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Chapter 28: Shocking News! After He Did This, Zhao Qingyuan could not Get up from Bed, Crying! (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

When Yu Qinghuan left the Grand Theater, he was alone with a camera from Wang Zhensheng in his hand. The predecessor asked him to film his daily practice and then to review the recordings to find his own shortcomings of his acting.

Wang Zhensheng also suggested he find a vocal music teacher to practice his vocalization, which would give him an advantage at capturing his original sound when filming.

Looking down at the camera in his hand, Yu Qinghuan sighed with a complex complexion.

He obviously had not planned to enter the entertainment circle again after his rebirth, but it happened that things were not under his control, as if everyone was pushing him forward. As a perfectionist, he could not bear to muddle along.

Even if he might quit being an actor in the future, he still wanted to improve his acting skills as much as possible during the contract period, which led his further cultivation in the entertainment circle and hardships to withdraw even if he was willing to.

He glanced at the couple passing by enviously, slouched, and stroked his camera. If things went on like this, when would he be able to have a real relationship as he wanted?

Alas, what a hard life!

Yu Qinghuan was not a fun-loving person. Although he did not have his part today, he still returned to the movie set. Unexpectedly, he met Yu Xin at the gate.

“Come on, help me carry the cans!” Yu Xin dragged half a sack of canned food, tired like a dead dog. The moment he saw Yu Qinghuan, stars flew out of his eyes.

“What a relief!” In such a cold winter, Yu Xin tired out a head of hot sweat. The moment he entered Yu Qinghuan’s room, he immediately collapsed on the sofa.

“Dude, thanks for your hard work.” Yu Qinghuan poured him a cup of hot water, watched him gulp it down and laughed, “I’ll give you a big red envelope for the New Year.”

“Don’t.” Yu Xin put down the cup and glared at him. “Do you think you are quite rich now? Let me tell you, after buying the house, you will have nothing left! You may even lack money for clothes.”

With a large sum of money donated without blinking an eye, Yu Qinghuan was still spending money like water! What made Xin Yu even angrier was that he was, to some extent, an accomplice!

“I need some sleep, don’t bother me.” Afraid of seeing Yu Qinghuan would make himself angry with internal injuries, Yu Xin left the word, then pushed the door and went into the bedroom.

In fact, even if Yu Xin did not say so, Yu Qinghuan would not bother him. Yu just opened the camera Wang Zhensheng bestowed him and recalled today’s scene at the Grand Theater. When he was ready to practice again, there was a sharp knock at the door.

Afraid of disturbing Yu Xin, Yu Qinghuan trotted to open the door before he could even turn off the camera. Unexpectedly, it was Zhao Qingyuan.

“You’re finally willing to come back.” Zhao Qingyuan coldly said such words, with his chin raised, like a cock equipped with full fighting capacity, came in with his head held high.

“Eh-hem!” Yu Qinghuan thought of the parrot at the sight of him and explained with a smile while restraining himself from laughing, “I wanted to visit you, but I didn’t expect you to come already.”

Before Zhao Qingyuan could talk back, Yu Qinghuan stuffed a canned yellow peach into his arms, “I have a specialty for you. Do you like it?”

“You wanna bribe me with a can?” Zhao Qingyuan snorted, paused, glanced at Yu Qinghuan, and said wearing that long face, “then... I... I’ll try it first. You’re dead if it taste awful!”

Zhao Qingyuan drew out a knife from not-know-where, pried open the can, and eagerly scooped a spoonful into his mouth.

The yellow peach was thick with slight hardness. Took a bite and the sweet juice immediately overflew the whole oral cavity. Its cool and refreshing flavor was very special in winter.

Zhao Qingyuan originally wanted to stop after eating only one bite, but he could not stop after eating more than half of it. Finally, Yu Qinghuan, fearing that Zhao would have a stomachache after eating too much cold food, stretched out his hand and grabbed the can directly.

“Let me have another bite!” Licking the sweet yellow peach juice on his lips, Zhao Qingyuan had long forgotten his anger. He leaned to Yu Qinghuan and said, “just one more bite.”

“It’s too cold for your stomach.” Yu Qinghuan refused, but Zhao Qingyuan turned a deaf ear to him. Taking advantage of Yu Qinghuan’s inattention, he grabbed the can, lifted it directly and poured the left yellow peach into his mouth even without using a spoon.

Yu Qinghuanwatched him, dumbfounded, until the other party slipped away secretly holding two cans.

He had no choice but to let him go. He took this opportunity to count the number of the cans and sent them to the staff in the film crew as a gift.

That night, Zhao Qingyuan did not resist the temptation and ate another canned yellow peach. As a result, the next day he was lying on the bed with a stomachache, whining all the time and refusing to get up. Yu Qinghuan was angry and almost choked Zhao to death with the stomach medicine.

“I was wrong, Qinghuan,” Zhao Qingyuan apologized to him. Although his voice was soft and weak, he did not forget to take out his mobile phone and refresh his Weibo, long forgotten about the decision to quit the internet for a whole day.

“You deserve it.I told you not...” Without finishing his words, Zhao Qingyuan suddenly exclaimed, and struggled to jump off the bed.

It nearly scared the shit out of Yu Qinghuan, “What’s wrong with you?”

“Look at this!” Zhao Qingyuan angrily handed the mobile phone to Yu Qinghuan and cursed angrily, “These bloody paparazzi! What the hell are all these gossips!”

Yu Qinghuan looked at the mobile phone, only to find that the scene when Zhao Qingyuan entered his room was filmed! Since the latter was unable to go to the movie set due to illness the next day, the media coverage was simply... wonderful.

[Yu Qinghuan, a man sleeping in the bed of Zhao Qingyuan, the best actor winner!]

[Big news! Zhao Qingyuan sneaked into a handsome rookie’s room of the same set late at night and could not even crawl out of bed the next day.]

[Zhao Qingyuan, the best actor winner, had an anal injury, and the ‘criminal’ turned out to be...]

“Shocked! After he did this, Zhao Qingyuan could not get up from bed crying.”


Yu Qing Huan was totally speechless.

The place where they lived now was a three-star hotel close to the filming set. Before the actors moved in, the film crew had already done the clean-up work. So it was very abnormal for those paparazzi to sneak in.

“Fuck those goddamn media!” Zhao Qingyuan’s face turned all red with anger and he could not contain his temper at all. “We should find someone to give them a good lesson!”

Yu Qinghuan was afraid that he might lose controle, so he quickly comforted him, “All right, stay calm. I’ll ask Director Liu about how to deal with it.”

Yu Qinghuan turned to leave. While, Zhao Qing yuan’s faint voice sounded behind him just as he gathered pace. “Qinghuan, even if we really did something, you should be the one who cannot crawl out of bed.”

Yu Qinghuan took a deep breath, turned around coldly, and hurled a word at Zhao Qingyuan, “Get out!”

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