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I’m suddenly perplexed.

He’s just gazing at me now

Is this love? No, it seems different. Rather than a gaze, it’s a glare, The heck? Am I a rival now or something?

Maybe I should try some fighting styles i’ve seen in anime, maybe it’ll work

“Umm, Can you take it easy in me, please~?”(Adele)


I just been handed the wooden sword. He’s ready, not talking but I can tell he’s ready.....

Oh my, are we actually doing this? I don’t want to be hit with this stick, will it hurt?

I’ve decided on my policy.

I’ll act like your average girl, then before my awakening, I will fight! Since I can’t keep this up when we are actually training. It’s troubling.

Umm, what was the average speed and power again? For now, I have to take out my strength slowly, I will need some help with the instructor. If I get hit, then it will probably be painful, I don’t want that,

All I have to do now, is to avoid being hit.

I’ll try to land a hit, and if it gets flicked, I’ll pretend to get hit and hopefully let this end.

It’s flawless!

3rd POV


Kelvin has immediately rushed towards where Adele was standing.

Just like rushing into a battlefield.

Kelvin has kept shuffling around and then was about to swing his sword down the unsuspecting person which seemed she couldn’t react. He which hesitated a bit before he hit a girls head or face, decided to hit the shoulders which were protected in armor.

(I did it!)(Kelvin)

He thought for a moment.



Adele has easily avoided the sword that was struck down. Kelvin was somewhat annoyed. When he tried to hit to the left, she avoided to the right.


The sword has hit.

Even if he slashes left to right as fast as possible, they keep dodging.

He it’s blazingly, she received it graciously.

(What is happening! She seems to be using amature moves, why is fast, why can’t I land a hit!(Kelvin)

As Kelvin grew impatient, Adele was feeling the same.

(Hiii! Each blow is getting stronger and stronger! I can’t seem to find the right timing to get hit!)(Adele)

Kelvin thought he was going to win.

(I got her this time!)(Kelvin)

This time, Kelvin was going to give it his all, he wanted to aim just the tip, fast enough to her so it were surely hit.


(It flicked!?)(Kelvin)

Adele suddenly got tense.


Aside from the hand-numbness, the wooden sword hit the ground.


Wide-eyed, Kelvin looked at his empty hands.

1st POV(Adele)



Seems that I overdid it just a bit with my strength.

But I tried so hard to stay like normal! I’m just an average girl, there’s no way this is true! He probably dropped it on accident!

Kelvin might’ve just hit a big plump of iron, which explains his numbness.

“It’s finished!”(Abe)

“There’s no..There’s no way! My hand just slipped!”(Kelvin)

“If one dropped their sword during a battle, will the enemy wait for you to pick it up?”(Abe)


But this situation is also not good!

He was suppose to win, what am I doing.

I’m just your regular average girl, right?

“Silence!Even if you say that you want a continuation......”(Abe)


Abe’s face is looking weird

“What would you say?”(Abe)

While he was looking at me, Kelvin picked up the sword and resumed his posture.

Umuu~, what should I do? I really don’t want to get strucked.....

Fine, Let’s have at it!

3rd POV

It has begun again


Kelvin was going to strike first, he will strike where the leather armor is the thickest.

Adele has no defense formation, and was a step late, prepared her eyes shut when she was going to get struck.


“Don’t play with me!”(Kelvin)

He dropped his sword and looked directly at Adele.

Adele was looking agaped.

“You......Consider a boy’s pride, at least a little.”(Abe)

Everyone in the class nodded.

1st POV

Huh? Did I do something wrong?

“Well. Since Kelvin is angry and won’t participate at all now, you guys, form a pair of 2 and start sparring.”(Abe)

Since kevin was my partner, everyone else teamed up. But for some reason, no one will look at me in the eye. Not even marcela...

“How did this happen...”(Adele)

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