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Chapter 20: The Script of Your Next Film Is All on Me (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Yu Qinghuan was tall and slim but not weak, on the contrary, he had perfect bone structure and good temperament, which made him look quite charming in this white gown. A breeze blew over that pair of long and straight legs. He could do the frame-in without doing any pose intentionally.

“Great! Awesome!” praised Liu Jia’an, showing how satisfied he was about Yu Qinghuan. He even pulled Qinghuan to him and gave him some advice on his acting for the very first time, “You have seen the scripts, haven’t you? Ye Sheng is a rebellious and indulgent man in early stage. So you have to show that kind of feeling when you shoot later.”

Yu Qinghuan owned that kind of bland temperament. Although Liu Jia’an had already seen the way he acted, he was still worried Qinghuan may not be able to show the feeling of Ye Sheng he wanted.

“I know, director Liu.” Yu Qinghuan nodded and walked to the shooting site under the photographer’s guidance.

He had been an indifferent and prissy person in real life. But once before the camera, he immediately changed to another person.

With his shoulder a little lowered, he leaned against the snow white wall lazily, chin raised slightly, lips curled up, with a hand in the pocket, and smiled gently at the photographer, “Is it OK?”

All the people there gasped. He asked whether it was OK? It was far more than OK!

Such a simple pose looked so hot on him, like the hormones in his body were totally stimulated instantly, making everyone on site blush, but no one would like to move the eyes off him.”

“That’s it! That’s the goddamn right feeling!” The photographer was crazily clicking with the trembling hands, and asked Yu Qinghuan to change his poses now and then.

Yu Qinghuan did a perfect job, making Liu Jian’an have nothing to do now.

After a group of photos were done, the photographer immediately ran before Liu Jia’an to show off, “See? Not bad, huh?”

In the photo, Yu Qinghuan stood there, handsome and noble, like a little radiating sun, attracting everyone’s attention. No wonder the photographer was so cocky. Those photos could even join an exhibition.

To everyone’s surprise, Liu Jia’an frowned. He stared at those photos and felt something was not right.

The photographer didn’t expect he was still not satisfied. When he was about to say something, Liu Jia’an said by his ear, “Ask Yu Qinghuan to change his shirt to the light cyan one and shoot again.”

They had prepared a light cyan shirt for Yu Qinghuan, but his temperament was a little bland. Liu Jia’an was afraid he may not go with it, so he asked them to change a blue one.

But after that group of photos came out, Liu Jia’an saw Yu Qinghuan’s acting skills and wanted him to challenge the light cyan one.

They built the shooting site of The Line of Life and Death all by themselves, like the hospital where Yu Qinghuan had just shot the first picture of the film just now, it only had an aisle and an office, nothing else, even no ceiling.

The extreme cold wind was blowing in, like the air people exhaled was with ice.

To shoot the best photos, Yu Qinghuan only wore a shirt and the white gown, shivering. Once the shooting was over, Zhao Qingyuan immediately pulled him by the warmer. Now he already began to sneeze.

Shooting one more time, he may catch a cold.

But Liu Jia’an was a perfectionist. If he wanted to something, he would do the best. He insisted that he shoot one more time. Jiang Qi was afraid Yu Qinghuan may be disgruntled, so he went to talk to him in person.

He didn’t expect that Yu Qinghuan didn’t show a slice of anger. He immediately took off the down jacket and ran to the dressing room to get changed.

All the older generation in the crew appreciated his professional ethics.

“This kid is good.”

“Yeah, Jiang, don’t you have an induction cooker? Make some ginger soup for him. Qinghuan has no assistant.”

“I have a Canada Goose. I’ll go get it now. So he can put it on once the shooting is over.”


While the those serniors were busy for Yu Qinghuan, Liu Jia’an’s assistant suddenly ran over anxiously. He stopped in front of him panting, holding the phone, “Bad new! The investors just called, saying we have to change the third male lead to Gao Yuncheng from Starlight, they are putting additional investment as the condition!”

He made a pause, observing Liu Jia’an expression, and then said gingerly, “Well....actually Gao Yuncheng is already here.”

“Bullshit!” Liu Jia’an cussed, “I chose Qinghuan! Who dare to change him? Starlight, huh? I’ll call Huorong later!”

“Challenge me! With us here, no one can replace Qinghuan!” Those seniors were also pissed off.

“That’s right! Call Huo Rong in my name!”

“Or I can go to the Huo family to talk about it!”

These people were all old friends of Liu Jia’an. He had put a lot of effort to have invited those big shots in their own domain to teach the actors. Even Huo Rong wouldn’t dare say no to them.

If it had been someone else, they might have agreed.

But Yu Qinghuan just left a good impression in front of these people, showed them his acting skills and his efforts. The older generation like such a talented and good-tempered child. And the investors had picked the wrong person.

The atmosphere of this circle had been misled by those so-called investors!

They wouldn’t believe, as seniors in this circle, they couldn’t even protect a newcomer?

So, when Gao Yuncheng arrived at the shooting site, here was the scene he saw:

A row of gray-haired old men were sitting on little benches in the doorway, staring at him angrily with their ice cold eyes, as if they were going to tear him apart.

Gao Yuncheng felt a shiver down his spine and stopped subconsciously.

What......what is going on??? Have I ever offended these people?!

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