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I, The Dragon Overlord

Chapter 18: Dragon City!

Chapter 18: Dragon City!

The city was desolate after the disaster.

The flames raged without end, and the kilometer-wide magic formation hovered in the sky, raining fire and terror. With the city’s barrier broken there was nothing left to resist the dragon’s might.

Save forbidden magic that only the Gods could cast, legendary rank magic was the highest rank others could perform. Its might was so potent that it could maim the Gods and annihilate legendary rank foes in seconds.

This magic was part of why mages were highly regarded. Though only a few of such mages existed, each one was capable of mastering legendary spells.

However, ordinarily, a legendary rank mage could only master a single type of legendary magic. Furthermore, this magic required immense preliminary preparation, rituals, and sacrifices, making it extremely difficult to cast.

Louie’s legendary magic was not actually magic per se, but a divine art. By tapping into the infinite possibilities held within divine power, and using them to power the Emerald Dreamland, Louie could manifest his imagination as reality.

Consequently, the entire city was destroyed. Its walls and suburbs were aflame, and even now some inhabitants still fled, weeping as they did so. None wanted to be reduced to ashes in an instant.

Some tried, to no avail, to douse the flames. Unfortunately, the magical fires were impervious to water.

After using the [Scorching Waterfall], there was almost nothing left for Louie to do. All he had to do was wait and the city would fall completely.

[Host, there is a special metal in that church that can be used as a permanent positioning device.]

The intelligent brain, which had not spoken since the beginning of the massacre, suddenly interjected, startling Louie.

“Inside the church…….?”

Louie’s eyes turned to the mountain peak, the highest point in the city. A magnificent structure stood erect there. Its architecture seemed to be a confluence of castle, palace, and cathedral inspiration. The complex had numerous buildings arranged in a circle.

Louie promptly spread his wings and flew towards it. Although the palace looked magnificent, it was a little small compared to his body.

After a moment of contemplation, Louie’s body began to shrink, reducing to 20 meters in length. At this size, he could directly enter through the main entrance

With a light swing of his tail, the doors were knocked over. Louie then swaggered in.

The church-palace was extremely luxurious. The interior of its dome was inlaid with beautiful frescoes, and delicate colored designs garnished the glass windows. Each wall told powerful tales of legend with their paintings, masterpieces of great artists. Huge overhead chandeliers loomed over an incredibly soft carpet of purple and gold, filling the place with an air of sacredness and solemnity.

The clergy had evacuated along with the rest of the citizens, leaving the building empty. In their haste, they hadn’t bothered to carry away the palace items, and so its opulence remained undiminished.

Louie wasn’t aware of dragons’ reputation for loving treasures. And so he didn’t know that they hadn’t bothered to take any along with them out of fear of his pursuit.

Thus, this priceless palace with its countless art pieces and boundless wealth remained perfectly intact for Louie.

“Good thing I didn’t blow this beautiful place up. That would have been a huge loss.”

The happy Louie swept away the seats that blocked his path. He was now in the largest chapel inside the palace. It is also where the intelligent brain said he could the materials for the permanent positioning device.

‘Intelligent Brain, which item do you need?’

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Louie scanned through the objects on display, looking for the intelligent brain’s target.

[That statue.]

Its response shifted Louie’s attention to the statue at the very center of the chapel in front of him.

It was a 20-meter-tall sculpture of a Goddess. Its artisan had taken great care to carve out its limbs, clothes, hair, and body with excruciating detail. However, its facial features were made deliberately hazy and indistinct. Louie could tell that whoever had sculpted it was a person of great talent, as it conveyed a feeling of awe and boundless benevolence.

This Goddess should be one of the myriads of deities the Theocracy worshipped. That the kingdom was polytheistic surprised Louie slightly.

On Earth, the largest religions were monotheistic. Polytheism, on the other hand, was uncommon save for in certain places.

“What’s so special about this statute?”

Louie looked at it from different angles, even using his divine power to see if he could learn anything, but it remained a well-crafted but unremarkable statue.

[There is nothing special about the statue itself, but the material used to make it is very suitable for constructing a permanent positioning device for the wormhole.]

“What should I do now?”

Louie did not ask for further details. In his case, whether it was this world’s magic or the intelligent brain’s advanced technology, he couldn’t understand them. Without the godhood, his prospects would undeniably be bleak.

[The host needs only touch the statue and leave the rest to me.]

After hearing this, Louie walked over and lightly touched the statue with his claws. He watched in amazement as it melted into a metallic liquid, and soon powerful energy flowed from his body and wrapped the former sculpture. The liquid solidified into a metal doorway that let out a blue glow, same as the one he arrived in San Soliel through.

[Installation of permanent positioning device complete. It is imperative that the host protects this device, however, as it is needed to travel between Earth and San Soliel.]

“Oh, just protecting this door well…… Sure, I’ll go find a desolate place to hide it later.

Louie made a decision with little thinking.

[Apologies, Host. This permanent positioning device cannot be moved. It records its exact position at present, and any shift will cause a massive deviation when crossing over.

Louie was stunned. He suddenly felt anxious, “…… What did you say? Are you telling me that the door will always be here??? I have to be here all the time to protect it?!!!”

[Exactly. To be more precise, this device can not be shifted out of the kilometer surrounding this point. If so, there will be a coordinate deviation. And when traveling between worlds, slight deviations can lead to unpredictable consequences.]

“You retarded #$%^&*. Why didn’t you say it earlier? If you did, I would have moved the statue away! How could I just let you place the permanent positioning device here?!!!”

Louie’s expression changed greatly. He did not even think as he rushed out of the palace and spread his wings, becoming a gigantic dragon once again.

“I am Louie XXXXXX Caracolon. All resisting parties should lay down their weapons and surrender. Henceforth, this city is mine. Those who submit may survive. But those who resist or attempt to flee shall become ash! From this day on, I am your lord, and this city shall be called Dragon City!!”

Louie flew to the sky, announcing his intent. With his divine power, his voice permeated every square inch of the city, and his magic quelled the flames.

At first, he was prepared to destroy the city and leave. This was equivalent to slaughtering everyone and running away. But he did not expect that he would need to change his approach due to the permanent positioning device. He changed his intentions and became the lord of the city!!

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