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I Said Make My Abilities Average!

Chapter 469 - Beastkin Village 1

Chapter 469: Beastkin Village 1

「... But why did they ask the humans for something like this?

Ain’t the beastkin race proud of their skills and strength?

It feels strange to send such a request to a human guild ...」(Mile)


An aged hunter, who seems to have heard Mile’s group talking, so he called out to the girls from behind and explained.

「“Hunting the beastkin as slaves isn’t allowed” is the basic agreement at the end of the Great demihuman war.

Letting something like this happen is against the treaty that has been signed.

It seems like they are asking us to stop this so that no more bloodshed is needed.

... In other words, the human species should take responsibility for dealing with it.」(Aged Hunter)

「Eh? But the requester is ...」(Mile)

「Well, they seemed to have complained to the Lord,

But I’m sure we have to meet/talk with them before working with them.

Because of that, the bounty comes from the Lord instead.

That’s also why the amount is awkward (small)...」(Aged Hunter)

「「「「Ah......」」」」(Red Oath)

「Of course, those slave hunters aren’t from this country, let alone the Lord’s territory.

After catching the prey, those men will surely cross the border and spread.

It’s natural because neither the Lord nor the royal palace would allow such a dangerous act, they would do their best to crush such illegal organizations.

In that respect, it doesn’t really matter if they are people from other countries.

Such an illegal act wouldn’t be overlooked, because that could trigger a second great demi-human war. The Beastkin side also seems to know that this isn’t the national level, it’s just the work of a criminal organization, so it shouldn’t be that far.

Therefore, only if a dispute occurs in our country and the royal palace, Lords decline to help, it will be our own responsibility.

Thinking about it, we didn’t know nor care about the criminal acts that took place in other countries.

On the contrary, if our aristocrats and rich people buy the hunted beastkins.

...Well, like the female cat beastkin, the rabbit beastkin, the fox beastkin, and other females...

HI~II!」(Aged Hunter)

「I.S T.H.A.T S.O...? S.O T.H.A.T’S H.O.W I.T I.S...」(Mile)

「「「Ah~...」」」(Rena’s Trio)


「This request please」(Maevis)

While Mile was still shivering in anger, Maevis quickly submitted the request form to the reception desk.

And, like Rena’s group, guild employees and other hunters had one feeling for the criminals.

((((((They will die a million times!))))))(Hunters)

「That’s how we received this request, but ......」(Mile)

Kokukoku~koku! (Nod SFX)

Rena’s group desperately nods and looks a little pale.

...Yes, Mile has been in a bad mood ever since.

「Let’s get rid of them!」(Rena)

Kokukoku~koku! (Nod SFX)

While Rena interrupted Mile’s words, Maevis and Pauline desperately nodding again...

* *

「...And that’s why we came here ...」(Mile)

Somehow, it seems like Mile’s mood has already improved.

Her anger at the criminals, Slavery hunting, kidnapping, or whatever, still hasn’t subsided.

But this is because her hope and joy of the longing and dream “Mofumofu Land”, the paradise of young “Kemonomimi” girls, far exceeds that.

「It’s about time for the guide ......」(Mile)

Yes, in this situation, the Beastkin Village is under heavy-guarded.

Unless you give proper advance notice and have the guide take the lead, you will not know when and where spears, arrows, thrown stones, etc. will fly at you.

And, of course, there may be traps and confusing gimmicks in the road...

The main road is intentionally narrowed while the branch roads are widened, or the straight road is fake and the main road is a narrow road that deviates to the side.

By arranging similar pruning trees and similar stumps, it makes you think that you are spinning around the same place.

There are many ways to confuse and disorient.

So, of course, the guild should have contacted to prepare a guide ...

「Oh, you have finally come... Hey, it’s you guys!」(Beastkin)

「「「「Ah...」」」」(Red Oath)

Who the girls were waiting for as a guide was an acquaintance.

「「「「The person at the time of the Ancient dragon ......」」」」(Red Oath)

Yes, he was a beastman who had been a guide before.

「Have you always been in charge of the guide...」(Mile)

「Mile, that’s rude of you!

No matter how low he can do the job, he has to work ...」(Maevis)

Maevis unknowingly said something ruder more than Mile.

「Be quiet (Urusai~wa)!!」(Beastkin)

There is no offense. Yes, there is no offense...

「If you want to act as a bridge near the royal capital of this country, it would be natural for a villager in this country to be nominated!

And I’m familiar with the area around the royal capital,

As a hunter, I’m used to acting alone and camp, and even if a monster appears, I can defeat it or run away, so I’m the right person!

I’m chosen because I’m the right person, not because I can only be a guide, but because I can do anything!

And this time, this is the village where I live!!

Hah~ hah~ hah~...」(Beastkin)

Somehow, the beastkin yells at the girls as if he’s crazy(mad).

...Apparently, he took a lot of damage.

「...Oh well, that’s fine.

If it’s you girls, there would be no problem with your ability ...

Or rather, please don’t overdo it.

The Ancient Dragons have explained various precautions for you, so, I know your true identity」(Beastkin)

「「「「............」」」」(Red Oath)

Normally, if it’s true, the girls would yell “What’s with that”, but Red Oath silently looked down, perhaps because they remembered something.

* *

「Here we are」(Beastkin)

The party finally arrived at the Beastkin’s Village after being guided through a tricky road that would never be possible without guidance.

(As for me, I feel like I can reach it by myself, by reconnaissance from the sky or following the odor traces...)(Mile)

When Mile was thinking about that, Rena rushed in.

「If it’s you, you surely can reach it only with the power of evil desires, “From here, the smell of a little Kemonomimi girl!”...」(Rena)

「Wh... why... do you know what I was thinking」(Mile)

「「「Don’t you know it」」」(Rena’s Trio)

Apparently, it was read by everyone ...

Village entrance...

Well, not that the whole village is surrounded by fences, it’s just a narrow road leading from the forest to the village...

A slightly older beastkin stood.

「Thank you for your hard work. I will guide from now」(Beastkin)

Apparently, he will explain the situation to Red Oath,

In other words, he is like a village official.

The turn of the hunter guide seems to have ended.

He was waiting here for the girls at the right time was...

Of course, because they are under heavy-guarded after the kidnaping, there are many to be cautious or search lines around the village.

There must be a lookout for slave-hunters and monsters,

They may have been informed that the Red Oath party will be coming.

「We have received an explanation in a letter from the guild.

We don’t like to put girls and children on the battlefield, but there are exceptions. And men of other races will pull back (go easy on) against girls and children into battle, so I won’t complain.

That’s because each race is selfish.

We just show and evaluate the courage and ability of those who have entered the battlefield.

I pray that humans haven’t conspired to send in the weak, abandoned pieces.

For you and the people of this country...」(Beastkin)

The hunter beastkin, who had been the guidance for Red Oath still hadn’t left the place yet, heard the line of the beastkin official.

He desperately waved (signal) and said “Stop!”

However, the beastkin official was busy giving the high theory and looking at Red Oath, he didn’t notice it at all.

And all members of Red Oath were aware of it, they just looked sorry.

Yes, even the Ancient Dragons have warned “Don’t touch those girls”

But in this village, the only one who knows the faces and smells of the said “girls” was the beastkin hunter’s guidance, so it can’t be helped...

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