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I, The Dragon Overlord

Chapter 16: Embodiment of Fantasy, Legendary Spells

Chapter 16: Embodiment of Fantasy, Legendary Spells

After using the Dragon God’s godhood to become a demigod dragon, Louie the basic knowledge about this world. Gods were inconceivable existences. Even if the Dragon God’s death happened tens if not hundreds of millennia ago, no secret could be kept from him. His understanding of his new surroundings thus deepened.

This world was not like Earth with celestial bodies and the stars in its cosmos. San Soliel’s world was flat and layered. It was divided into the main continent, the upper realm, and the lower realm. There existed realms in between these, but their makeups were much more complicated and unique.

There were two major combat occupations in this world: mages and warriors. And regardless of which path an individual went down, there were nine ranks that mortals could ascend to.

Regardless of the race, when an individual exceeded the ninth rank, they would begin to break away from their mortal shells in a process called called ‘Immortal Transcendence’. At this level no, matter the life form, power, or life expectancy they would all be called ‘Legendary’. As the name suggested, those who had broken free from the shackles of mortality were the current legends.

Above Legends were Demigods and Gods. Godly existences were indescribable to mortals and represented truly transcendental lives with theoretically infinite lifespans.

However, ascending from legendary to demigod was near-impossible and required more than talent. Luck played a critical role as well. As the queen of the Silver Moon Kingdom was a demigod, she could summon legendary creatures to fight for her using her divine powers as bait.

Abir, who Louie had slapped dead, was a half a step into the demigod rank. But the gap between where he was and true demigod was a huge rift that had obstructed many over their lifetimes. In the multiverse of San Soliel, few had managed to reach that level, and everyone carried immense renown.

A single legendary rank warrior would be treated as a superhuman on Earth. Just imagine how strong a demigod rank warrior would be.

Louie descended from his high altitude, the city clearing up as he approached it. It was built on the mountain, and at the peak stood an ornate and luxurious palace that looked like a cathedral. Further down, he could see the residential and commercial areas.

The two areas looked quite disorganized from his height. Considering the technological prowess of this world, however, Louie could understand why they were poor at city planning.

Louie’s descent elicited numerous screams from the fleeing populace, and his strong eyesight picked up on some unexpected features of the city, making out that it was a kind of trading hub.


A sonic boom spread apart the clouds as he sliced across the sky. The sound wave undulated, sweeping across the nearby mountains. Before he could hit the city, however, he met resistance. A magical barrier had obstructed his descent. When his titanic body collided with it, the barrier and the city beneath it shook violently. Countless residents collapsed in the streets with terrified screams as they gazed at the dragon on top of them.

Louie shook his head, slightly dazed. Upon second thought he should have realized earlier on that such an important stronghold would be protected. Moreover, this barrier seemed quite good at blocking physical objects. His descent should have been powerful enough to destroy mountain peaks.

Louie focused divine power in his eyes and looked again. He could indeed see a large barrier protecting the city. However, it had begun to dim, signifying that his prior collision was not entirely useless

The terrified expressions of the soldiers on top of the walls entered his view. The common residents ran and shouted on the streets, afraid that if they were a step slower, they would be killed by the dragon. Some people, gathered together, shivering as they stared at the mythical creature that only appeared in stories. There were even some people dressed as mercenaries while holding weapons, but looking at them trembling all over, they seemed like weaklings.

Louie concluded that this city had few powerful individuals.

Realizing that he had little time left in his form and that he did not know how to replenish the divine power in the godhood he possessed, Louie chose to save some power for emergencies later. He decided to round things up quickly.

Louie’s body once again floated up. A pair of wings covered the sky and his shadow enveloped the earth. The Emerald Dreamland once again unfolded, and an enormous magic formation appeared in the sky, setting it aflame.

Louie knew neither how to use magic, nor how it worked. And asides from the names and effects of the different kinds of magic that he understood from the knowledge of the Gods, he didn’t know how to cast them.

However, the Gods were always incredible. Even if he could not cast magic, he could still use his Godly powers to simulate them.

The Emerald Dreamland, the divine domain of dreams, possessed the ability to turn reality into illusion and vice versa.

And Louie at this moment was turning his fantasies into a reality, releasing what he understood to be a legendary spell——

“[Scorching Waterfall]!!!”

Like fireworks, countless motes of fire rained down on the city like drops of water in a waterfall. It enveloped the area in a beautiful but destructive glow.

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