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Chapter 3 : To School

The stagecoach’s journey to the Imperial City, second night.

Adele and the other passenger are camping on the roadside’s prairie.

It is not a rich people’s trip. Those who ride the stagecoach sleep without paying things like hotel bill.

The male passenger are gentlemanly, they give the stagecoach to the woman, while they themselves are going to sleep lying down on the grass.

Adele is also told to sleep on the stagecoach, but because she don’t want to sleep like canned sardine on the narrow stagecoach, she go down from the stagecoach to sleep outside.

Because other people have bad sleeping habit, their snore is unbearable.

Oh, speaking about it, there is a test…

Adele remembers what her father said.

Originally, it is necessary for commoner to pass the exam to enter the school. Nobles do not have to worry about the exam.

This time, because Adele is not allowed to claim her family name, Adele that originally do not have to take the test, have to cumbersomely take the test on the Imperial City, whether it is because father do not want to pay, or father feels that [let her in without exam because she is an aristocrat’s daughter, however, the fact that is a noble and the family name should remain a secret and she is to be treated like commoner’s child] is an unreasonable demand to throw to the school. Perhaps, if Adele is rejected, then there will be no trouble to use that as an excuse to expel her from the house, she thinks it might be possible.

Anyway, that is the reason why Adele who is officially a commoner, that originally do not have to take the test, is supposed to take the admission test along with the nobles who are able to enroll without exam.

Of course, it is not only entrance exam, but also measurement for ability classification. After receiving the test along with aristocracy, you should understand your delicate position. Or so Adele think, Adele do not mind what adults around that place thinks.

Because there is nothing much that can be done, for now, Adele decide to practice magic.


What an exciting word.

For Misato that did not have any friend, the anime that she watch on elementary school is magical, at junior high school, at high school for a break of studying, there is a game that will be released soon. And then, at this world, you can use magic yourself! What an exciting word, [magic]!

… but she understand

Certainly, there are people who can use magic like as those seen on anime long time ago. Like court magician, members of magic division, magician that belong to mage guild and hunter guild…

But right now she is just a 10 years old. According to Adele’s memory, her own magic is average for a magician, the definition of [average] that comes from a little girl that is not trained yet, in other words, very pale.

Can produce enough fire to ignite a bonfire, can produce enough water to fill 1 cup.

No, that much is amazing enough. After all, because she does not have to worry about water while travelling, there is a significant reduction of luggage. To the majority of people who can’t use magic, complaining will win a hit as punishment. In this respect only, Adele is not complaining to God that the ability is slightly above average.

Perhaps, maybe because the average value of [people who can’t use magic] and [people who can use great magic] is [people who can use some magic], so she thought.

The magic of this world, although there is a specific genre division name like fire magic or water magic, magicians are not classified like fire magician or water magician. Since spirits are not divided like fire spirit or water spirit, spirits are generic.

All magic are caused by the same type of nanomachine.

Therefore, when one pours their will onto the nanomachines, the occurring phenomenon will corresponds to the will. Whether the will is radiated as Vicious Mind wave. Whether the nanomachines recognize and receive the Vicious Mind wave. Whether the content of the will can be realized. Whether the expected phenomenon match the visualization2. And, whether or not it conflict against classified information1.

Therefore, it is not necessary to divide the suitability of learning magic depending on the type, but there are strong and weak points. The problem, that is, lies on the operator’s visualization. The people of the desert will obviously have a hard time visualizing a large amount of water and ice. However, in general, a great magician will be able to use all magic greatly. Lesser magician is also the same3.

The magic exercise that Adele(Adele only) knows only lies in memory. She(Misato+Adele) herself has not try it out even once. It would be good to try it out once.

So Adele thought, she decided to try out water magic.

Using fire magic at night will be too flashy, there is no chance for that. In that respect, it feels safer to do water magic. Incidentally, it will be good to indulge the body. Because this route is far away from the river, the limited available water is for drinking only.

Because she did not have a good relationship with the other passenger, both Adele, and also Misato, does not think that they will like the result if Adele reveals her water magic to help other passenger.

Adele take out a towel from the bag that had been taken down from the coachstage, and move a little further away into the tree shades. The coachstage is parked around here because there is a little steep downhill on the opposite direction.

Adele recall the time she use magic before Misato’s memory returns, held out her palm and cast a spell.

4” Nanomachine, yoroshiku!

Doppaaaaaaan! (large amount of water appearing sound effect)


Adele is dragged down far bellow downhill by the water, after a while, she is discovered by other passengers who came quickly to see what happen.

Weird. Why the amount of water is so large…

Adele change her underwear after other passengers squeezed out her clothes, an older woman thoughtfully lends baggy clothes for Adele to wear.

Certainly, the spell is not wrong. What it means, if the huge amount of water from the spell is not a mistake, it would be the birth of a new and more powerful magic.

Then, is the magic power amount to much? Did the amount of magic power increase because Misato’s memories come back?

It is likely, since my magic amount is supposed to be [average].

From what I know before my memories come back, since I don’t get out of the mansion a lot, the books that I read are study material. Thinking from that me’s common sense, this world’s average 10 years old does not have enough magic power to produce that amount of water. Even if it is [median] and [mode], it is a wrong amount.

This is bad, Adele thought.

Tomorrow, we will arrive at the Imperial City, and also the school. There is no time to practice anymore. I mean, just now I was yelled by other angry passengers5. What’s left is to find the cause by meditation without trying it out6.

In the afternoon of the next day, the stagecoach arrive safely at the Imperial City, Adele carries her luggage to the school. Even though it is called luggage, it is only 1 bag. It is light.

The school that prissy attend, Eardley School, is closer to the Imperial Castle, which means that it is located at the center of the Imperial City, Adele goes to Ekland School, it is near the Imperial City’s northern wall’s gate, which means that it is located at the outskirt. Since the main gate of Imperial City is the south gate, Ekland School is at the very back. The difference in both school’s position is vividly displayed.

From the last stop of the stagecoach, the Cental Square, Adele finally arrive at Ekland School after a pretty long walk, Adele pass through the school gate by showing her acceptance letter, the gatekeeper uncle tells her to go to women’s dormitory.

Will she in the care of a kind matron or a strict matron.

That will determine the next 3 year’s fate.

…… she met the matron.

Bespectacled strict looking middle aged women.

7, the room key is passed to her.

“Luggage is only that much.”

“Y, yes, that is right…”

“The contents?”

“Underwear, bathing kits and writing instrument.”

“Is that all?”


“Is that so…”

The matron thinks about it for a while, and then she continues.

“If you want to work on weekend, tell me.”

Perhaps, she is a relatively good person, maybe, I don’t know.

While thinking about it, Adele lowers her head, then she go to the room she was given.

Her room.

The width is about 4 tatami. Around a little less than 2 tatami wide space is occupied by a bed, the remaining space held a closet, desk and chair, it is full(cramped).

Maybe because it is 10-13 years old’s room, thankfully, because it is a private room, Adele can be satisfied with this room. At least, it would be much more comfortable to live here than remain at home.

Arranging the luggage is over in 40 seconds. Put bathing kit on the top of the closet, put underwear in place, put writing instrument on the top of the desk, and complete. Maybe, 40 seconds is plenty of time to finish.

Entrance ceremony is 4 days later.

The day after tomorrow is the proficiency test along with aristocratic group, 3 days after that is uniform and education material distribution, there is also description about the entrance ceremony. Tomorrow is the only free day.

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