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“Well, I guess that means [dwarf] girls are pretty.”(Adele)

Like, how the [elves] are,both men and women are slender, and tall.

And the [dwarves] are shorter compared to [humans], they do give off a roundish impression. But nothing to extreme as well.

So that probably means that, they cancel each other out, and I became short-ish? But it also it also amplified the disadvantages in my...

No, it hasn’t been decided yet.

It must be my imagination.

If I just ask the nanomachine for the truth....

“I can hear the a a a a~!!

Because, what if it’s true!

I’m too afraid to ask!”(Adele)

“Did you call?”(NM)

“NO I DIDN’T!!”(Adele)


Realising what I just did, I looked to my left and right of the walls. Good, it seems that no else are in their dorms.

It’s the next week, and i’m in a good mood~.Why you ask? Because I just got payed 2 silver coins from my part time job! I also got a lot of bread left over, so I put them in my item box, what a convenient thing, because that means that the bread won’t go bad! Let’s go to class now.

Hmhmhmmm~, huh? Ah shi-

“Adele!, Good morning!”(Boy 1)

“How was your break?”(Boy 2)

“Let’s eat lunch together today!”(Boy Z)

It’s these guys again!!

They seem to be treating me like i’m some prime stuff. Uck.

But I sorta get it, because in this society, despite being 10 year olds, you can finish the academy in 3 years, and become a full-fledge adult in another 2. So, being in this elite class, you can see people already trying to get a partner, not that I want to.

“Yooouu guuuuys! Can’t you see you’re causing Adele problems!!!”(Class-rep)

Oh, it’s the class-rep that helped me last time! You’re always a life saver!

“Thank you very much. I wasn’t used to talking with the boys so...”(Adele)

Wait...wait wait wait!

This looks like a friend! A friend!!!

This means it could be my first friend. EVER!

This means that I have to be aggressive for this to work.

The first week seem to be just lessons~.

It’s good that we didn’t start off with martial arts or magic.

But it seems that it starts off next week.

Sigh. These lessons seem pretty easy.

Well, since I have my past memories, I might as well, say im hundreds of years ahead.

Did God really intended me to be stupid or..? Because what was with that random headache. Well, because there is magic, it seems these [humans] have a different degree of intelligence.

...There seem to be some flaws in the magic theory, but I won’t point them out, so let’s live everyday calmly.

“Are you okay, Adele?”(??)(T/N:????)

I got surrounded, by some girls... one of them named Marcela.....right? Then that means..


“Uh-, yeah!, i’m fine, say, do you guys want to go to my room, it’s big and wide”(Adele)

“Oh, um, sure, I don’t mind?”(Marcela)

As for the other girls, there is, there seemed to be Monica, second daughter of a merchant. And Oriana, a commoner that achieved to be here with scholarships, which also tagged along with Marcela. Marcela seems like the typical princess that looks arrogant. The truth is, inside, she is kind, when she found Oriana confused to where to go, she helped her out, she also helps out Monica in some skills she isn’t proficient in. To help a commoner in need, that is the duty of an aristocat. And so, these 3 became friends.

“But the room is really big, what should we do then?”(Adele?)

“Well, let’s head there anyway, we can teach that cheeky daughter a lesson!”(Monica)

“ “ Yes!!” “(??)

Seems like Marcela couldn’t take a joke~. She has a small temper.. But anyway, in this school, the majority are girls. It also means that the boys can’t have a monopoly. Who would want to be pampered by a boy anyway. But after graduating, the girls here would be sent back to their home territory, to be married off, or to mary with their one that they met here, or they could be on their own as well.

But that doesn’t matter with these 3, because it seems they care of each other, and Marcela seems to care for them as well.

Kon Kon

As I heard the knock, I jumped out of my bed and opened the door!

‘Welcome, welcome! Please enter!”(Adele)

This my first time experiencing this, classmates coming into my room, it’s exciting!

.......OH NO!

I closed the door.

There isn’t enough chairs for 3 people. I can’t have them sit in the bed, it’s bad manners, And if I sit in the only chair, it would look like I am above them.

“Please wait a moment, I didn’t have enough chairs, so i’ll get some from the lobby!”(Adele)

I ran out without hearing a reply.

3rd POV( The Musketeers)

‘Woah, she’s a restless one”(Monica)

“It seems so. But anyway, this room sure is wide.”(Marcela)

As they come in, they notice that this room doesn’t have a chest, or a trunk for that matter, as well as no decorations either, just a big vacant room.

“Woah, there really is nothing here....!”(Oriana)

Oriana said in surprise.

Even for Oriana, she at least has a chest, even cheap, and lots of decorations in her room given to her from her village when she had left.

As Marcela sees the wardrobe handle....

“Hmmm~, I...wonder...what’s.... IN HERE!”(Marcela)

She then opens the closet.

“....Not even plain clothes...”(Monica)

The only stuff in there was, the exercise, and uniform clothes.

She then opens the lower drawer.

“Marcela! Don’t!”(Monica)

Monica tried to restrain Marcela, but she had already pulled the drawer.


And nothing was also there....


A loud muffled gasp was heard from Oriana when she opened the desk drawer, and attracted Marcela’s and Monica’s attention. In which they saw, a teary-eyed Oriana.

“What happened?!”(Marcela)

When Marcela peeked, Monica also came to see, and then felt immediate guilt.


Marcela was a statue, Monica had teary- eyes, and Oriana was already full-blown weeping.

There was nothing but 1 thick bone.

Placed on a dish with fragments of meat, 1 big bone.

Seemed to be from the kitchen, with many bite marks, 1 bone.

“Is this... a snack?”(Marcela)

One weak murmur left her mouth.

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