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Chapter 29: Chat up on the Plane (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Someone in the crew getting filmed by a hidden camera made Liu Jia’an hit the ceiling.

Today they could secretly film the actor’s personal life. What about tomorrow? Would they also leak the clips of his The Line of Life and Death?

On that very day the whole crew began the thorough check, from the filming site to the hotel, even the actors’ rest rooms, every single place they could think of. Even a hair hidden in a corner could be smoked out, let alone a hidden camera.

But even so, Liu Jia’an didn’t feel any better. And the way he looked at Zhao Qingyuan became unprecedented abnormal.

“Why would you go to Qinghuan’s room at late night?!” Liu Jia’an scolded him while eating the canned yellow peach to cool himself off, “Now things have happened. How would you explain yourself?”

No wonder Liu Jia’an would get mad. People loved such sex scandals. They didn’t care about the truth at all. They only wanted gossip. The juicier, the better.

Without any evidence, however hard Zhao Qingyuan and Yu Qinghuan tried to explain themselves, people would still remember the scandal today even after a long time.

“Maybe because the security work is too loose.” said Zhao Qingyuan casually while collapsing on the bed and staring at the can in Liu Jia’an’s hands.

Everyone was afraid of Liu Jia’an, but not him.

“All right, all right!” Liu Jia’an’s face turned deathly pale because of anger. He threw the spoon on the ground and shouted, “You are taking the road to ruin! Anyway I am not the one having been filmed by a hidden camera. And I am not the one having been fucked from the back door!”

He even had a lousy choice of words because of furies.

Zhao Qingyuan got all blushed and growled, “Liu Jia’an, watch your language!”

“Eh-hem!” Liu Jia’an also realized his slip of the tongue, and tried to make it up, “I...I also got brainwashed by the media!” After a pause, he kept lecturing Zhao Qingyuan, “Are you afraid now? Even I nearly bought it, let alone others. If you can’t handle it properly, you will take the scandal into your grave!”

On thinking of the possible horrible consequences, Zhao Qingyuan shivered subconsciously. And when he was about to say something, Yu Qinghuan who had been keeping silent suddenly cut in, “Well...I remembered something. When Qingyuan went to my room, my camera was on.”

In an instant, two pair of shining eyes turned to him at the same time.

Yu Qinghuan explained, “Actually I was practicing the scene I was gonna shoot the next day when Qingyuan came. So the camera was on!”

“Then what are you waiting for?” Liu Jia’an immediately tried to push him out, “Go get it now! See what you have filmed!”

Maybe because Yu Qinghuan was too lucky, the camera was like having been set by someone, the whole scene how they had spent the night in the room was filmed.

After watching the whole piece, Lia Jia’an felt much relieved. He put the camera on the table and said to Zhao Qingyuan, “What are you waiting for? Make a copy and put it on your Weibo!”

Zhao Qingyuan said hum and haw, “But my image...”

If his fans saw that he had begged for a bite of the canned yellow peach, his public image would be totally ruined!

Liu Jia’an rolled his eyes, “Come on! Your public image has already collapsed. Put it on your Weibo now!”

Now the whole Weibo got exploded by Zhao Qingyuan’s new update, especially his fans.

It was true they always rooting for Zhao Qingyuan and Yu Qinghuan being a couple, but that was just for kidding. If there was really something between the two, things would be completely different.

[What the hell is going on? Won’t our idol stand out and give us an explanation? Is it true between him and Yu Qinghuan?]

[I have already smoked something between them. If he is straight, he would never @Yu Qinghuan this and @Yu Qinghuan that. So it turns out to be true. So gross! Ew! Oh no, I’m gonna throw up!]

[I knew that Yu Qinghuan is an asshole. Our Yuan is an absolute straight dude. When he meets that asshole, things...]

[Stop it! Wish Yuan’s company can give us a reasonable reply ASAP! Or I ain’t his fan anymore!]


Glancing over these comments, the smile on Zhao Qingyuan’s face gradually disappeared.

Those people were all his fans, and there were even some IDs he was familiar with, who always left tsundere comments calling him brother Yuan and said they would support him forever no matter what.

But now once he posted the new updates, they all got their faces off.

Those hurtful words like gross and unfollowing him came from their mouths so smoothly. One could not even tell they were ever his huge fans.

It was the first time Zhao Qingyuan didn’t add any text when putting the video on Weibo.

He didn’t know why he kind of felt a little lost. Was the relationship between the celebrities and fans really so fragile? Even though the thing was not real this time, what if he really did something they hated some day?

He thought his fans would support him unconditionally. But after today, he wasn’t sure of it anymore.

The gossip between Zhao Qingyuan and Yu Qinghuan topped the hot search on Weibo early in the morning. Not just Zhao Qingyuan’s fans, a lot of netizens were also concerning about this. And now once he posted the whole piece on his Weibo, those who said gays were gross and claimed to unfollow him were totally gone.

And the comments under Zhao Qingyuan’s Weibo returned to total harmony.

[I told you they are just friends. The media should take the blame!]

[Yeah, right. Didn’t our Yuan have a girlfriend a few years ago?]

[Oh, oh, oh, great! It was fake news. I will re-follow my charming Yuan!]


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