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I, The Dragon Overlord

Chapter 13: Demigod Dragon and Legendary Rank Warrior

Chapter 13: Demigod Dragon and Legendary Rank Warrior

The 300-meter-long dragon let out a roar that shook heaven and earth. In the new forest, humans wailed and screamed as their bones were crushed and their flesh was wounded. The brutal scene seemed reminiscent of something out of the abyssal hell.

This was a massacre. A complete and utter massacre. In front of a primordial dragon, humans could only run about like headless insects. Their resistance was futile, and their attempts at defense were comical to the predator. Their fates were sealed from the beginning.

When culling the soldiers, Louie vaguely felt heat and a little tingling feeling, but due to his innate magic resistance and the disparity in power between him and his assailants, he barely noticed that they had cast fireballs and lightning magic on him. Rather than pain, all he felt was slight itchiness, and the mages were promptly wiped out from existence.

Because they were too weak, Louie did not have much of an impression of the human mages.

“Evil dragon, the followers of the God of War will not just submit!”

Just when the only sounds of the battlefield were his roars and the humans’ screams, an angry voice suddenly erupted from the chaos.

In the corner of Louie’s eyes, he saw a meteoric light charge towards him, like a firefly flaunting its power in front of humans.

Louie swatted at it the way a person would swat at a fly.

Abir burned with brilliant light. The warrior’s aura was all gathered in his body, making it seem like he was engulfed in flames. The will of his God seemed to have been summoned within him.

In that moment, the tiny human finally attracted Louie’s attention. The other party’s will in that moment seemed to have sublimated and emitted a strong power of existence.

That was the true meaning of war, the burning flame of battle. It was the aura that Louie had seen from those soldiers before they had run away.

Abir saw the dragon talon moving towards him. The titanic reptilian claw loomed over him like a mountain.

The mountain peak pressed down, but Abir did not even flinch at the challenge.


Abir roared in anger. An iris symbol appeared behind him, and it seemed to condense the will of an elite legion of humans. It then merged with the longsword in his hand amidst the roar of thousands of people.

Closer, closer, and closer. When it was finally right before him, Abir could profoundly feel the divine despair that the dragon radiated.

He was a powerful legendary rank warrior. But inside the divine domain, his strength melted like snow under the hot sun. If he had not reached the domain of legend and transcended the limits of humans through ‘immortal trancension’, he might have already faded away under the dragon’s emerald divine light, turning from real to unreal.

Even so, Abir’s battle aura was rapidly dissipating, but he did not care. He howled, and the longsword in his hand stabbed at the dragon’s claws.

The weapon in his hand was the legendary weapon ‘Sword of the Holy Iris’, and now with the infusion of the will of the legion and the faith of the humans, the legendary weapon had almost reached the level of a divine weapon. It was enough to wound even a god!


Seeing the holy sword cleave Louie’s scales and pierce into his claws, Abir was overjoyed.

But before he could continue to exert himself, the dragon seemed to sense the pain, and the rest of its palm connected with his body.


Abir’s body was directly slapped away. After knocking down countless ancient trees and flying thousands of meters, he finally smashed onto the earth leaving a huge crater.

Louie carefully lifted his claw in front of his own eyes. He saw that a toothpick had pierced through his scales and into his flesh. Drops of blood flowed from the wound.

The ‘toothpick’ emitted a burst of divine aura. Louie felt pain when the toothpick had pierced through his skin. He felt as if he was a human that had accidentally pricked himself with a needle. Although the small wound was only a slightly painful inconvenience, he noticed that the longsword emitting divine light could in fact hurt him.

Being pricked by a needle was not a problem, but if there were thousands of needles then he’d be in trouble.

Louie gingerly gripped the handle of the longsword with his other claw and yanked it out.

Looking at the slender and ornamental-looking weapon, he could instantly tell despite his origins that this was a treasure and not a common object.

Louie thought for a moment before storing the longsword into a slit in his dragon scales.

Then, Louie looked at the huge pit in front of him. From its center crawled out the human who had managed to wound him.

This surprised Louie beyond belief. Just now, the force he used was enough to slap a human into a slab of meat, turning their bones and flesh into an indistinguishable mess, but the person in front of him only looked a little wounded and remained in one piece.


Louie secretly muttered. From his perspective, this human’s speed was nothing special, but to other humans, it would be impossible to track him with the naked eye. With such speed, he held a sacred sword capable of hurting a demigod dragon. In addition to that, almost no damage had been dealt to him after being slapped by a force of more than 10,000 tons. If this person had been sent to Earth, he would simply be a living Superman!

Normal gunfire would absolutely not hurt him. If the Earth’s humans wanted to confront him, they would have to at least utilize weapons of mass destruction to do so. But with the speed shown by this human, Louie suspected that they would need to use radars to capture his figure.

At this moment, Louie finally felt that he was in a foreign world and not in the Middle Ages. After witnessing this human’s mighty performance, he felt fortunate that he was now a demigod dragon. If he had the appearance of a baby dragon, his head would have been cut down by the sword just now.

In this world, the strongest people were not as weak as he thought. This result was only brought about by Louie’s current overpowering strength.

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