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Chapter 6: The Youngest Son Was Gone while They Were Shopping for Clothes

Yu Xin’s face flushed with thrill, the veins under his neck popped out, beating fast. Holding Yu Qing Huan with his trembling hands, Yu Xin said repeatedly, “We won, we won, we won!”

“How much?” Yu Qing Huan felt a bit dizzy.

After taking a few deep breaths,Yu Xin gave Yu Qing Huan a thumbs-up while putting the other hand against his chest, “The first Prize!”

“Really?” Yu Qing Huan popped out his eyes, snapped the phone from Yu Xin and started to check the numbers on the lottery with the winning numbers one by one.

From the first to the last, all numbers matched!

Over 6 million yuan for a single lottery, and Yu Qing Huan bought ten of the same number!

“You must be kidding me.”he mumbled suspiciously, threw himself on the couch. Staring at the two thin pieces of paper in his hand, he even could not utter a word.

This is ridiculous!

In his previous life, Yu Qin Huan opened an anonymous Weibo account especially for lucky draws. But due to his incredibly bad luck, he had never won for even once, even in those of 99% winning rate as they claimed!

How come he became so god-favored and so lucky after reincarnation? This was insane!

“We’re rich, we’re rich now.” Yu Xin walked around in the room, with his hands clenched tightly and eyes shining, like it was him who won the lotteries.

After over 10 minutes walking around like this, he managed to calm down. His bloated body hopped before Yu Qing Huan at an incredible speed, “Qing Huan, over 60 million! Over 60 million! How’re you gonna spend it!?”

He simply went on before Yu Qing Huan could ever reply, “Brand G’s limited edition premium custom suit, leather shoes, watches, we’ll buy them all! Ah, yes! Also, the necklaces and the collar clips, we’ll hunt for the best!”

“Come on! Let’s make a shopping list!”

His eager look resembled a shopaholic girl who was crazily adding goods to her shopping cart on the discount day of Double Eleven!

“Dude, chill out, chill out.” Yu Qing Huan exhaled a deep breath and then tried to calm down Yu Xin who was like sitting on a hot seat, saying, “Don’t forget we have to pay taxes, twenty percent. So actually we only have more than 40 million.”

He had seen too much money in his previous life. So, although over 40 million is a huge number, to Yu Qing Huan, it was really not that much. He just got amazed by his good luck and then went back to normal.

Yu Xin, quite the contrary, looked at Yu Qing Huan enviously and yelled at the top of his lungs, “What? Only? More than 40 million and you tell me it is only?”

It looked like if Yu Qing Huan said another word, Yu Xin would throw a fist into his face. So Yu Qing Huan chose to shut his mouth. Then he tried to change another topic, “I wanna buy real estate.”

This finally eased Yu Xin down. He said, “Good idea. We should buy real estate. But where do you wanna buy one? A villa in Purple Mountain? Or a river-view one in overseas Chinese area?

This young man had the potential. He made his debut as the second male lead in Liu Jia An’s film. As long as he didn’t mess things up, he would have his place in the entertainment circle. At that time, it was inappropriate for him to live in the dormitory of the company.

So, Yu Xin thought this prize came right in time. It was god-sent money for Yu Qing Huan to buy real estate.

Yu Qing Huan shook his head, “None of those places. It’ll be OK as long as it has good security and environment.”

He weighted it for a few moments. The current house price was not too scary to make people turn pale. 20 million would be enough for a small one about 100 square meters in a fancy community, including the decoration fee.

“20 million for real estate, and for the rest, I’ll donate it all.”

Yu Qing Huan’s parents died in a car accident when he was just 12 years old. Nevertheless, he was far from tasting the rigors of life. His parents related to people quite well when they were alive, and their relatives and neighbors all knew that Yu Qing Huan was a good boy, so they lent their helping hands together to send him to the best university.

Although Yu Qing Huan never mentioned this past, he always kept them in mind. The reason why he entered the entertainment circle soon after his graduation was because this was a good chance for fast money, so he could repay those who were kind to him early.

“You want to donate it?” Yu Xin dropped his jaws. He couldn’t believe his ears. He tried to persuade Yu Qing Huan, “You are just a newbie in this industry and have no background. Now what you need is money. If you want, you can make donations after you earn your name.”

“Sorry.” Yu Qing Huan, however, insisted on his decision. “Xin, I’ve already made up my mind. This is it. Well, can you do me a favor to go back to my hometown to talk to the local government on my behalf? ”

Yu Qing Huan’s hometown was called Peach Town, a place with picturesque sceneries.

The town was rich in yellow peaches. Almost every family had a large peach garden. The peaches produced there were juicy and as sweet as honey. Due to the inconvenient transportation, these peaches could not be transported outside but only sold in the nearby towns at the price of 0.5 yuan a kilo, while the ones unable to be sold were rotten in the fields.

In his previous life, Yu Qing Huan had struggled years after he could donate money to help his hometown to repair the road and open a cannery. In this life, he got good luck and a windfall without efforts. The good days of the villagers should come earlier, he thought.

However, he was occupied now. All the actors in The Line of Life and Death took their place. He had to meet other actors these days, get familiar with the movie sets and take makeup photos. So he could only ask Yu Xin for help.

He knew Yu Xin was a trustworthy man.

Yu Xin gazed at the stubborn man for a long time, and then slowly exhaled a long breath, “Well, I’ll help you this time and make sure everything done properly. You can rest assured and focus on your acting here.”

Yu Xin thought to himself, “If it were me, I would have never been like Yu Qing Huan to donate over half of the money when won the lottery while I was still poor.?”

Not everyone was so generous and righteous like Yu Qing Huan was!

Yu Xin was sure that even if Yu Qing Huan hadn’t entered the entertainment industry, he would succeed in other fields. His eyes fixed on Yu Qing Huan with sort of admiration. The next day, he began to use his connections to inquire about the government in Peach Town.

Since Yu Qing Huan trusted him, he should nail it and never let him down.

After Yu Xin left, Yu Qing Huan stayed at home and read the script of The Line of Life and Death. Even though he had read it for dozens of times, he did not dare to miss anything. Reading one more time, he thought he might have new inspirations.

One day at noon when he was thinking about what to eat for lunch, his cell phone started to vibrate.

He unlocked the phone and found out that the director Liu Jia An created a chat group called The Line of Life and Death and added all the actors in.

Liu Jia An: [Everyone attention, please change your nicknames in the chat group to real names plus your roles in the film to make it easier for us to know each other. Ah, yes, this evening, the film crews would gather for a meal at Yi Pin private kitchen. Inform us in advance if you cannot come.

Liu Jia An was a retired soldier. His working style was very tough and looked very dignified. Therefore, after he finished his words, no one dared post a reply. It seemed that everyone succumbed to the director’s power and dared not to decline the dinner.

Liu Jia An felt satisfied and his voice softened, “Then we’ll meet at six o’clock in Box 101 of Yi Pin.”

Yu Qing Huan changed to his real name in the chat group name. When he refreshed the page, he found most of the people had already done that.

The actors in the cast were no different from those he had met in his previous life. The leading actor, Peng Cheng, was starred by Zhao Qin Yuan, Best Actor of Golden Flower Film Awards. And Le Chen, the leading actress, was played by Wang Cheng Cheng, the rising star of Starlight Entertainment.

In his last life, Yu Qing Huan had never had any connections with these two people. And after rebirth, his life circle had been changed completely.

Yu Qing Huan dressed up simply and went out of the door, ready to buy clothes for the dinner. This was the first get-together of the film crews, he could not be dressed in rags, in case he met someone he crushed on.

Chance favors the prepared mind. The same as a man like him.

Fortunately, he did lots of part-time jobs when he was in college, and still had some savings in bank, so he wouldn’t go bankrupt for a suit of clothes.

After eating some food, and back from registering the information in the lottery center, he went to the mall with ease.

At the same time, the weekly family gathering of the Huos was also underway.

Looking at her mute, impassive and poker-faced third son, Mrs. Huo sighed, “My dear, any clothes you like? Mom will buy anything you like.”

Huo Qu gave Mrs. Huo a look and shook his head.

Mrs. Huo had been used to his indifference and dragged him into a shop. “Come on, go and try on these clothes. Your two brothers and I will be your advisors.”

The shop was a newly-opened one, and the new autumn series were arranged in rows after rows, which made people dazzling. Huo Qu had a bad feeling like sensitive little animals ever since he approached the shop. He stepped back and hesitated to say, “But...I need go to the research institute later...”

“You are free from that! Your older brother has asked for a leave for you.” Mrs. Huo glared at him. She looked at the clerk arrogantly and said, “Bring me all the blue, black, and purplish red suits of correct size of that row.”

Holding a large pile of clothes, she pushed the reluctant Huo Qu into the fitting room.

Mrs. Huo and his sons waited outside, but Huo Qu never came out.

Mrs. Huo didn’t notice anything unusual. She pushed Huo Rong beside her and said calmly, Xiao’er (It literally means waiter in English), your brother probably is unable to put on the clothes himself. Go and have a look.”

“Mom, can you stop calling me that? Sounds like I’m a waiter.” Huo Rong stood up and protested.

“Shut up!” Mrs. Huo glanced at him and said impatiently, “Why are you still lingering? Go and see your brother.”

Huo Rong could only zip his mouth, and walked into the fitting room with humiliation.

Sure enough, Huo Qu was fighting with the buttons on his pants. The shop did some tricks on the buttons, so Huo Qu fiddled with it for a long time and did not know how to fasten them. He looked at the delicate buttons blankly and was at a loss.

“Your pants.”

“Ah, I got it”, Huo Qu finally understood.

“Brother, our mother is cruelly partial.” Huo Rong held his brother’s skirts and exclaimed, refusing to stand up.

When Huo Qu was about to go out, Huo Rong held him, so he felt at loss a few seconds before he lowered his head and looked at Huo Rong confusingly, “?”

“Alas, I was treated like a dirt by our mother. I’m sad and helpless.”

Huo Qu blinked and thought for quite a while. Suddenly he raised his hand and stroked his second brother’s head, “Don’t be sad.”

On hearing this, his silly brother was cured instantly, rushed out of the fitting room like a little husky and volunteered to be his brother’s dressing server.

Huo Qu was of great stature with a pair of long legs and he was born with a clothes-horse figure. He looked both handsome and abstinent in everything. Mrs. Huo was indecisive momentarily. She thought every suit was perfect, but she cannot afford to buy the whole shop, so she simply pulled her two sons to her side to talk about it.

The three discussed heatedly. No one noticed that when Huo Qu saw the fleeting figure outside, his eyes suddenly lit up and he chased out without a second thought.

When Mrs. Huo finally made the decision and wanted to pack the clothes for payment, she found out that her youngest son was missing!

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