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Chapter 21: I Want Qinghuan to Have a Look at My Fish (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

“Call Qinghuan over.” A gray-haired old man pushed his reading glasses on his nose bridge and pulled Jiang Qi to order him so.

This old man named Wang Zhensheng, a national first-class actor. Owning a title of professor, he also enjoyed the special allowance of the State Council. His age and qualifications had earned himself a nickname of “national treasure” in the entertainment circle. If it were not for his friendship with Liu Jia’an, he would never have appeared on the scene.

Jiang Qi did not dare to neglect the old man’s request, “Yes, just a moment,” replied him respectfully.

When Yu Qinghuan arrived, he had already changed his clothes. Thinking that Wang Zhensheng had called him to have something urgent, he quickly went over without putting on his white coat. He was then wearing only a nattierblue shirt hastily tucked in his trousers, with a pair of scissors in his hand used to cut the labels.

His tall and fit figure made this messy appearance looked not sloppy but free and easy, which well satisfied Wang Zhensheng’s eyes.

Such a young man was his ideal candidate for Ye Sheng. Well, Gao Yuncheng was quite the opposite.

Wang Zhensheng grunted coldly with his eyes and brows filled with disdain for Gao Yuncheng, the man he thought inferior to Yu Qinghuan. So he was intent to pull Qinghuan over and let that starlet have a sense of inferiority!

“Good, good. Liu indeed has a good taste,” said Wang Zhensheng with a kind face, having completely regarded Yu Qinghuan as his own child. “You look much better on this suit of clothes.” He said, and patted Yu Qinghuan on the shoulder encouragingly. “Yu, play the role with your heart. You hear me?”

“Yeah, I know.” Yu Qinghuan did not expect Wang Zhensheng to call him in such a hurry, just to say such this. Although feeling a little strange, he nodded obediently.

Seeing the child so obedient, Wang Zhensheng kind of liked him more. Yu Qinghuan deserved his favor, thought he.

People of Wang Zhensheng’s status would generally not degrade himself to dispute with such an unknown little star as Gao Yuncheng. Therefore, he only hinted that Gao YUncheng should refrain from the idea of robbing the role of Yu Qinghuan and doing something underhand.

While an ordinary actor receiving a warning from such an industrial authority would definitely make an apology and guarantee to behave himself. However, it happened that Gao Yuncheng had no idea who Wang Zhensheng was!

He was a newbie in the entertainment circle, and his agent was absent today. Although Wang Zhensheng was a national first-class actor, he had long retired behind the scenes, so Gao Yuncheng had no idea who he was at all.

A half-buried old thing inexplicably showed up to defend Yu Qinghuan and humiliate him? How could he bear it?

Gao Yuncheng snorted, swept Wang Zhensheng with playful eyes, and finally focused on Yu Qinghuan. “Your name is Yu...Yu...” He rubbed his forehead in distress, “Yu what? Sorry, I don’t usually remember the name of unimportant people.”

“Oh, doesn’t matter.” Yu Qinghuan’s face remained unchanged, taking the other party’s defiance as barking, “Whether you remember me or not is not important to me, either.” He ignored Gao Yuncheng’s livid face and continued to say, “So what else do you want?”

Gao Yun Cheng was furious with anger, but he knew that he was unable to outspeak the other side, so he could only restrain his anger and said maliciously, “Don’t you know the role is already mine? Pack up your bags and get your ass out of here!”

After finishing these words, Gao Yuncheng immediately felt that the air around him became fresh.

The director took a fancy to him and he had a speech craft. But so what? All these tactics were mere paper tigers in front of the absolute power! He had backing behind him, while Yu Qinghuan was just a poor guy. I was on purpose to throw my weight on him, thought Gao Yuncheng.

What could he do?! How dare he to fight back?!

Looking at Gao Yuncheng’s rampant face, the originally calm Yu Qinghuan got irritated, not to mention Wang Zhensheng beside. Although Yu Qinghuan did not want this role, he could not stand someone robbing it from him.

However, before Yu Qinghuan could fight back, Liu Jia’an had rushed over, “Gao Yuncheng, right? We’d like to inform you that the role of Ye Sheng has been decided to be played by Qinghuan, and we have no plans to change.”

Liu Jia’an, who just got off the phone with Huo Qu, still had a smile on his face, probably because he was satisfied with the result of the conversation, his attitude towards Gao Yuncheng was not bad.

What? Gao Yuncheng froze, and then seized by angry. Didn’t Liu Jia’an get the notice from Starlight? And... He glanced at Yu Qinghuan with resentful expression, how could this guy compared with him?

If it had not been for his wrong performance on his audition day due to ill health, how could this role have fallen on that goddamn Yu Qinghuan?

“Director Liu,” Gao Yuncheng held his chest with both hands, a face of unconvinced, but still polite to Liu Jia’an, “How do you know I can’t compare with him if you haven’t seen my performance completely.”

Since he was present, how could he leave in a sullen manner because of Liu Jia’an’s words? And he did not believe Yu Qinghuan, a newcomer who had just entered the circle, could match him in acting!

“You...” Liu Jia’an had never been a good-natured person. Seeing Gao Yuncheng being so unappreciative, he immediately flew into rage. However, before Liu Jia’an could drive Gao Yuncheng away, Yu Qinghuan spoke first, “Since he wants to try, Director Liu, why not give him a chance?”

Liu Jia’an’s brows wrinkled and he gave Yu Qinghuan a disgruntled glance, wondering if this son wanted to take this opportunity to flinch again.

“Let him try!” Before Liu could say anything, Wang Zhensheng said first in a heavy tone, hitting the ground with his crutch, “I’d like to see how wonderful his acting is!”

Why was this old thing so nosy! Gao Yuncheng cursed in his heart, then said fiercely, “Better than you anyway!” He grabbed the script presented to him by an assistant.


People on the spot were all struck dumb.

As a national first-class actor, Wang Zhensheng was a national treasure in the entertainment industry! Gao Yuncheng even dared to say his acting was better than Wang?! Did he have some brain damage or hit the door?

Wang Zhensheng was livid with anger with his beard trembling. He followed Gao Yuncheng and said, “Well, I’ll have a good look at it with my eyes wide open.”

It was such a coincidence that Gao Yuncheng’s performance was exactly the scene that Yu Qinghuan auditioned for, that was, the scene where Ye Sheng made a scene on the plane.

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