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Chapter 7: I’m gonna Call You Tonight (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

“Hurry! Call Huo Qu!” Mrs. Huo was so anxious that she even called her little son’s full name, with her face looking all pale.

No one was on Huo Qu’s side, what if something bad happened to him...

The more she thought about it, the more worried she became. So she urged Huo Rong, “Did you call him? How is he? Where is Huo Qu now?”

“Ma, no one picked it up.” Huo Rong could only hand over the phone to her and let her hear the busy tone, “I guess he didn’t bring his phone today.”

“I’m so mad at him!” Mrs. Huo gasped, putting her hands against her chest, with tears in her eyes.

“Ma, don’t you worry.” Huo Zheng squatted down and tried to comfort her, “He is an adult. He can take care of himself. It’s all right.” In case she disapproved, he added, “How about this? I’m gonna bring the bodyguards to look for him in the mall, while you and Rong go to the reception and ask them to broadcast it.”

“OK, OK, OK.” Mrs. Huo was already out of her mind, but could only grab his eldest son’s hand and nodded.

Having no idea that his family were all anxiously looking for him, now Huo Qu was standing before the tall and round ornamental in the middle of the mall, with all confusion written on his face.

He was sure that he saw Qinghuan, but why was he gone in an eyewink?

Touching the number plate in his pocket subconsciously, he looked a little anxious.

His second brother said this was for audition. He had no what idea what it meant, but maybe it was quite important for Qinghuan. So he wanted to give it back.

On thinking of that, Huo Qu paced up and kept looking. He had no idea why he had been spinning in the same place.

Huo Qu, “?”

He had been in this place for the twelfth time already. So strange!

“Mom, why is he going in circles there?” A little girl wearing a pink sweater asked her mom while pointing at Huo Qu.

The young mommy was a little surprised on hearing her daughter. And she happened to see that Huo Qu was starting the next round.

“He...he is playing games, I guess.” The little girl’s mom racked her brains and finally came up with a reason.

The little girl’s eyes immediately shone! She shook off her mom’s hand, and stumbled all the way to Huo Qu, “Hello? What game are you playing? I wanna join you.”

Huo Qu lowered his head and said to her with a serious tone, “I’m not playing games.”

The little girl immediately got her eyes filled with tears. She said, “You are lying. You are playing games!”

Huo Qu said with a stressing tone, “I ain’t lying! I said I ain’t playing games!”

Right after he finished his words, the little girl burst out crying, “’re a bad guy! You are a bad guy!”

Huo Qu stepped back, panicked, watching the little girl’s mom running towards him. He opened his mouth a few times and finally squeezed a few words, “She...she is crying...”

The little girl’s mom forced a smile as a response and immediately lowered her head to coax her daughter.

The little girl couldn’t stop crying.

Being stared by that pair of big and watery eyes, Huo Qu swallowed some savila out of nervousness. He held the ornament next to him and tried to sneak away, but accidentally stepped on the foot of someone behind him.

“Ah! I’m sorry.” He apologized. And when he turned around and laid his eyes on the person from behind, he got a little surprised, “Qinghuan!”

“Huo Qu?” Yu Qinghuan still remembered him, after all his clean-cut face was really hard to

“This is for you!” Huo Qu didn’t answer him, but fumbled in his pocket and handed something to Yu Qinghuan, like he was trying to claim some credit. He looked at him with his eyes shining, “I...I picked it up.”

Yu Qinghuan had been curious how he knew his name. But when he looked at the number plate he immediately understood, “Yeah, it’s mine. Thank you. But it’s of no use now. Just throw it. You don’t have to give it back actually.”

“Oh...I see.” Huo Qu slowly lowered his hand, looking much glumly.

Like a pupil who had finished his homework and waited for his parents’ praise got a wet blanket thrown on him on the contrary.

His disappointing expression triggered Yu Qinghuan’s curiosity, “So what are you doing here? Buying clothes?”

“Hm.” Huo Qu nodded his head hard. He got distracted by Yu Qinghuan immediately.

Yu Qinghuan knitted his brows, “You are alone?”

His family was really careless to let such a mama’s boy run about alone.

“No!” As for Yu Qinghuan, Huo Wu would love to answer any of his question, “I came with my mom and my two brothers.”

Yu Qinghuan heaved a sigh, “Wow, you got a big family.”

When Huo Wu was about to tell him none of them was biological, Yu Qinghuan lowered his head and looked at his watch, saying, “It’s late. I’ve got some plan tonight. I gotta go. You stay with your family.”

“He is leaving!”

Huo Qu felt quite disappointed on hearing that, and squeezed two words, “All right.”

Yu Qinghuan smiled at him and then walked away.

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