’t even want to reveal himself as a demigod dragon. He would rather hide in the deep forest as a baby dragon and rule over all the weaker creatures in it, carving out a nice little territory for himself in the meantime.

He would have preferred to wait until he had grown up before amazing the whole world once he transcended. That was the way transmigrators should do things in his opinion. He would train amazing skills and become unequalled under heaven instead of being hunted day and night by others.

Sadly Louie’s plan had failed before it had even started. He had no choice but to cause trouble. Fortunately, Louie did not need to follow the standard route all the transmigrators he read about followed. There was no need to constantly flee from those more powerful than he was before mustering a counterattack at a critical moment.

“Sisna, tell me. What is the situation of the city right now?”

Louie pondered for a while before slowly asking.

Since the permanent positioning device could not be moved and had to be within a thousand meters of the established location – basically the range of the entire palace – Louie had to take this city as his base. Since it was his territory now, he could not leave it alone, but had to develop it properly.

If possible, it was best to have a powerful force and army. Although his public identity as a demigod dragon could deter others for a time, he did not believe it could do so indefinitely. The humans would doubtless grow restless and send some forces to harass him.

Louie could not personally act each time an enemy arrived. Not only would his divine power be consumed, but he might even reveal his true identity if he wasn’t careful. After that the remaining kingdoms might form a coalition to hunt him.

He needed manpower. For example, his new servant. Though he acted frightened and deferent towards Louie, he was actually a seven ring archmage who could deal with many people by himself.

“Reporting back to the lord. Today Central…… Dragon City was almost destroyed by the great power you have displayed.”

Sisna carefully replied. Her quick and pleasant voice slightly stuttered. She felt slightly ashamed by the ease with which flattery flowed from her lips.

Still, the strength and terror he displayed earlier allowed her to praise him with a clear conscience, and she did not want to provoke the dragon’s wrath. If the dragon took offense with her words and flew towards the Forest of the Moon in a rage, then she would be the ultimate sinner, and only the elf queen would stand a chance of stopping it.

Even if that happened, she was fairly sure that the elf queen would not be its match. Dragons were, after all, an unreasonable race. And as long as they matured, they could fight numerous enemies at their rank. Moreover, when they grew to the level of ancients, they would be able to obtain legendary rank power, and could easily demolish armies filled with combatants that equalled them rank-wise. Not to mention that this was a demigod dragon who would probably only have to flick its wrist once or twice.

But, a dragon could not grow forever. No matter how long it lived, it could not grow into a demigod. Gaining any level of divinity was a tough ordeal, and dragons’ lazy and gluttonous natures often hampered their already small chances. Thus, demigod rank dragons were a rarity in history.

This was also why Sisna felt awe towards Louie.

Marches, who had been working hard in moving the gold, heard the elf’s flattering words and looked down on her in the depths of his heart. He felt that even the so-called pure elves would have to kneel in front of the mighty dragon, and so there was nothing wrong with his behavior.

He made excuses for himself.

‘But this elf chick is really pretty… Dammit. No way I’d sell her if I caught her. I’d have my fill of that body till I died, and she’d be a great heirloom for my kids.’

Marches thought lewdly.

“So what if it’s destroyed? It simply needs to be rebuilt. Nothing difficult about that…….”

Louie did not feel any remorse over half-decimating his own city. He even felt that it would save him a few troubles.

Despite the elevated powers of certain individuals in this world, Louie felt that its civilization itself was quite backwards. Perhaps it would not even compare to Earth’s Middle Ages.

According to the intelligent brain, this world’s creatures were barbarians, slowing the progress of civilization.

When Louie observed the city from a high altitude earlier, he could tell that its layout was completely unplanned and chaotic. There was no proper ordering or partitioning of districts, and individuals built whatever they wanted and wherever they wanted. The sheer amount of filth that covered the streets almost awoke a mild misophobia within him.

Louie was very dissatisfied with the current Dragon City as he was used to the relative cleanliness of modern metropolises on Earth.

Hearing Louie’s words, Sisna secretly sighed, misunderstanding his words and pitying the citizens.

‘Once a dragon always a dragon. They simply don’t care about their subjects, and only the people will suffer.’

With this in mind, Sisna became more cautious. She didn’t want to rebel against the terrifying entity and make him think badly of the elves. If that happened, her people would join those of Central City in short order.

“At present Lord Caracolon, Dragon City has a pressing need for food. Prior to their flight, the Holy Kingdom’s people set fire to the majority of the city’s grain reserves, and the remainder cannot support the daily needs of the now-homeless residents. Even if the Silver Moon Kingdom were to transfer some supplies, that can only be a stop-gap measure,”

Sisna continued.

“…… Our elven race’s diet is different from humans’. We subsist mainly on fruits which spoil quickly, and so we have very little in reserves. Even in winter many of our clansmen go starving. Population is vital to a city, and should not be abandoned. Only their existence can help develop a city.”

Sisna’s words were reasonable and also emotional. She first explained the importance of the people for the city. She was afraid that Louie might become annoyed and say something like, ‘kill all the civilians who have no food, if they die they won’t go hungry’, in a typical dragon fashion.

At the same time, she even blocked Louie’s path of taking the elves’ food and recounted the elves’ tragic lives to the point of almost crying.

Although elves were not afraid of war, they would not normally do evil deeds. Sisna had also considered those poor human civilians whose lives were close to the brink.

If it was an ordinary dragon, Sisna’s words would not be able to move it, but Louie, who had the soul of a human, looked Sisna in the eyes.

‘This elf is quite amazing. She speaks quite eloquently, and the way she plays with language leaves even scammers in the dust. She even ignored racial issues which was quite impressive for an official.’

She was beautiful and strong. Moreover, she was not a sweet naive woman, but a woman with both brains and brawn. The more Louie looked at her, the more he wanted her to bear his kids.

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