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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship

Chapter 224 - Love (1)

Chapter 224: Love (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

As winter was drawing to a close, Yu Qinghuan took Sixteenth to the hospital for sterilization.

Sixteenth, who lost its balls, were lying in the cage wearing an Elizabeth Collar. The poor little creature crouched into a ball in miserable because of chill during and after the surgery. Such appearance made Yu Qinghuan feel very distressed. He took Sixteenth directly into his arms, not willing to put his pet in the bag.

Huo Qu silently looked at the two for a while, took off the scarf around his neck and wrapped it around Sixteenth carefully and awkwardly.

Sixteenth moved slowly, nuzzling the scarf still tingled with body Huo Qu’s temperature. And leaned on Qinghuan’s arm.

Yu Qinghuan gently fondled its head, and bowed his head to smooth its fur, saying, “Sixteenth, don’t be afraid, kiss papa.”

He was worried that the cat would be afraid so he thought his comforting words could make Sixteenth feel his existence. Unexpectedly, Sixteenth responded to him.

Hearing his words, Sixteenth actually slowly raised its head, eyes half-opened, and touched Qinghuan’s lips with its own.

The tip of its nose was cool and moist, rubbing lightly on Yu Qinghuan’s lips, like a small piece of jelly.

Yu Qinghuan immediately felt heart melted, rubbing Sixteenth with his chin. How he wanted to warm Sixteenth with his caresses.

The pet hospital was not far from their home, but Sixteenth was heavy. After walking for a while, Huo Qu turned to ask Yu Qinghuan, “Let me.”

“Don’t worry,” Yu Qinghuan shook his head. He was afraid that they would cause larger wounds on Sixteenth. So he endured the arm sour and said, “We’ll soon arrive home. The boy is not heavy.”

Before coming to the hospital, Yu Qinghuan had already cooked a king pigeon in a casserole in order to supplement Sixteenth’s nutrition.

After returning home, he asked Huo Qu to take care of Sixteenth, while he went to the kitchen to steam the duck leg and a small portion of rabbit meat and mince them together with the deboned pigeon meat.

Worrying about Sixteenth’s surgery would result in water loss, he drenched the minced meat with several spoonfuls of golden pigeon soup. After mixing evenly, he put them into the cat bowl. His cat could have a feast when it woke up.

However, the fragrance of meat made Sixteenth completely forgot the sadness and pain of losing eggs, he endured the discomfort caused by narcotic drugs, stretched out his head desperately to the cat bowl and stuck out his tongue to lick the meat. As long as he could touch a little, he would never give up!

This made Yu Qinghuan feel helpless. He even thought that this guy, even if not a Maine cat, could weigh more than 10kg.

Over the next few days, Yu Qinghuan took Sixteenth to the hospital for injections.

Sixteenth had tenacious vitality. Before its wounds had fully healed, it became alive and kicking again.

What made Yu Qinghuan confused was: After the surgery, Sixteenth was even more clingy to people than before. Sometimes, Yu Qinghuan sat on the sofa reading the scripts, and it would walk over and put its two front paws on him, stretching its body to rub his head with its own, a posture of seeking for pampering from Qinghuan.

Qinghuan could only put down the script and helped Sixteenth smooth its fur as it wished.

Not only that, Sixteenth also spontaneously became Qinghuan’s alarm clock. Every morning, it would jump onto his chest. Buried under its dozens of pounds of body, Yu Qinghuan would wake up from sleep instantly.

“Why don’t you jump onto your dad Huo Qu?”

Yu Qinghuan got up from the bed in pain with his hands were still limp. It took him a lot of effort to catch Sixteenth and shoved the little naughty into Huo Qu’s arms.

“You know how to bully the weak.”

Sixteenth looked at him with an innocent face, and his big tail swept across Huo Qu’s face, meowing. Then he climbed onto Yu Qinghuan’s legs just like sticky candy.

What a grinding little goblin! Yu Qinghuan hugged the cat silently, listening to its happy purrs, and endured all it had done.

At the age of ten, Sixteenth’s weight had already exceeded twenty-five catties, and that year, Yu Qinghuan and Huo Qu had known each other for seven years.

Their wedding anniversary was very close to Zhao Qingyuan’s birthday. So, they chose a day to party in Qinghuan’s house.

Zhao Rui took Wang Ruirui there and put his present on the tea table. He suddenly realized something when eating the fruit, “Oh no, I should bring two presents here today.”

Zhao Rui was no longer the broken director as when he was filming Orange Yellow. His last movie was a collaboration with Zhao Qingyuan. It was an art film, and the results were still gratifying with the successful domestic box office and even the nomination of Cannes. But whether it would win the award was still unknown.

However, he had no consciousness as a well-known director and was as stingy as before.

Zhao Qingyuan arrived long ago and showed the whites of his eyes when he heard this, “Sounds like you would really prepare me something good.”

Having said that, he took Wang Ruirui to his side. After sitting down, he took out a small shiny hairpin from his pocket and put it on her hair, saying, “This is a gift for our little princess. See if you like it?”

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