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Chapter 83: Battle with Wyvern: Good prowess

Kingdom – Forest Village – a Hill nearby

And the next morning.

One cow was taken to a small hill a little away from the village and was connected to a tree.

Of course, the『Red Oath』accompanies it.

If all the livestock were hidden and 『Red Oath』stood on the hill.

The girls will not be able to attract the Wyvern.

Also to avoid the unlikely event that Wyvern attack and remember the taste of the human flesh, it would be serious. The villagers insisted to provide a cattle.

Perhaps, they are worring for the four young girls.

If there’s a more delicious prey to eat than humans, the Wyvern will not grasp the girls up but grasping the cattle.

Although the villager didn’t believe in the succeed of the subjugation, just imaging the young girls are grabbed by the Wyvern and fly away, lost one of their cattle is still better.

It was good villager to think so.

Four girls quietly wait for the Wyvern after the villager connected the cows to the trees came home.

Because it comes flying from the distance from the sky, it seems that there will be no problem even if they are a bit noisy, but somehow no-one talking, “no talking when ambushing” is habit as hunter or something like that.

In fact, this time, a young man are hiding at some distance and watching the girls. If the young girls are seriously injured, this youngster will let the village know immediately as soon as the Wyvern flies away. This youngster really love the brave of the young cute girls.

This is a brave young man at the bar who can’t allow the cute young girls who are stubborn with the honor to face dangerous. But he can’t stop the girls, so at the least he wants to help the girls as soon as possible.

Mile has confirmed the surroundings with exploratory magic, of course noticing the existence of the youngman.

However, she thought that it would be a witness as a villager representative, and she thought that he was probable the contact person to rescue themselves quickly if anything happen.

Besides, even if she notice a scene with some problems, she was so excited about the the Wyvern fight that she will have for the first time in her life and thought it wasn’t a big deal to worry about a villager watching.

It isn’t something you can believe unless a large number of people make the same testimony, such as a stupid story that the villagers have witnessed, or a person who is trustworthy.

Even if he told other villagers like “I saw a terrible battle”, it will only pass through with a bitter smile.

That’s it, it’s harmless. No problem to leave him there.

“There it is!” (Maevis)

Maevis discovers the Wyvern first. 𝘪𝐧𝓷𝘳e𝑎d. 𝒸𝒐𝑚

Since this Wyvern is already flying high, there isn’t a problem about visibility.

The three girls looking at the direction Maevis pointing to, there’s certainly a black dot appears and gradually become bigger.

“...that?” (Mile)

“what’s wrong?” (Rena)

Rena think it’s strange that Mile who surpassed Maevis about scouting, so she’s surprising why Mile didn’t notice the Wyvern at the beginning.

“No, that Wyvern, looks like it already have the prey ...” (Mile)

When they’re look again, the wyvern are really grabbing something like a cow with both feet.

“Strange ... so, today It already hunted prey in another place, I wonder if it change schedule to attack this village ...?” (Rena)

Rena muttered so, but in that case the Wyvern will come straight here.

And as it approached the hill considerably, the Wyvern lower its altitude and disappeared beyond the grove.

“Huh...?” (Rena + Mile + Pauline + Maevis)

The girls were surprised at the Wyvern’s unexpected behavior.

But right after, the Wyvern appears again. And if they look at it again, the Wyvern didn’t grasp a cow but change to a log that about 30 cm in diameter, the Wyvern is flying toward the girls.

“Here it comes” (Rena)

“Ouuu!” (Mile + Pauline + Maevis)

Three girls responding to Rena’s voice and ready themself.

The Wyvern seemed to have judged 『Red Oath』as enemy from the beginning.

Perhaps, from clothing and equipment, the girls would have been regarded as the kind of people would attack it, not villagers.

It is attack mode from the beginning.

A log that would be a fallen tree, was grabbed by its both legs.

The strategy that the Wyvern chose is descent bombing. (T.N: I can’t choose the word right but just like bowling, the log would rolling on the ground and attack a wider range)

The tactic whose hit accuracy is higher than horizontal bombing. Even it’s a heavy burden on the body, but the effect is high if the wyvern can endure it.

The drop bombardment at an angle of 30 degrees or more will be called sudden descent bombing. And with gravity, the log is still accelerating even with the wind pressure.

The wyvern’s opponents are just humans, it isn’t necessary to penetrate necessary to increase the speed so much.

On the contrary, if it fly slowly, you can let the opponent have enough time escaped in the end. And it was a lot of more fun to spread the fear to the humans.

But this time, the Wyvern drop the log with high speed. There was no time to escape.

And Mile judged from the Wyvern’s familiar appearance that this was the “usual way of fighting” that the Wyvern is good at. So it use this method to any hunter it encounter.

Mile gives out instructions immediately. Other girls heard it and decided to obey Mile’s instructions even though they were only half confident.

Normally Mile always stand behind as supporter or listen to other’s command, but when the girls think about it again, her magical abilities and various knowledge is over the top. The three girls always make fun of her for being an idiot or lack common sense but that “Idiot” doesn’t mean like stupid.

Mile can’t read the air, and has no common sense but her power, speed, magic, technique is strongest ever.

In other world, that “idiot” mean “genius”. Just like a Judo genius will be called Judo idiot .etc.

And the Wyvern approached, but the four girls are just standing still, waiting for Mile’s instruction.

And when Mile thought that the Wyvern was entering its final stage of throwing, she shouted.

“Now, run...” (Mile)

The four girls rush with the full force to run away from the Wyvern.

The Wyvern think its plan was successed.

Its prey always runs so it only need to throw the log, rolls and rolls and crushes the escaped prey from behind.

The wyvern’s master taught him this method, he already practiced it many times and the effect was confirmed.

From the back of the prey that trying to escape ... Now is the time to drop the log!

“Flip!” (Mile)

Even Mile is running away, she’s still checking the back with a her magic. She shouted out loud right at the moment the Wyvern release the log.

The four girls stopped right away and change their direction to the Wyvern with full power.

The logs had been already thown away from the Wyvern’s legs flew beyond the heads of the girls.

“Now. Attack!” (Mile)

And with the next command of Mile, Rena and Pauline ready their attack magic that was chanting while running away.

“... Flame explosion!” (Rena)

“... Hydrogen bomb!” (Pauline)

Gyū n! (SFX)

While being surprised, the Wyvern was desperately trying to twist his body and the attacked magics were missed.

“... I will do it, then” (Mile) (やるわね)

Their magics were missed and and she were watching the the Wyvern desperately rises its altitude. Mile folded her arms and spoke.

“This will not do! If you want to do anything, do it fast before it ran away!” (Rena)

“It’s okay, it doesn’t take damaged yet, he isn’t the one who will run away with just this.” (Mile)

As if the Wyvern had listened to the Mile’s words that answered Lena, the Wyvern took a sufficient altitude, then began turning in the sky without flying away.

And as usual, Rena’s scream her Tsukkomi

“How in the world that you can’t read the idea of ​​a human, but you can read the idea of ​​a demon?” (Rena)

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