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Chapter 65: Counter Strike 2

“Although Pauline probably says『This is my personal problem』but since this problem will affect Pauline, it will also be our problem.

Even if they don’t hire these guys to raid us” (Rena)

“... as long as red blood flows through our veins

our friendship is eternal ...” (Maevis)

“...We are four comrades tied together by our very souls.

Our 『Red Oath』 right?” (Mile)

Maevis and Mile continued the Rena’ words.

Thus, while Pauline wasn’t there, three people consult about how to deal with Pauline’ parents problem, this is a decision as a 『Red Oath』to deal with Pauline’ problem.

And they begin the interrogation against those thugs.

Three of the torches also returned to the state that they could talk with Mile’ healing.

The more interrogators there are, the higher the probability someone will talk.

“... First of all, are you active hunters, or are you expelled and become former hunter?” (Rena)

Next to Rena, Mile was playing with a fireball and a red water ball on the palm of both hands.

As magic developed for Pauline, of course Mile can use “Ultra Hot”

While looking at both hands of Mile and trembling the spine, the men thought.

They have no weapon and armor left, they are tied up by a rattle, and after a few hours , the guild escort carriage will arrive.

Until then, They are unlikely able to untie the restrain. And, even when they can untie the rattle, the three girls left are strong enough to kill them in seconds.

They can’t even win the girls in normal fight, much less in their situation right now.

The men thought that resist is futile and there was no choice but to try to mitigate punishment.

In this way, they will become criminal slaves for the rest of their life at the worst.

However, if it goes well, there is a possibility that they will be allocated to an easier work rather than a mine, or they can be done with a “punishment for age” which is released in a few years.

If they are fortunate enough, there is possibility that only their hunter’ right got taken away.

If they can somehow shift all crimes to the client and if they insist that they were deceived, not knowing the circumstances simply because they received a request.

If they think carefully, it’s an argument that don’t have any persuasive, but the men have no other way than betting on it.

Betting on slight hope, they try to raise the favorable impressive even a little ...

It was a too reckless attempt.

And men’s statements began.

“We, we still have a hunter qualification properly! Everyone, C rank ...” (Man A)

And as a result of interrogation carried out before the escort carriage came.

The men are active C rank hunters, even now they have reached the latter half of the 30 years old, there is almost no accumulation.

They plan to retire due to their declining physical strength and they found out that they can handle some illegal request that can’t pass through the guild to get the money.

As the name suggest. What is illegal is the content of the request. They will not get any help from the guild even if something goes wrong.

Various illegal requests, such as murder, kidnapping, etc.

Among them, this time the father requested to take her daughter back, which was quite decent person for an illegal request.

However, the way it was unfriendly, “hurt the daughter’ friends to the point they can be hunters anymore”.

As men say, as long as they can achieve the purpose bring the daughter back and hurt her friend, the client will not care about the details.

It is doubtful whether it is true or not ...

The men are desperately claimed.

“It’s true! That’s why we talked a lot!

We thought if you know that the client is that girl’s father you will not appeal to guilds or guards to arrest him.

We thought that you will never want to get involved with that girl again

We also think this quest is bad and don’t plan to take it.

But if we don’t receive this work, some dangerous criminals might take it and it will be come serious.” (5 men)

Indeed, the line passed.

However, at that time, the girls feel disgusted. If that was a play, these guys would be able to eat as actors.

And what the girls confirmed again is, this is a request from Pauline’s father, Bekett. (ベケット: Beketto)

An owner of a medium-sized merchant company which is a 4 days distance from the Kingdom’ capital. Who had ordered a lot of illegal acts behind the scene. He were earning lot without being caught despite doing all the awful things.

“Please, put some good words for us to the guild and the guards!

We were planning to do it with just a few hits!

In fact, we haven’t even touched one finger on you and the daughter.

What we receive is just a request from a father who wants his daughter to come back.

You are the same hunter fellow, so you must understand somehow, right?

When you get older, you will not have any strengh left to kill monster and the future becomes uneasy.

We have to accept even the work that does not go through the guild to get money to eat.

We are telling the truth, so please help us ...” (5 Men)

“Aren’t you mistake something? It wasn’t 『you didn’t touch one finger on us』but 『you couldn’t touch us』” (Rena)

“Besides, your simultaneous attacks on me, that was obviously lethal attacks, isn’t it?” (Maevis)

“Because we don’t know the truth, we can’t defend you.

We will tell the guild what happened as it is.

If you want, please defend by yourself with the guild and guards.

It isn’t us to decide your punishment” (Mile)

“Well, that kind of ...” (5 men)

The men have a face of despair with the reply of Rena, Mavis, Mile.

“If what you are told is true you can just prove it.

Your sins will be lighter, isn’t that good, it seems you will only get a mild punishment” (Mile)

Mile is smiling at them.

Of course, she feels disgusted. Unlike the usual Mile, she was serious angry.

“Yeah well, I will also testify exactly about your simultaneous attacks on me, so please be relieved.” (Maevis)

Maevis is also very angry ...

“Well then, shall we drink some tea until Pauline brings the guild’ carriage?” (Rena)

Mile and Maevis nodded to Rena’ word.


It was before noon when Paulin came back with a horse carriage and a group of cavalries

Considering the traveling time, the time required for explanation, and the time taken to arrange the carriage and personnel etc. They come earlier than the girls thought.

“Maevis, you are safe!” (Yuan)

It was Yuan who first jumped out of the carriage that arrived.

“Third Ani-sama” (Maevis)

Yuan has a big smile jumps to embrace Maevis.

Mile and other girls who saw it, thought. (Original is Mile-tachi so I don’t really know if Pauline is include)

“Ah, I should know it ...” (Mile + Rena and possible Pauline too)

“You, how dare you trying to harm Maevis!” (Yuan) (kisama-tachi = the vulgar way to call you)

The men who were questioned so by youth aristocratic, in a panic.

“No, no, we only tried to threaten her a little ...” (5 men)

“What? did you try to threaten my Maevis? Consider youself dead by this sin.” (Yuan)

“Eeeeeee!!” (5 men)


The girls greeted a few hunters and guild officials who came down from the carriage with Pauline after Yuan, watching them put the bound men on the carriage.

“By the way, why didn’t Third Ani-sama stay at the inn in the morning?” (Maevis)

“I went to request to deliver a letter to Chichiue first thing in the morning.

When I returned to the inn, I didn’t see Maevis anywhere so I rushed to the guild ...

When I arrived at the guild, you already left. I have no choice but waiting for you to return at the guild.

And when I’m waiting, there’s commontion.

I saw the girl in your party talking with the guild, and I heard “Maevis was attacked”. Even I can’t listen to the detail but it isn’t important.

There’s only one thing I needs to do no matter the situation is. That was going together with the guild to help you.”

“Well, that was...” (Maevis)

Apparently, Maevis is frosting with a slight depression.

Actually, she was ashamed for doubting her family for a moment. She had such an attitude due to her guilty for her brother.

But Yuan don’t know such a thing, he is just “I’m glad to see my Kawaii Imouto~♥ safe” as he tries to embrace Maevis again.

“Maevis~♥, Gue~!” (Yuan)

Three people who had been frustrated at Yuan who tried to embrace Maevis again. They stopped him by grabbing his clothes, and Yuan, whose neck was squeezed, cried.

While walking about the slowly moving carriage, the four people of 『Red Oath』 consulted about their plan.

“We will go to Pauline’s parents house” (Rena)

“Huh...?” (Pauline)

“What’s so surprised?” (Rena)

“But, because this is my personal problem...” (Pauline)

“... After all, We are four comrades tied together by our very souls.” (Mile + Maevis)

Because Pauline’s response was just as Rena predict, Miles and Maevis already knew what to say.

“That...” (Pauline)

Pauline is embarrassed as her voice becomes un-clear.

“First of all, it was your father who hired them ...” (Rena)

“Well. That merchant isn’t my father” (Pauline)

“Huh?” (Rena + Mile + Maevis)

“I said in my first self-introduction, 『I’m a the daughter of a mistress of the mid-sized commercial merchant chairman, Beckett』. It only mean that my mother is his mistress. He isn’t necessary my father, is it?” (Pauline)

“What... what was that?” (Rena + Mile + Maevis)

A shocking fact was discovered.

And the story of Pauline’ parents’ home.

Pauline’s parents ran a store.

Both her parents are nice. Beside Pauline, they have a younger son 2 years old.

At first the shop was just a small business. With luck and hardwork, her father make the shop to medium-sized. His shop was famous for reasonable price and treat their employees well.

For his wife and children, the father carries out a solid business as a merchant, and didn’t do any obsessive business. But from the personality or credibility of solid business, the management state is smooth.

Until that day ...

One night the bandits broke into their shop.

They tied Pauline’s family and night shifts, robbed all of the contents of the safe.

They killed only Pauline’s father and left.

And Pauline’s mother who is lamented in sorrow, struck with a piece of paper from Beckett. 『Shop transfer』

It was a transfer statement under the name of her husband, that will hand over all of the shops to Beckett when he die.

It’s impossible. Everyone thought so.

However, the officials deemed it effective because that paper have the seal that was stolen from the night before.

The old employees who disagreed was dismissed, and Beckett hired new people to fill the hole.

And Beckett said to the mother of Pauline. “If you don’t want both you and your children live on the street, you must become my mistress”

And Pauline’ mother had no other choice but to acept it.

The mother tells Paulin.

“My role as a wife of that person is over.

Now I’m only a mother, it is my responsibility to nurture that person’s child admirably.

When you two of us have grown up, then ...”

Her mother said that with a terrible smile.

“I will fulfill my last role as his wife”

And Pauline devoted herself to training and study.

Her purpose wasn’t to help of Beckett ‘s business, or to sell herself as a tribute to a nobleman somewhere when Pauline is an adult.

First thing, she plan to run away with her mother and little brother.

She also plan to save money and power for the counterattack?

Or worst case, when she is sold to the powerful noble. She will seduced her master, get the power to take back her father’ shop that was named Beckett Company right now.

To do that, she had to raise her own merchandise value.

Fortunately, she have a talent as a magician.

Knowledge about business is also necessary.

And also a black heart.

In this way, a weak and lovely girl, who was happily living with her family love was only her outside. And inside, a wolf was born.

“A wolf who covered the sheep’s skin”

That was when Pauline was 12 years old.


“...” (Rena + Mile + Maevis)

Three girls can’t say any words.

Yuan who heard the story muttered...

“The malice of a person gives birth to a ...” (Yuan)

“...It’s time for Counter-strike, isn’t it?” (Rena)

With Rena’s words, Mile and Maevis silently nodded.

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