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Chapter 23: I Know! He Is a Parrot! (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

When Huo Rong took Huo Qu to the filming site, Yu Qinghuan had just finished shooting the final makeup photos.

And this time Liu Jia’an looked quite satisfied with this set of photos and praised them without precedent. He asked the assistant to post them on Weibo right after.

Poor Yu Qingyu! The weather as very cold and there was no heating devices here. Besides, he had to sustain the perfect state. Even if he nearly got frozen, he still had to pose.

After the shooting, he immediately wrapped himself with the Canada Goose Wang Zhensheng delivered him. He even didn’t want to stretch out his hand for the hot water Zhao Qingyuan handed him.

“Qinghuan!” The filming site was quite noisy, where all casts wearing all kinds of costumes worked their asses off. But Huo Qu saw Yu Qinghuan who was hiding in a corner on the first sight. He called him happily and carried the fish and walked to him.

“What are you doing here?” asked Yu Qinghuan surprisingly, and then stood up to welcome him.

Huo Qu caught a glimpse of Zhao Qingyuan who was next to him warily, then pulled Yu Qinghuan aside and offered his fish tank before him like he was presenting a treasure, “Look!”

Zhao Qingyuan who got excluded out of this, “...”

Just two goddamn fish! Like he would kill them with his Monkey King’s eyes!

What is wrong with this dude?!

Zhao Qingyuan winked at Yu Qinghuan, wanting him to introduce Huo Qu. But Yu Qinghuan didn’t look at his side at all. All his attention was on Huo Qu’s freezing hands.

“Why do you bring me two fish here in such a cold weather?” He then paused, realizing his tone was a little harsh, so he immediately changed a soft voice, “Are you cold?”

Huo Qu felt a little wronged by Qinghuan’s blame. He sniffled piteously, and squeezed a word, “Yes.”

“Then why don’t you wear gloves?” Yu Qinghuan took the fish tank from him with one hand while pulling open the big side pocket of his down jacket with the other, “Come on. Put your hands in here.”

“Careful! Careful!” said Huo Qu anxiously while watching the violently shaking fish tank as if he didn’t hear Yu Qinghuan’s words at all. He quickly went to the other side of Qinghuan and said, “The fish are jumping out!”

“I’m watching.” said Yu Qinghuan blandly. On seeing that his attention was still on the fish, he directly grasped his hands and squeezed them into his pocket and then brought him to the rest room.

This is Zhao Qingyuan’s personal rest room, which was decorated with all kinds of furniture and heating facilities. Yu Qinghuan turned on the heater the moment he walked in and then pressed Huo Qu on the couch, saying with a long face, “Sit!”

Huo Qu’s pet-like intuition told him Qinghuan was not in the mood, so he just sat there straightened up, with his hands on his knees, like he was waiting for Qinghuan’s scolding.

Yu Qinghuan now had tons of questions to ask him.

How did he know he is shooting here? How did he get here? Did he tell anyone else about this? But on looking at his innocent face, he just couldn’t spit them out.

Since Qinghuan didn’t say anything, it made him more upset, thinking, “So Qinghuan is angry with me. I failed to cheer him up. And he doesn’t like my fish at all.”

Suddenly kind of suffocating pains were felt in the chest, not strong but continuous, like the all-pervasive air stuffing up his whole chest, making him nearly lose his breath.

This was kind of strange and terrifying feeling. Huo Qu pressed his chest restlessly, nearly crying.

When Yu Qinghuan came to himself and saw that Huo Qu was like in great pains, he nearly jumped out of his skin. He just cast everything behind and sat down beside him. He asked Huo Qu anxiously while patting his back to help him breathe, “What’s wrong? Are you sick? Where does it hurt?”

“Here.” said Huo Qu while pointing at his heart, “It hurts a lot.”

Yu Qinghuan’s face immediately darkened. His heart hurts? This isn’t a good sign. Does he have heart trouble?

He patted his back and then got him some hot water, and did anything he could to make him feel better. Until he looked a lot better, Qinghuan started to ask, “How about now? Feeling any better?”

Huo Qu rubbed his chest and then looked at Qinghuan blankly, “Yeah, better.”

So weird! Once Qinghuan lean to his side, the pains were gone. What kind of disease is that?

Yu Qinghuan heaved a sigh. Though he didn’t say anything, he had already made up his mind to take him to the hospital for a health examination. He had a fever the other day and now a heartache. It totally freaked him out.

“Qinghuan!” while he was still thinking, a hand pulled his clothes. Yu Qinghuan lowered his head and saw Huo Qu was pulling his clothes gingerly, exactly like the first time he saw him.

Yu Qinghuan’s heart immediately softened, “What?”

“Are you...are you still upset?”

Yu Qinghuan got struck dumb, “Hm?”

“My second brother told me.” Huo Qu cast a glance at him and immediately got blushed, “He said you are very sad now.”

Yu Qinghuan totally had no idea where this came from.

Since when does he feel upset? Who is his second brother? How did he know?

When glancing at Huo Qu’s worrying face, Yu Qinghuan suddenly understood what was going on. So Huo Qu came here because he thought he was upset? And even brought his favorite fish to make him happy?

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