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Chapter 26: Capital People’s Grand Theatre (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Ye Sheng is a doctor of endocrine surgery who has been working in the hospital for six years. He is from a rich family, has a pretty face. So he is always the focus in the hospital. And over time he has developed into an arrogant man and a womanizer.

His medical skills are not bad, but isn’t friendly with the patients. He usually leaves the patient alone after the surgery and asks his assistant to take care of the following nursing work.

What Yu Qinghuan was going to shoot was a scene how Ye Cheng got along with the patient’s family.

A nine-year-old little girl had got the thyroid cancer. Thyroid cancer was called undying caner. But the younger the patient was, the more fatal.

The little girl’s mom had cried all day long, desperate and helpless. However the nurse explained to her, she still couldn’t feel at ease. So one day when it was about off work, she went to Ye Sheng’s office.

“Doctor Ye,” Long time’s insomnia and mental suffering nearly crushed her. Her face looked deadly pale, and she was as skinny as a skeleton, as if even a breeze would make her fall apart. On seeing Ye Sheng, she acted like she was seeing the last straw. She then poured in a sobbing tone, “How is my daughter Tongtong? Doctor Ye, is the surgery really safe? It’’s just a small surgery, isn’t it?”

Ye Sheng had a date after work but now got held up by a weeping ugly woman. He immediately lost his temper, “Any surgery has danger! Small surgery? Then why do you do it in our hospital? Huh? For god’s sake!”

The woman popped her eyes out while looking at Ye Sheng imploringly. Her legs were so weak that they could barely support her body. She just came to seek a little comfort from the doctor, but received such indifferent words.

“Doctor...Doctor Ye...”

“Let go!” Ye Sheng brushed off the woman’s hands impatiently, and then flicked his clothes with all loathing in his eyes, “You have kept nagging about this like a hundred times. Do you think the doctor’s time is limitless?”

Speaking of which, he pushed the woman out indifferently and walked away.

“Cut!” said Liu Jia’an while staring at the scene through No.1 camera, looking not so tense now.

Yu Qinghuan contributed the perfect acting, even beyond his expectations. He wasn’t like a newcomer at all, who had completely shown Ye Sheng’s arrogance and indifference. Every move and every expression was totally Ye Cheng, not any trace of Yu Qinghuan at all.

No NG of this scene!

Others in the crew were all surprised. They had all despised Yu Qinghuan, thinking he got this role using his connections. But now their attitude towards him had totally changed. When Yu Qinghuan was taking some rest after his part, a lot of people went to say hi.

See? This is the entertainment circle!

This was the only scene Yu Qinghuan had today. After finishing his part, not long after he poured himself a cup of hot water to warm his hands, Wang Zhensheng waved his hand at him, “Yu, come here.”

“Teacher Wang.” Yu Qinghuan moved to him and greeted him politely.

“Don’t be nervous. Sit.” Said Wang Zhensheng smilingly while giving him a sign to sit next to himself, “What do you think of your performance just now?”

Yu Qinghuan was stunned by his question. So he immediately thought carefully how he had performed just now and which part could have gone wrong.

“Don’t be nervous. Just tell me what’s on your mind.”

Yu Qinghuan had no idea what his intention was, so he could only tell honestly, “Actually I wasn’t thinking much. I just acted the way I thought.”

“That is your biggest problem.” Wang Zhensheng heaved a sigh, “Yu, you are the most talented young man I’ve ever seen. And your acting just now was totally brilliant. But...”After a pause he then continued, “Let me ask you. You kind of don’t like acting, do you?”

How could that be!

Yu Qinghuan wanted to retort, but when the words came at his mouth, he just couldn’t spit them out.

In his previous life, he had taken acting as a way to make a living, while in this life, he took acting as a burden. He even had never thought whether he really liked acting.

“Yu,” Wang Zhensheng tried to get up with the support of his crutch, with his sparse gray hair fluttering in the wind, showing his age, “Your acting skills are better that most people of this circle, or let’s say, even better that most who have won acting awards, but it has no soul.”

No soul?

Yu Qinghuan tried to ponder on those words. Only when he looked right into Wang Zhensheng’s smiling eyes did he took a tumble.

When he acted, he always took himself as an onlooker, but not to get into the character completely. If an actor could not acknowledge the role he was acting, how could he make the audience feel the life of that character?

On seeing that he understood what he meant, Wang Zhensheng smiled delightfully, and slipped the paper he had already wrote his name on into Yu Qinghuan’s hand, “If you can’t figure out what I meant today,” he then pointed at the trash can, “this piece of paper would lie in there.”

On seeing Yu Qinghuan’s astonishing expression, Wang Zhensheng smiled, “Though I’m tired, I still have my place in Capital People’s Grand Theatre. You have not shooting tomorrow, do you? I will show you around there. Maybe it’ll help with your acting.”

Capital People’s Grand Theatre!

It was every actor’s dream to learn something in there! Even if Yu Qinghuan’s ambition was not in the entertainment, he still couldn’t refuse such a rare chance!

He pursed his lips and then bowed low to Wang Zhensheng, “Thank you, Mr. Wang. Sorry to trouble you then.”

Wang Zhensheng shook his head and walked away with a smile on his face.

After he left, Yu Qinghuan just sat there thinking about his freaking luck! But before he figured out anything, he was already woken up by a burst of pressing ringing sound. He took out his phone and saw it was Yu Xin.

“Qinghuan, I’m going back tomorrow afternoon!” Yu Xin sounded quite excited, “You know what? Everything is done! Your folks are really nice. They gave me a lot of canned yellow peach, saying you like it. I know you are free tomorrow afternoon. Come pick me up at the airport.”

“I don’t think so.” Yu Qinghuan frowned. And when he was about to explain, Yu Xin already started to whine on the other end, “Come on, Qinghuan! Do you even have a bit of humanity, huh? So many cans of yellow peach. I can’t manage them myself!”

“But I’m going to the Capital People’s Grand Theatre with Teacher Wang tomorrow,” Yu Qinghuan felt kind of embarrassed, “Maybe you can deliver them home?”

“Wait!” Yu Xin raised his voice, “What did you say? You are going to the Capital People’s Grand Theatre?

Yu Qinghuan, “Hm.”

Yu Xin got excited, “Is it that Capital People’s Grand Theatre? And which Wang?”

Yu Qinghuan said, “It is that Capital People’s Grand Theatre, with Wang Zhensheng.”

After a moment’s weird silence, Yu Xin said decisively on the other end of line, “You go to the Grand Theatre! I will carry those cans back even at the cost of my life!”

Yu Qinghuan, “...”

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