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I, The Dragon Overlord

Chapter 12: Your Fate is Death!

Chapter 12: Your Fate is Death!

Louie was very delighted.

Insignificant. Insignificant. All too insignificant!

After mobilizing the power of the Five-colored Dragon God’s godhood and transforming into a legendary dragon, The world before him changed from what it used to be.

In his eyes, the world seemed to have transformed into strips of rules. Whether it was the sky or the earth, the rivers or the forest, they were no longer pure matter but had become concepts. Although Louie understood only half of it, he knew that this was the law of the Gods!

He did not know whether it was his instincts as a dragon or the divine power that instilled the pride he felt within him, but he felt unrivaled. As he was now, everything in the world would need to kneel before him.

Despite knowing that this was only temporary, and only made possible by borrowing the power of the godhood within him, the feeling of exultation was extremely real.

Before him stood 30,000 humans neatly arranged in a formation. The human Louie would have shivered at the mere sight of the harsh battlefield, but as he was now, Louie could only view the soldiers as jumping ants.

In front of his 300-meter body, each soldier was just slightly larger than an insect would be to a human. A single step from him could cause innumerable casualties.

To the humans, their new adversary seemed more like a mountain than a living creature. They could not help but wonder if the cold pieces of iron in their hands would do them any good against it.

Common sense told them that it was absolutely impossible.

Dragon’s might radiated from Louie, striking the hearts of the soldiers who somehow remained standing. His eyes filled with divine power as he scanned them. He noticed that these soldiers were cloaked in a mysterious energy that enhanced their bodies. The mysterious power emitted the true aura of war, which seemed to be magic related to the Gods.

‘Interesting. Truly interesting. I suddenly feel that this world is interesting. Hahahaha!’

Louie laughed inwardly from extreme excitement. He raised his dragon claws and fiercely slapped down. The dozens of humans that could not dodge his attack were slapped into meat patties. The few bearing heavy armors found, quite quickly, that their protection meant nothing to the absolute power of their foe.

Louie’s body alone was enough to crush the humans before him, and so he refrained from using any special abilities.

After Louie raised his claws the earth was littered with scattered limbs and crushed organs. The thick, cloying scent of blood filled the air.


Louie laughed excitedly. As a human, this kind of scenery was sure to cause him to throw up. Now, however, he felt nothing but a deep pleasure.

In the end, brutality was simply engraved into a dragon’s bones.


“Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me!!!”



The human soldiers in front of Louie got up from the ground and ran back, wailing. The river of blood and flesh and the invincible dragon in front of them broke their hearts and minds. They desired nothing more than to flee the tragic battlefield.

Unfortunately, no matter how fast they ran, it was at a snail’s pace to the dragon.

Without paying much attention to the fleeing soldiers, Louie advanced. Each step thundered like a million horses and left deep imprints in the bloody earth. He did not even care about the unlucky ones who were trampled to death.


In his excitement, Louie raised his dragon head and let out a deadly roar. A horrible sound wave spread, shaking the atmosphere, and instantly blowing away thousands of people. His thick tail rose and slammed on the ground, shaking the entire plain and toppling countless humans.

In just one encounter, the battle formation of 30,000 people was crushed by him, and thousands of people died tragically.


Louie heard the sharp sound of objects whistling through the air. With a casual look to the side, he noticed humans in the distance launching boulders at him with catapults. Each boulder was ten meters wide and would normally pressure the staunchest commanders, but Louie’s eyes only held disdain for what seemed like toys to him. The reliable siege equipment used by humans instantly became their own undoing as a simple blow from Louie changed the direction of a flying boulder, sending it crashing into a crowd of humans.

With anguished wails, dozens more people had their arms and legs smashed off in a shower of blood and flesh.

Then, with his extremely sharp eyesight, Louie found a ‘toothpick’ flying towards himself. He carefully looked and understood that it was an arrow. It was entwined with a light silver color which implied it had a special ability.


The arrow accurately hit in between a gap on his dragon scales. With his huge size, it was very difficult to dodge the attack, but he didn’t really try either. Other than leaving a faint scratch, the arrow was simply ineffective.

Louie looked towards the origin of the arrow’s flight. It was precisely from the direction of the catapult. A human dressed as a ranger was dumbfounded by the ineffectiveness of his shot.

Louie did not care what the other side thought. Seeing that there were not only people who dared throw rocks at him but also those who dared use ‘toothpicks’ to shoot him, anger bubbled forth from his throat, and he directly spat out another mouthful of emerald dragon breath.

The fan-shaped dragon breath was even more terrifying than a flamethrower. In an instant, everything in front of him turned illusory. Everything that the breath touched was turned into a mirage.

The Emerald Dreamland expanded. Ancient trees began to grow on the plains. At first, these trees were phantasmic, but in the blink of an eye, they had cemented themselves in the real world. Their thick and solid branches grabbed the crying humans and strangled them to death. Countless humans hung on the trees and some had their bodies directly twisted off.

The blood and entrails spilled by the humans became nutrients that fed the forest’s growth.

“I am Louie Caracolon. Foolish humans, tremble in front of a dragon. You are just ants fated to die!!”

The humans howled, screamed, begged, and cried in pain. The dragon eyes on them still remained cruel and without any sympathy.

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