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I, The Dragon Overlord

Chapter 14: Humans Will Never Be Slaves

Chapter 14: Humans Will Never Be Slaves

“All troops, retreat to Central City!!!”

Abir roared, releasing a terrifying sound wave that rustled the ancient trees and reached the ears of every soldier.

In fact, Abir’s words were redundant. After seeing the primordial dragon, the human soldiers had already begun to retreat, but their speed could not match the dragon’s flight. They only fought back in desperation.

And now, Abir, a high-ranking legendary ranked warrior, was blocking the dragon. The human army finally had time to flee. The groups of soldiers cried out as they ran out of the distorted forest, running along the plains towards the distant Central City, wishing they had grown four legs.

The army of 30,000 soldiers had fought with the dragon, resulting in disastrous losses. Moreover, Louie used his divine power to call out the Emerald Dreamland. In a short amount of time, more than 20,000 soldiers had died. Finally, only a thousand people were barely able to run back.

This was an absolute defeat. Even considering that they encountered a primordial dragon, for Abir, the head of the Holy Iris Knights, this was an absolute disgrace in his military career.

“Want to run?”

Seeing the ant-like humans running in the distance, Louie laughed and opened his mouth, preparing to unleash another dragon’s breath.

“Evil dragon!! Your opponent is me!!”

Just when Louie was about to spray out his breath, Abir roared and leaped up. Although he had lost his weapon, he was still a legendary rank warrior. Even if he had no weapon, every single part of his body was just as deadly.


Abir’s fist landed on the scales near Louie’s mouth.

Louie was startled. He never imagined that this human was this strong. For him, the feeling was perhaps comparable to an adult being punched by a baby, but considering that he was a primordial dragon, he could only imagine just how strong the blow was. Abir could probably split mountains with it.

However, Abir only enraged Louie with his strike. His huge dragon eyes glared at the human who darted like a fly in front of him. He roared, “……Lowly human, you actually dared to touch this mighty dragon!!”

Louie spewed out the dragon’s breath that he held in his throat with all his might. The emerald light seemed like waves that tried to drown Abir’s body.


Abir shouted as he mustered up all the battle aura in his body. He resisted the full power of the dragon’s breath at close range.

“Lord God of War!!

Abir’s husky voice roared. A powerful battle intent once again erupted from his body. Under Louie’s breath, his armor gradually turned illusory. It shattered like glass. His under-armor also gradually began to corrode, and his skin became slightly translucent, but even so, he resisted the deadly blow.

“[King of War]!!!”

The human in front of him seemed to unleash some kind of skill. His speed was now almost three times faster, surpassing the speed of sound. He leaped up high and descended like a war god. He raised his hands and clenched his fingers into a fist as he smashed down on Louie’s eye.

Seeing the human dare attack his eyes, Louie became even angrier. He shifted to the side with unexpected grace for a creature of his size and used his teeth to block Abir’s fist.


The full force of this legendary rank warrior’s blow almost shattered one of Louie’s teeth. And while some might have seen this as a complete failure of an attack, and a laughable attempt at damage, Louie only felt extremely insulted by it.

“You have completely angered me, human!!! Accept your punishment!!!”

The enraged Louie once again slapped the human in front of him to the ground with one claw.

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The earth shook as cracks appeared on the ground.

Louie raised his claws and slapped down again.


The ground collapsed directly as a huge crater appeared.

Afterward, Louie did not stop and struck with his claws more than ten times in a row, until the ground beneath his feet became a large crater that was tens of meters deep and a hundred meters wide. Only then did he stop his actions.

He slowly lifted his claws and looked into the pit. A crater that was tens of meters deep would be scary for humans, but it was nothing in front of Louie’s size.

Abir was kneeling on one knee. One of his legs had been broken, and his raised arms were shattered, but he still strongly used both hands to block Louie’s angry slaps. Every single slap contained tens of thousands of tons of force, but he relied on his body to block all of them.

Although Abir was now on the verge of death, his eyes still shone brightly and burned with determination.

“Well done, human! Even as a mighty dragon, I must commend your bravery!”

“Honored human, you may state your name so that this mighty dragon can remember it!”

Louie’s inverted pupils looked at the human in front of him, and he raised his head as he spoke with majesty.

“Faithful follower of the God of War Marzalis, head of the Holy Iris Order of the Theocracy – Abir!!”

Abir’s vocal cords were already like leaky bellows, yet he still spoke his name word by word in the common language.

“Very well, Abir! I will give you a chance to live. Sign a contract to be my slave, and I will grant you glory!!”

Louie looked at the warrior who’d rather die than submit with compassion. Although the warrior’s body was about to break down, Louie was someone who inherited the godhood of the Five-colored Dragon God so he had five kinds of divine power. Emerald Dreamland was one of them, and among the other four, there happened to be life-giving divine magic.

“Humans will never be slaves!!!”

Abir once again let out a firm roar. As a devout believer, he followed his doctrine.

“That’s truly a shame……”

Louie sighed. Although he had compassion for this human warrior, he showed no mercy when killing.

He directly used dragon magic……

“[Plant Spawning]”

The forest transformed by the Emerald Dreamland sprayed out countless motes of starlight. These motes landed on Abir’s body before beginning to parasitize his flesh and blood.

This legendary warrior gritted his teeth to keep himself from screaming out in pain. As he knelt in the center of the pit, his body grew out shoots, turning him into a human-shaped tree. His body transformed from blood and flesh into a plant as he completely lost his life.

Louie took one last look at the warrior. He flew into the air once again with his wings spread out and moved in the direction of the routed army. In his line of sight, he saw a fortress-like city in the distance. He wanted to take advantage of his current transformation to attack a city like the dragons he knew from stories.

‘I wonder if there is a princess inside the castle……’

Louie let his imagination run wild.

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