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Chapter 19: The Script of Your Next Film Is All on Me (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

“No, thanks.” Yu Qinghuan never expected that with only a meal of baked ribs could exchange for such a huge bonus. His brain got completely blank. He didn’t come up with a better idea, so he could only excuse himself from Zeng Peirong’s offer.

Seriously? Zeng Peirong had been in this circle for forty years. There hadn’t a single script he wrote wasn’t popular. But since he already had the plan to distance himself from this circle, a popular script didn’t belong to him.

Zeng Peirong had never expected that he got turned down the first time he offered to write a script for someone. How is that possible?

The number one scriptwriter Zeng Peirong, who had written numerous popular scripts and even got chased after by an artistic woman who wanted to have a baby with him at the age of sixty would get rejected by a newcomer in this circle!

There must be something wrong!

He pulled his thick beard a bit hard, then rolled his eyes, thinking, “Is it possible...this son doesn’t know who I am?”

On thinking of this, he suddenly took a tumble. Like he said, no one in this circle would reject his offer. This kid was new in this circle. He may even have met few unknown casts. How could he know him the big star?

“Eh-hem! Eh-hem!” Zeng Peirong straightened up, raised his chin and turned to Yu Qinghuan, “Son, do you know who I am?”

“Who gave him the courage to reject me? I will definitely make this son fucking regret today. Later he will get on his knees and beg me to write a script for him! And then I will turn him down right in his face! I can already imagine the dramatic changes of his expressions now!” thought Zeng Peirong.

He was worthy to be called number one script writer! In only a few seconds, he had already wrote a counterattack and face slapping drama over a few million words in his brain. When he was about to cook the following plot, a bland but nice voice was heard by his ears, “Sure, you are Mr. Zeng.”

“I am...What? You know me?” Zeng Peirong got stunned, and the teasing words he had already organized well got stuck in his throat, with his wrinkly face blushed because of shame. Only after thumping his chest and stamping on his feet for quite a while did he regain his breath.

The old man nearly flew into a rage. He pinned his eyes on Yu Qinghuan, “Then why don’t you let me write a script for you?” He then squinted and asked, “Do you have a problem with me, or you just look down on me?”

“Neither.” Yu Qinghuan knew that this old man liked being sucked up. So he said flatly, “I am a newbie in this circle. I know I’m not good enough for your script.” After a pause, noticing Zeng Peirong’s suspicious expression, he then added, “And it’s just two meals. You don’t have to spend your valuable time to specially write a script for me.”

Afraid that Zeng Peirong may keep pushing him, Yu Qinghuan immediately lowered his head and put on a bashful expression, completely playing a newcomer in this circle lively.

On seeing this, Zeng Peirong already forgot why he got mad, and his eyes became much gentler.

No wonder he doesn’t want me to write script for him. So he is a huge fan of me!

He is afraid that his inadequate acting skills may ruin my script. So he resists the huge temptation, taking the risk of offending me to reject such a huge, maybe once-a-lifetime opportunity.

He is neither conceited nor rash and has good personality. The most important thing is he hangs on the bottom line as an actor. This young man has the potential!

“Great! Great! Good kids like you are just we lack of in this circle!” Zeng Peirong sighed with emotion. He then moved forward, patted on Yu Qinghuan’s shoulder and encouraged him, “Learn from director Liu with your heart. Trust me. The script of your next film is all on me!”

Zeng Peirong might have been kidding with Yu Qinghuan when he said those words at first. But for now, he was really thinking whether he had any script at hands suitable for Yu Qinghuan.

Yu Qinghuan, “...”

Didn’t he make himself clear? He was really not interested.

Yu Qinghuan decided to explain to him again.

“Mr. Zeng, don’t make an exception for me. To tell you the truth, my acting skills suck. I still need a few years to improve.”

Yu Qinghuan now had no choice but to underbrag himself.

But the more he explained, the more gratified Zeng Peirong felt.

There was no such actor who had such clear self-knowledge in this circle! On hearing it was his script, whether it was suitable or not, no one wouldn’t use all his/her connections for a role in it.

But Yu Qinghuan rejected his offer again and again on the contrary!

What noble personality he had!

“You kid!” Zeng Peirong pretended to get mad and gave him a filthy look, “I know you adore me and is afraid you may ruin my script. But you can’t let such a great opportunity slip away.”

It was nothing his acting skills were not good enough. A good script, a good director plus good post production, they could make rotten wood grow into a towering tree!

Seeing Yu Qinghuan’s forehead oozing, he thought that was because Yu felt overwhelmed, so he stroke his beard approvingly, “Then it’s settled. Contact me when you finish your acting part here.”

Speaking of which, he walked away, leaving Yu Qinghuan with all question marks in his head.

Yu Qinghuan, “...”

Yu Qinghuan pulled his hair sullenly! This was the first time he couldn’t stay poised. It was an accident that he got a role in The Line of Life and Death, and he could still take things under control. But if he accepted Zeng Peirong’s invitation, what about his relationship?

Maybe at that time, he would hit the headlines the next day even if he just held hands with his boyfriend!

He already felt desperate even on thinking of that kind of days.

“Qinghuan, what are you doing there? Time for the makeup! The director is waiting for you!” Before he thought of more, Zhao Qingyuan ran to him and pulled him to his exclusive dressing room.

Part of the bland image of Zhao Qingyuan was shaped to show to the public, but actually he was really bland to other peers, including the big star Wang Cheng.

But now this actor called Yu Qinghuan could play so well with Zhao Qingyuan!? Those dressers looked at each other, only finding astonishment in each other’s eyes. Then they immediately adjusted their facial expressions and laid low to invite Yu Qinghuan to sit before the dresser.

Yu Qinghuan had a pretty face, and only in his early twenties, with porcelain skin, so the dresser only brushed a thin layer of foundation make-up on his face, adjusted his hair do, and then asked him to change into the white gown already prepared for him.

“Are you done?” Liu Jia’an was a little impatient now.

Even though he saw something in Yu Qinghuan, as the third male lead, it was really not worth it to spend so much time on him. Besides, Yu Qinghuan was a newcomer, it’d take more time to shoot the first picture from The Line of Life and Death for him. He had reserved two hours for him and now it was almost time.

When he snuffed out the butt and was about to ask the assistant director Jiang Qi to see what was going on in there, the door of the dressing room got pushed open and Yu Qinghuan strode out wearing that white gown.

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