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I am Ayeshamaria Org du Thousand. I will be a 16 year old young lady in 3 days.

Why am I, who decided to stop being a noble at 16, participating in such a ball...? Let’s rewind back a little.


I, a noble who is bad at her words, is probably scowled at by nobles.

I am an illegitimate child born from my father, Earl Thousand, and my mother, a mere commoner who was a seamstress.

My father was of course a noble and had a wife named Furore-sama. He also had three children. My older brother, Guerlain, was older than me by 10 years. My oldest sister, Catherine, was older than me by three and my second sister, Rosalie, one year.

So why was I born?

Because Furore-sama left Earl Thousand’s side to return to her family home with her three children so that my older brother, Guerlain, can improve his fencing before entering higher education.

Earl Thousand might be an outstanding person in the noble circles, but he was someone who needed to be supported by a woman, so he used my mother as substitute for Furore-sama.

My mother said that he didn’t contact her at all. “How did things become like this?” She would often say to herself and laugh.

My mother, who was an excellent seamstress, was often asked to make clothes for nobles for a little extra on the side. She would adjust clothes for them or add embroidery. My mother, who was skilled and not that bad looking, caught the eye of my father, who eventually cheated on his wife.

Just one mistake continued for life... That was me. My kind hearted father never robbed me of my life and I was born.

I wasn’t abandoned on the streets, even though only half of my blood was noble, because it was all for the sake of the Thousand House honour.

Furore-sama, who had high pride, couldn’t forgive my mother nor me. The gardener’s work cabin, located outside of the estate grounds, became our living place.

The gardener couple would occasionally help us out, but we basically lived with the two of us, my mother and me. My father would come to see how we were doing once a month, but he was no match for Furore-sama and would quickly return home.

We didn’t use any living expenses, but our lifestyle was somewhat inferior to the lives of the common people.

We had to draw water from the well ourselves and lower our heads to get food from the estate’s kitchen. We also had to lower our heads to get clothes and what we finally got were hand-me-downs. We wouldn’t be able to live if we had pride.

You would think that my mother could work as a seamstress, but she couldn’t carry the young me around while she worked.

My mother was strong and cheerful. She snuck away from the estate as soon as I was able to walk and worked secretly at a clothing shop, where she had acquaintances at. We couldn’t live luxuriously, but our lives became easier with cash on hand.

Don’t hurt the Thousand House honour. That was the only thing we were careful about. We couldn’t disregard this fact while in town. The clothes I wore were simple and out-of-fashion, but it had embroidery to show off luxury. That was affect for my mother and father and atonement to Furore-sama.

It was mostly just me and my mother. This was natural for me and I didn’t feel unhappy.

I was suddenly called to the estate when I turned 3. Even though I was only a half blood, I was obliged to obtain noble education.

I, who have never been anywhere except for the kitchen, met Furore-sama and my siblings for the first time in a place called the parlour, where there was a big fluffy carpet and carved furniture.

Translator: Blushy

Editors: Readers

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