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Chapter 81: Battle with Wyvern · · · Collect information

Kingdom – Hermolt Town – inn

The next morning, the four people who took off their lodging departed aiming at a certain village.

Kingdom – Forest Mountain Road

Of course, the destination is the village where Wyvern will appear tomorrow.

Since there are no carriage or house, it takes half a day on foot and the arrival will be the afternoon.

Until now, the girls of the『Red Oath』often traveled by the client’s carriage or used a coach horse,

but the truth is hunters rarely use a horse-drawn carriage which is a luxury mean of travel.

Unless there are any circumstances such as lots of baggage or injured people, they are usually a walk.

While walking, the four were talking about requests to kill.

“After all, the lord is normal, isn’t he...?” (Rena)

“Yes, the amount of fee is reasonable,

after several pairs of parties have been annihilated and no one has received a request,

it seems that he, himself had asked the kingdom’s capital guild branch for this request ...

Well, I don’t think the lord plan anything.” (Pauline)

“And if he is planning something,

we will know soon enough, but it’s important to know the other person himself to know what is he plotting.

It is dangerous to declare just by guessing, For now, there’s nothing unnatural.” (Maevis)

Rena, Pauline and Maevis keep discussing. Mile is silent because subject involve other people’s thoughts and actions is her weak point.

“Well then, how about the casualties and the damage on the land?” (Pauline)

“Well, that’s true” (Maevis)

“That’s right, about that ...

They can’t deal much damage to the Wyvern, so they couldn’t drive it out and the lord seems can’t spare any more soldiers due to the large casualties

When I asked the Guild master, the lord only say in the request that『He will pay money after we punished it』.

In other word, it’s only the compensation fee.

Because it’s a reward for success, his burget will not hurt any more, no matter how many times the hunters fails.” (Rena)

They set aside Mile and the story of three people continues.

“After all, the problem is 『If it has normally been suppressed or chased away, why the lord still hasn’t publiced it, it just keeps his citizen un-rest』

Wyvern is certainly a troublesome monster for ordinary parties,

but all the parties who received it, knew about it

and they received it because they think they have enough chance of winning it, right?

The lord’s troops also specialize in interpersonal fighting,

even though they have less experience to fight monster, they are professional in battle.

They have prepare in advance plans, advise from veteran hunters ...

But to think they are failed even with all that...” (Rena)

“Yes yes yes. I get it, there must be a very strong Wyvern, right?” (Mile)

Finally it became a talk that she could understand, so Mile interrupts Rena’s talk.

“HEY, ... well, that kind of thing ...” (Rena)

Although she was interrupted at a delicious part, Rena gently let it pass, as she perceived the feeling of Mile that wanted to participate in the conversation.

Because Rena keeps behaving like this Sometimes other forget that their leader is Maevis.

“Anyway, on the premise that the enemy is tough, we should be caution” (Rena)

Three people nodding in Rena’s words.

“...But is it okay? I believe in everyone’s magic, but I can’t fight unless you drag Wyvern to the ground ...” (Maevis)

“It’s okay! It will do something!” (Mile)

Maevis somehow feels uneasy but Mile just casual like normal.

Kingdom – Forest Village

When the girls arrived at the target village, it was near the evening

It took more time than they thought when the girls walked slowly while doing various stupid talks as well as asking for the subjugation request.

The girls plan to go to bed early tonight to prepare for tomorrow so they decided to collect information at the tavern.

After that, they will eat dinner and plan to go to bed.

The girl try to find the inn for the time being.

There are only one inn in the village, so there are no options.

The girls told that they didn’t need dinner to the inn keeper, and they left the inn to find a tavern

In this rural village which doesn’t even have a guild’s branch or a contact point, they can only collect information from the tavern or village mayor house.

But this time it isn’t a request from the village and they don’t think that the village mayor has special information.

It is troublesome to ask and explain, so they pass to go to the village mayor for the time being.

Kingdom – Forest Village – Bar

“... here” (Rena)

After they walked around for a while, they couldn’t find anything like a tavern.

but when they asked the villagers on the street,

the villagers told the girls that this village has only one drinking bar and no signboard...

Well, in this remote village who only stop by familiar peddlers other than the villagers, there may be no need for a sign.

When four people entered the store, there were more than dozens of villagers in the store.

“Huh...” (Mile + Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

The girls didn’t think that there were a lot of customers at such a time. But it weren’t just the girls, the villagers were surprised as well.

“...Eh? Hunter ..., wait, just some little girls ...” (Villagers)

“Well, we the hunter from the Kingdom’s capital,『Red Oath』that was requested to subdue the Wyvern” (Maevis)

Maevis greeting the villagers and introduce ourself.

“No, no, thank you for receiving the request, but a little ...” (Villager A)

One of the villagers talked to the girls with a slightly troubled tone.

The problem is: this village is the closest human settlement within the Wyvern hunting area.

In other words, most of the parties who taken the subjugation quest would have rested in this village, and the soldiers also might have been based in this village.

That means that the villagers knew all the results as well.

If them compare all the hunter parties and soldier groups before with the lone party with 4 young girls.

They can’t help but are disappointed or concerned.

Because the girls understand that so they doesn’t feel bad.

“We don’t care, we know the circumstances.

Our party have 3 magicians who can use powerful attack magic,

1 swordsman who is stronger than the knight captain,

we will definitely defeat the Wyvern for you.

And if you tell us various information, it will be helpful!” (Pauline)

The villagers who heard the explanation of Paulin gave a voice of joy,

and they provided information one after another.

Attually, the people gather here aren’t eating or drinking but talking about the Wyvern.

They’re also thinking the Wyvern will come again tomorrow,

and many of them had gathered at the bar after a long day.

From what the girls can see, there were only jugs and wooden cups on everyone’s table.

And according to the explanation of the villagers:

There were alot of group who received the request before, and even more than a dozen soldiers of the army troops also trying to attack the Wyvern.

But all of them have been defeated.

However, Wyvern only counterattack against opponents attacking it,

it doesn’t hurt anyone who doesn’t attack it it.

It only comes and grasp cattle, horses, sheep etc as prey of the day with both legs and it will fly away.

There were no casualties to the villagers.

Because of that, there is no tragedy in the villagers, but their livelihood can’t be done if the Wyvern take livestock on a regular basis.

It was a village’s life and death problem.

So, tomorrow, the villagers discuss about their plan:

first plan『To limit the damage by putting the oldest cow in a prominent place and reduce the damage』

and the second plan『keep all the livestock and drive over Wyvern』

However, if it is the first plan, it will not be a fundamental solution, and livestock will decrease steadily, and it will affect the village’s existence.

The second plan, if they don’t do it well, Wyvern will switches from livestock to human.

Either way, the future of the village will remain dark.

“... Eh? Cows and horses? Wyvern is that big?” (Mile)

Mile has astonishment voice.

It is unreasonable.

Birds have to make their bodies lighter to the utmost in order to fly through the sky.

There is no surplus lift force that can grab a heavy object exceeding its own weight and can fly.

Even if it is not a bird, how much is huge, such as grabbing a whole cow and flying with it ...

“What are you talking about, you were taught at the school for training, standard sized monsters ...” (Rena)

Mile rebuts against Rena. i𝒏𝘯𝙧𝐞𝒂𝗱. c𝚘𝓂

“No, I remember it, but it’s a different kind ...

Anyway, I can’t imagine cattle and horses can be carried with that size!

Birds also can’t grasp thing are too big or heavy prey...” (Mile)

“But birds can’t use magic” (Rena)

“...Hah?” (Mile)

“Because birds can’t use magic, can they?” (Rena)

“...magic?” (Mile)

“Dragon type are flying with magic,

otherwise they will not be able to fly with such wings alone with such bodies.

And Vyvern belongs to dragon race, they can use magic, don’t you know that?” (Rena)

Mile answered weakly against Rena’s penetration.

“...then, in the stomach, there is an internal organs of firebags and something ...?” (Mile)

“There’s nothing!” (Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

All three girls denied themselves.

In the back, the villagers also nod.

If it was the chichioya in her previous life, he will say something like 『It doesn’t have an internal organs』 (「内臓が無いぞう」: Naizō ga nai zō ) (T.N: A pun)

Misato (Mile) was pretty polluted by her chichioya’s gag in her previous life.

But fortunately there was no opportunity for her to show it because Misato had no friends.

The advantage of having no friends was only in that respect ...

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