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I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible

Chapter 671 - 671 Monster Ancestor (Part 2)

Chapter 671 - 671 Monster Ancestor (Part 2)

671 Monster Ancestor (Part 2)

The monster ancestor smiled and looked at Xuan with joy.

With a wave of his hand, a treasure that looked like a jade bracelet flew toward Xuan.

“I shall bestow this treasure to you.”

Xuan was extremely excited.


“Thank you, Ancestor!”

She reached out to receive it and wore it on her wrist.

The monster race experts of the nine zones who were still nearby all paid their respects.

“Greetings, Ancestor!”

“The monster race has declined,” the monster ancestor glanced at them and sighed, “I remember how powerful they were when I was still around.”

The group of monster race experts were ashamed.

The monster ancestor did not continue.

Instead, he looked at the three ancestors and smiled.

“Are you surprised?”

“Haha, not at all. An old monster like you wouldn’t die so easily. We were just wondering why you hadn’t appeared yet.”

The immortal ancestor laughed.

“You’re no weaker than the four divine beasts of the nine zones back then, but you disappeared after you fought against the ruler,” the celestial ancestor sighed, before asking, “I’m curious, why did you suddenly disappear?”

“It was just for a few opportunities.”

The monster ancestor had no intention of talking about the past.

“Have the four divine beasts not returned?” he asked.

“I can’t contact the Azure Dragon,” Long Ao replied.

“The four divine beasts have long disappeared into the chaos,” the demon ancestor said in a deep voice.

The four divine beasts of the world were the divine beasts that existed at the beginning of the nine zones, and were no weaker than them back then.

However, the four divine beasts had disappeared for a long time.

No one knew if they had died.

They were divine beasts, so they should not have fallen.

However, the world had changed, yet they had not appeared, which was somewhat unusual.

The monster ancestor looked at the rings of light, focusing on Giant Chaos God and the other two.

He smiled.

“The nine zones are our world. We were born in this world, so it should belong to us alone. You have come uninvited. It is like an invasion.”

The expressions of the group of Ancient Chaos Gods turned ugly.

The monster ancestor was very arrogant.

Before they could speak, the monster ancestor continued, “It’s not like we don’t have guests among you. As guests, you can naturally enter the world.”

“However, without strength, you won’t qualify as a guest. Those who think you have the strength to be our guests can come and give it a go.”

In the end, strength spoke for itself.

“Do I need to prove my strength?” Ancient God Void Destruction asked.

He was one of the three Ancient Chaos Gods who was on the verge of reaching the chaos supreme realm.

“The three of you have the ability to become our guests. There’s no need to prove it,” the monster ancestor replied as he glanced at Ancient God Void Destruction.

“That’s good.”

One of the rings of light began to solidify.

“I’m here to prove that I can become a guest of the nine zones,” an Ancient Chaos God said coldly.

“Sure. If you can take one of my attacks and the spatial passage doesn’t shatter, then you are qualified. What do you say to that?”

The monster ancestor raised his hand, and a beastly power appeared.

Looking at the gradually condensing ring of light, he continued, “If I break your spatial passage and you can’t travel through it, you’re out. Does anyone have any objections?”

If two powerful experts were to fight across the spatial passage, no one would be able to keep it from shattering.

However, if it only involved blocking one attack, and maintaining the integrity of the spatial passage, it was not too difficult.

Being unable to do this could only mean that one was not strong enough.

“No objections.”

The group of Ancient Chaos Gods had no objections.

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