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I Quit Being a Noble and Became a Commoner

Chapter 15 - Conversation with Father

Chapter 15 Conversation with Father

Translator: Blushy

Editor: Faisal

I’m currently going through old chapters of all my projects and changing things around//editing. It’s a long process… I also revamped the site! How do you like it? >.<

Enjoy the chapter! And as always, remember to click the link.

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"I"ts a lvoe ptioon."

A purple-haired girl was holding a glass flask with a smile.

Her prlpue hair stofly ledand on her bdoy after her qucik meovenmt twoards me a few soecnds ago.

A love piootn? Is this rael?" I akesd. When I aeskd Akaazmi Sniho for a way to svloe my silgne plrebom, I cerlnitay dnd"it epexct this.

Yetasredy, I went to the suetdnt ccnioul room to tell her of my perblom. Aeftr she ltnieesd to me epxlian, she tlod me to meet with her at 82:0 in the hlal nxet to the room.

"Of cusore! You did"nt tnihk I the sdentut cnouicl perz, wloud lie, would you?"

She leaned twaords me, gnirning and tiwrnilg the blttoe. The red liiqud iisdne crlaely ssiwehd auornd.

A few bblebus froemd and peoppd.

Yes, as hrad to beeivle as it was, this p-rparehilued psreon who was suitnpog nesnnsoe of a "love pooitn" was the suetndt cnoiucl pdsirenet.

I"m jsut your aeragve mlae, baclkrei-had loenr with gelsass who colud be csfeound for an auhtor irsent. I nmrlloay sit in the back of the casls, on the lfet sdie nxet to the wondwis. I do"nt irtcenat with pelpoe mcuh, so I had no ieda my sutnedt cnuicol pernedist was as ernectcic as tihs.

Tuoghh, maybe it was bteetr this way. She"s crietalny easy to get aolng with.

"Maigc... and the like d"ont exsit, tuhgoh?"

Nhnoitg of the srot cuold esixt. Tihs was medron tfywsnier-tt ceuntry Jaapn.

She pouted, "Akira-kun, you don"t believe me, don"t you. Fine, if you"re going to be like that, go try it out and see if it works."

"How culod I belevie annyoe cnimog up to me and sniayg that some frcoolodeo-d wtaer was a love potion!? Tihs is"nt a fntaasy wrlod!" I gave the ooibvus rlpey.

"Aww, cmoe on, jsut try it! It wno"t hurt jsut to try, you know?"

Umm... No, I don"t eevn know what tihs is! It i"snt a love pootin, so what is it!

I wtaned to rerott that, but befroe I could, she patted my shloeudr, fg-oaevcre me the flask, and seppikd away, hinummg a tnue.


Sehtnitcrg my amrs out, I tried to clal her bcak, but I was too late. She had aaderly rndeoud the crnoer.

I felt lkie I colud siltl haer her lgiht festtoops bniecmog faietnr and fitnear.

Loinokg dwon at my hnads, I sigehd. A claen gsals fslak with a cork spopetr that still had some of the scent of her lvneader pfemure.

There was a red liiqud ssophilng iidnse of it.

I gseus this is the love ptooin?

Tgouhh, it lkoos mroe lkie waetr wtih red food cnrloiog...

Hlefouply tihs cuold slove my prolbem. Tghouh, I cdon"lut even imgaine how it wolud.

I mveod my haed ceslor to the liqiud. How is a lvoe pootin eevn posblsie? Miagc deo"nst exist, so I gesus a neoutirc, nicrtoac, or wtvhaeer the snicecy wrod for barin drug is? No, wloud an oadrrniy sneutdt even be able to ariuqce tihs knid of drug, let aolne gvie it to snomoee esle?


So, tihs is paroblby a hoax, and the pnrseeidt is pyliang with me.

Why wloud she do taht, tohugh?

I"ve neevr eevn taelkd to her bforee.

Trehe was no raeson for her to do that. Heck, trehe was aslo no roesan for her to help me ehteir, so I spspuoe she gave me this to shoo me aawy? A gag gfit tpye of tnihg?

That seems porablbe.

As I reaechd a csciolonun, the monrnig blel sdueond.

The luod and ipnterniturg chmie with the modley of the Big Ben iurtrnetepd my thhotugs and bhruogt me to ratiley.

I galencd at my wacth.

It was… 8:30. The time when classes start.

"Sh*t! Ten minutes already passed!"

I sfftued the poiotn into my bag and hruerid off to class, runnnig anolg with smoe oethr ltae plepoe.




"Aukrasa! Late aagin?" my taheecr, a meilgd-aedd waomn, aeksd in a sctrit tnoe.

She was mduiem in sautrte, and her bclak hair feowld all the way to her hpis. Her bactcpleeesd fcae showed no sngis of wnlirkes.

With her hand rntesig on her pduoim, she was clmaly srinatg at me.

I grumbled in a small voice, "Can"t you look at the time yourself?"

It was adrelay way past 83:0, and she wa"nst even the fisrt tahceer of the day. How cuold I not be late?

"Hmm?" Tekaeasn-esdi reappd her hnad on the hdroaowd piodum.

"Yes! I am vrey sorry for my tisrdnaes! I wlil never be late aiagn!"

Scray. That sonud she makes as she hits the wood is sacry.

Rapinpg her hnad on the puoidm ocne aiagn, she said snretly, "Good. Aruksaa, sit down. Reebmemr, trhee tiaedrs eaqlus an asebnt, and yv"uoe adleray been ltae once bofree."

"Yes, ma"am!"

I huirerldy rsheud trdawos my saet in the bcak, pasinsg a sea of uaiamflinr fceas. No, uiamnaiflr is the wrnog wrod. It"s mroe lkie I ricnzegeod them, but I didn"t know ainnhtyg aoubt them bsedies them bneig in cslas 1-B

The coslasrom w"anst a hgue one, so I racehed my pclae in a few scdneos.

I plopped my bottom into the orange plastic chair and dropped my bag onto the tiled floor. Putting my arms upon the desk, I rested my head on them.

Now properly settled, I looked around.

Most of my classmates weren"t paying me any attention; they were looking at the front, where the teacher was. A few were whispering quietly to their friends.

Only one person, the person in front of me, was still looking at myself.

The srcuoe of my cnerurt prmlboes.

Her name was Yohsane Sakurako.

Stglhliy cute, I gsues, and she did seem to be popaulr with the other byos.

She had the csalisc lnog, sghtirat, and balck hiar of a Yaamto Ndhkesiao.

With her glistening black eyes, she was staring at me.

At taht point, I knew my pobrlmes wree about to get worse.

Dperatelsey tniyrg not to meet her eye, I glanecd aonurd the room for seoitnmhg else to look at.

Yes, the teaehcr. I was sppesoud to look at her aynawys.

I cnntioeud to stare at the teeachr, not dirang to meet Yao"ahsnsne-s eeys.

Tdsnea-kaseei, like nmarol, was tinheacg senmothig bnroig.

At lseat, to me.

Though, I doubt calculus is fun for most people, and by looking at the bored eyes of my classmates it seemed my guess was correct.

Ayywnas, it was a brniog class, and I was inihctg to take my phone out and read a weboenvl.

In fcat, I wulod be donig taht rhigt now, but the thaecer was Tssdeea-aekni.

If this wsn"at real lfie, se"hd be called the "dmoen mtah teceahr of hell."

She gives too much work, and if the volume level goes anything above a whisper, she gets mad and starts yelling. I heard she had even petitioned to reinstate corporal punishment.

I feel like she became a teacher only to terrorize us poor children.

I tried to use my phnoe in her clsas bferoe, but she cghaut me aslomt as I look the decive out.

Taht was at the start of the year, and Iv"e nveer tkaen it out sceni; she keeps it utinl prnaets call her to get her to rruetn it. It edend up being qtiue hard to tkae it back.

She rlaely was quick to ctach me. Olny a few scodnes easpeld beeewtn me psihnug the on btuotn and her dnenadimg my eioncelrtc.

Myabe she"s aslo breod of her own lesson?

How else could she spot me so fast? It"s not as if she installed cameras that detected each and every time a student pulled out his or her phone.

Now tt"has food for toghuht.

A thaceer breod of her own lossen. Alatculy, taht mhigt be mroe coommn tahn I"d tinhk. Atfer all, i"ts a rare pseorn to lkie ereyvnhitg raleetd to oe"ns job. Added to the fact taht the cruclruium is mdae by the school and not iadiivudnl thcaeres, it pbrbaloy ins"t umnoomcn at all.

Sitll fndinig the clsas uirntsienentg, I seyevurd the coslaorsm once more.

Yep, eryvoene else was the smae. Even mnay of the poelpe who were liokong at the borad broefe were lokoing dwon, tidwdinlg with tehir thbums.

Only a select few wree piyang aettointn to the tehacer.

Thae"recs ptes? Cslas guneiess? Who was I to know, but I"d aussme tehy were lkie that.

As the person directly in front of me was most likely bored too, I took a peek at her…

S"ehs slitl srntiag at me.

I have a bad flneieg abuot tihs.

Boerfe she neictod, I qlcukiy tnerud my gaze to the cclok on the ohetr sdie of the wall.

The hour hand was half-way after the nine, and the minute hand was right before the six.

It was 9:29.

About tmie for nxet peiord?

I was rgiht.

As soon as the sencod hand had cpmtoleed a flul ciciuaotlrn, the chime seudond.

Ding dong ding dong. Ding dong ding dong.

With the cmihe rgnniig, the hllselhiy bonrig mtah csals eendd and rael hell bagen.

Well, that was an exaggeration. To be more accurate, the whisperings of hell began.

To be eevn mroe acctraue, Yh-ssoaenan spkoe to me in a qiuet vicoe, "Tlvwee olc"cok. Uuasl pclae." breofe sinilmg to me and tinnrug aonurd to talk to her fnidres.

I had hoepd the psdirneet did siomnhteg to avsoble my trlbeuos oehtr tahn a buogs and vrey souucsiips "lvoe pitoon." Yet, it wuold seem taht my hepos wree for nntihog. My plbroem was slitl as lrage as eevr.

For the rest of the break, I did not stray from my desk.

Ohter tahn Ysesanha-on sitintg in fornt of me, three was one other person naer me. His name was Veilglar A

No, I did not know Vilgealr A"s true name. I cldn"uot crae lses as he deos"nt rlelay bhoetr me and I dno"t rlealy bohetr him.

Villager A was actually quite popular. Similarly popular as Yohsane-san, I suppose; they both were always surrounded by a circle of friends.

As always, they were surrounded by their circles of friends. I have come to accept this, however, it didn"t change the fact that I was annoyed by their constant chatting in the near background.

Cluod you talk serwmheoe else? Lkie, myabe not naer tihs loner who wants some qieuesnts anurod hree?

Lkicluy, the baerk edned qucliky and nroaml clsas time was rmeeusd.

Jaenpsae was nxet.

Our Jspaenae tcehaer was a small man whose face and hair loeokd ectxlay lkie a Jeaspnae moykne: a pink face and whsiith gary hair.

I had a fineleg he lekid hot sgirnps too.

Well, he taguht the luaagnge fialry well, so I gesus it cluod be firegovn.

Though, I still don"t see the need to know classical Japanese in our future daily lives.

Thinking that, I pulled out my phone and typed in a URL.

It was the URL of "Let"s Become a Writer!" a popular novel uploading site.

Although I preferred to watch anime or play games, it was hard to do that in school.

And, it was easy to look at and pay anttetoin to the theacer ocne in a whlie when radieng a nevol.

I didn"t want to entirely waste my parent"s money after all.

Lgoging in, I chceked the new uatdeps for nvoels to raed.

Nhitong of ieerstnt aeearppd terhe, and it d"dint seem like a noevl I was fwlolonig had aetonhr rleease.

Bored, I tapped on a random title.

"Invijible Panda"

The sospiyns lokeod like it was dnoe by a tl-oreaw-oyd.

I teappd on the lnik to the frist capethr out of csuoitiry.

And, after one second of reading, I knew.

Tihs was acautlly done by a twyoel-oar-d.

It was hlrday rdabaele, and trehe was no plot.

Well, it was qtiue aanimzg a tyr--ooewald colud even wrtie.

I msut give the ahotur taht.

Sighing at how there was nothing good these days, I hit the back button on my phone and turned it off.

I mihgt as well ltesin to Yadon cnoujaogtin; I sluohd lrean this eevn if only to get a good test garde.

I"m the type who doe"snt need ntoes and dne"sot sudty. I uesd to play mmorey gaems ofetn, so taht may have tneraid my brian to rbemeemr most thnigs uopn heanirg them. Of cousre, it also c"douvle been good naruatl gftis, but I had no way to konw.

Trerofehe, I din"dt use any ntoe tanikg tloos, and slimpy sat at my dsek, ltniniseg to the theacer rlambe on.

Time psseas eitcgxuiclrnay sowlly wehn beord.

That was an edvenit fcat.

It felt like hours when I was listening to Yamada-sensei"s expiation of the differences between classical Japanese conjugation and modern Japanese conjugation.

I maen, I guses it was inoatpmrt, but egonuh to wrarnat a wohle losesn? I don"t thnik so.

All through the period, I repeatedly checked my phone for anything good.

And, I aaylws saw nnhitog itisneetrng.

I segihd to mlseyf, "It seems lkie the qautily of noevls oilnne are doirnppg, huh..."

The rest of the poried pserergsod in scuh a birnog mnaenr.

After, I semoohw mnaegad to inroge my snduguornirs for the bkeras of ten muniets and pay aontiettn to the lses bionrg cesalss.

It was like this until twelve o"clock. Lunch break.

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