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Chapter 82: Fight with Wyvern · · Ready!

Kingdom – Forest Village – Bar

Certain demons, such as fire-breath dragon and forest wolves with jumping power that exeed the common sense in the earth’s fantasy, certainly can use magic. Mile obediently accepted them as『creatures of imaging, so they have such abilities』and didn’t have any particular doubts.

With Wyvern (or sometimes called as Wing Dragon) still has『a body that can fly』so Mile can accept it

But it is strange that the ancient dragon can fly with its small wings compare to its huge body shape.

The fact is that monsters can’t use complicated languages ​​such as human beings,

so they shouldn’t be able to speak a word (or command the nano-machine). What’s why Mile thought that monster in this world can’t use magic.

But right now, Other people confirm that monster can use magic.

Mile thinks about it again, that God (self-proclaimed) certainly said, “Nano machine reacts to the Vicious Mind wave output of the living things and causes various phenomena.”

Not “human” but “living things”.

And when she talked about nanomachines for the first time, it told her that “ordinary creatures, including humans, are set with authority level 1, ancient dragon is level 2, sometimes level 3. Only authority level 3 and above can talk to nano-machine”.

(End of Mile Recap)

『Red Oath』stop talking about that and hear stories about Wyvern from villagers again.

And when Mile listened to the stories of villagers, it was roughly as follows.

Wyvern came to appear about twice a month or once every twelve days, and each time they caught a cow, a horse or a sheep.

Everyone was scared and didn’t do anything at first,

they were a little relieved from the fact that the Wyvern didn’t harm humans.

But when they trying to defend livestock, the Wyvern becomes angry and attacks back to exactly the one who just attacks it.

After that, the villagers understand that the Wyvern had no intention to attack the villagers. Even when Wyvern pursuing the villagers, but it doesn’t seem to make a fatal attack, it seems like playing with prey more than an enemies.

And when the villagers informed the guild branch of the capital and the lord.

The lord wasn’t passion when he first heard about Wyvern appears regularly.

Yes, if we can encounter Wyvern with certainty, he couldn’t just leave it to the guild and hunters like usual but needs to move the soldiers himself.

It is the duty of the lord to prevent the damage on his territory to appeal as a good lord to the country.

On the other hand, except for emergency situations, guild will not issue requests themselves.

In this case, as long as there is no request from the lord, the guild will not move by itself.

It is not a philanthropic project, there’s no hunter willing to receive a request without a person who pays the fee. And in this case, it was the problem of the land and the lord.

Beside emergency, the guild only moves after receiving a request. That was the rule.

Imaging, if the guild can freely command all the hunters in the territory as it want, it will be a strength to surpass the army, so they must obey the rule to remain neutral and work for inter-national.

And this time, the lord issued 1 magician, 1 bowman, 1 throwing spearman to take the Wyvern down to the ground. He also prepare 1 spearman to stab the Wyvern after falling and a 18 soldiers team to protect the rearguard.

It was a sufficient military force.

The lord didn’t attach hunters with experiences of fighting Wyvern as an adviser, but there’s no-one complains, because that army is more than enough to fight against one Wyvern.

And the next day Wyvern attacked.

The villagers had been instructed to hide in the house because it was dangerous.

After a few hours battle, the soldiers became tattered and desperately try to heal themselves with healing magic.

And the casualties are: 3 dead, 6 serious injured, 5 light injured, missing 1 cow.

Half of seriously injured people seemed difficult to return duty as soldiers.

The commander was shocked with the unexpected huge damage, but he believe that the task was completed as they drived away the Wyvern. After he told the villagers, he and the survivor were leaving with their injured.

The villagers relieved that Wyvern would no longer come. Until 12 days later...

... 12 days after the battle with the troops, the Wyvern reappeared.

In other words, the Wyvern didn’t even see the soldiers as a threat.

It kicked the weak small fry that dare to challenge it. And grabbed the prey along with the glory of victory and brought home.

There was no reason to avoid that hunting ground.

The villager who were lost the high value young cow again become panicked because they had not prepared anything.

Again, they informed the lord and the hunter guild in a hurry.

But the reaction of the manor house wasn’t good.

After that, the guild put out the request and the hunters begin to come.

For villagers, anyone who can knocks out Wyvern will do.

They appreciated that the lord issued the request fee.


First hunter group, second hunter group, third hunter group.

Hunters who receive the quest disappear continuously.

Look like the hunters fail the request, and rumors have been spreaded. A lot parties have been serious damaged to the point that they stopped being huner or broke up the party.

After that, there was no other hunter receive this request.

And all of sudden the『Red Oath』appeared before the villagers. It’s been quite some time that they see the appearance of Hunter again.

Kingdom – Forest Village

“... As we expected, there’s no other strange things that we question before. Except for one thing ...” (Rena)

“That’s right, everyone preferred to do thing their way, it isn’t strange with how the lord behave.” (Pauline)

“That’s right, only ...” (Maevis)

“This Wyvern is too strong and too smart!” (Rena + Pauline + Maevis + Mile)

Yes, the only thing that was strange.

“Well, it’s natural that the details weren’t written on the request that came to the Kingdom” (Rena)

As Rena says, they will not write extra things in the request form. In particular, that will be disadvantageous to the client.

Lying is strictly prohibited, but they can manage to conceal important matters deliberately.

In that case, the reward money is forfeited as a malicious act, and the client must pay the penalty fee for the guild with the extra money to suit the quest difficult and the hunters who fail this request won’t pay penalty fee or decrease point.

Also, if the hunter wass killed, it would become the subject to punishment by officials of the country.

It is a so-called “attempted murder due to unexpected incident”. (T.N: In case you don’t understand, It’s MPK = monter player killer)

However, in this case, there is no change in the fact that “there’s only 1 Wyvern attack the village”.

Even it had defeated the soldiers and some Hunter’s party. They are just “those who failed to kill Wyvern”. There’s not a case like this before.

Wyvern might have been strong, and soldiers and hunters might have been weak.

Because it’s something that no one knows about it, there was no need to oblige to write such a thing on the request form.

Besides, the hunters will understand when they’re examining by themselves.

The lord don’t bother to write extra things of unknown truth and false in the application form. He don’t write the wrong infomation after all.

Only when the lord write that Wyvern’s behavior is normal. That will become crime.

“So, what are we going to do ... ” (Rena)

“Normally, we have to fight and defeat it from the front, right?” (Pauline)

“Well, I don’t have anything else to add ...” (Maevis)

Whether Wyvern is an intelligent individual or stronger than average.

It doesn’t change what the『Red Oath』has to do, “Wyvern subjugation quest”.

Because they aren’t spy of the royal palace or an investigator of a civil service official.

Without special authority, they can’t do such a thing.

There was only one request they received, “Wyvern suppression” and that was it.

After that, the girls try to gather more information from the villagers, but there was no one who risk going around the place where soldiers and hunters fought against Wyvern. So they didn’t know how the battle actually was.

Only if there was someone know the details about Wyvern, but they would have reported it if they want the Hunter Guild to deal with it.

The fact that the Guild Master didn’t mention anything, it was probably because he didn’t have anything special to tell the girls.

There may have been a report about “That Wyvern was strong”, but the party who failed and ran away from the request. The report “The enemy was strong” can only be accepted as an excuse.

If there were three Wyverns or that wyvern can breath fire from the mouth, even shot laser from it the eyes or something like that. The hunters would definitely report.

After『Red Oath』finished gathering information, they have dinner in shop and return to the inn.

Kingdom – Forest Village – Inn

At the time of meal, the villagers were surprised to see the two smallest girl eat relatively big meal, while the two tallest and biggest girls barely eat anything.

This is a safe place so the girls don’t have to worry even if the movement becomes dull when they eat until full.

Pauline and Maevis seemed a bit embarrassed to eat while being seen by the villagers so they barely eat anything. Rena and Mile didn’t seem to care.

Rena had something in mind so she eat a lot whenever she can, and Mile was just hungry, so she didn’t think about anything else.

Apparently the body of Mile in this world seemed not to have much better fuel economy than previous life ... (T.N: No matter how she eat, a certain place won’t grow)

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