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Chapter 18: Qingyuan’s Public Image Has Collapsed (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

A few days ago, Yu Qinghuan had already stuffed his fridge. So he didn’t have to buy the ingredients. This was the first time he would cook after his reincarnation, so he felt extra excited.

Cut the quality ribs into pieces of the same size, pickled with the seasoning, then put them into the oven to bake, then make barbecue sauce with honey, lemon juice, soy sauce and cooking wine, when the ribs start to spit in the oven, brush sauce on the surface, turn them over and keep baking.

In his small but neat kitchen, the warm light radiated from the oven reflected on Yu Qinghuan’s delicate face, making a harmonious scene.

The moment he opened the oven, the fragrance special to the barbecue immediately filled the whole kitchen. The ribs were baked just right, plump and juicy, ruddy and tempting. Only by watching it would already make one drooling.

The only imperfect thing was he had made too much.

But there should be a lot of people there. Zhao Qingyuan could share with others. So seen from this point, this amount was OK.

Yu Qinghuan got a MKM and put the ribs in it in apple-pie order and took it to the filming site early the next morning.

Yu Xin was still in Peach Village. He may not have come to an arrangement with those people. So Yu Qinghuan had to go to the filming site alone. Compared with other casts accompanied by a bunch of retinues, he was like a pauper who broke into brownstone district accidentally. What a scene!

Zhao Qingyuan, who had been waiting at entrance early in the morning, saw Yu Qinghuan the moment he appeared. He didn’t know why. He meant to ask about the bakes ribs in the first place. But when the words came out of his mouth, it turned into, “Why do you come alone? Where is your agent? This is your first play anyway. Why no one sent you?”

Is it possible he got excluded in the company?

On thinking of that, Zhao Qingyuan’s expression immediately became unfriendly.

Having seen through what he was thinking, Yu Qinghuan felt a stream of warmth in his heart. After handing the MKM to him, they walked inside together, “My agent has gone somewhere else to do something for me.”

“I knew it. You wouldn’t be that pathetic.” Zhao Qingyuan smiled while putting his hand on Yu Qinghuan’s shoulder, then paced up, “Come on. Hurry up. I told them to bring me a microwave.”

Yu Qinghuan pursed his lips. He even bought a microwave for a meal of bakes ribs? That was the way how rich people acted.

Now was the coldest time of the year. Though the ribs in the lunch box were not frozen, Yu Qinghuan took too many of them, he was afraid they might not be fully heated, so he set it to eight minutes. But Zhao Qingyuan was a short fuse. When it was only five minutes, he couldn’t wait any longer and opened the microwave and took out the ribs.

A thick fragrance was immediately smelled, making Zhao Qingyuan drooling. He put one into his mouth with two of his fingers.

The delicious taste special to barbecue exploded on his tongue, and then spread to the whole mouth. His mouth got burnt, but Zhao Qinghuan still wouldn’t spit it out. Before he finished the first one, he already stretched out his hand for the second one, meanwhile he gave Yu Qinghuan a thumbs-up with the other hand, “Hiss...It’’s goddamn yummy!”

“What smells so good?” A rough voice was heard from behind suddenly. Liu Jia’an followed the scent and came to them. On seeing the lunch box in Zhao Qingyuan’s hand, his eyes shone, “Where do you get the ribs? Come on. Give me some!”

Their shooting site was in a desolate area. One could barely see a bird nearby, let alone a restaurant! Liu Jia’an had lost a lot of weight recently. Now on seeing meat, his image? Already gone with the meat! He sprinted to Zhao Qingyuan and snatched the lunch box from him.

Zhao Qingyuan nearly cried with tears in his eyes, “Qinghuan made them for me!”

“Don’t be so stingy. You can ask him to cook for you next time.” With a dodge, Liu Jia’an escaped away from Zhao Qingyuan’s hand, and immediately stuffed two ribs into his mouth at the same time.

“Enough! Enough!” Zhao Qingyuan’s heart was bleeding. When he was about to grab it back, a crowd of people ran here like the wolves seeing a small animal.

“What are you eating, Liu? Come on. Give me some!”

“Ribs! Ribs! Come on. You can’t havethem to yourself!”

“Smells so good! I smelt it already there! Come on. Give me one.”


The counselor, scriptwriter, the producer...all surged forward like a bunch of ravenous wolves. When Zhao Qingyuan came to his sense, the lunch box was already emptied.

Looking at the empty lunch box, Zhao Qingyuan scanned around those people who grabbed the food from him with his resentful eyes. Now those people realized that they had snatched food from the best actor winner.

They immediately ran away, leaving Zhao Qingyuan alone looking at the empty lunch box .

Looking at his puppy eyes, Yu Qinghuan’s heart immediately softened. When he was about to move to him and tell him that he could cook for him next time, someone grasped his hand from behind. He turned around and saw a whisker old man was staring at him like a wolf staring at a small animal, “Are you Yu Qinghuan? You make two meals for me and I will write a exclusive script with you as the male lead, what do you say?”

That was the legendary scriptwriter Zeng Peirong, who was hard boned, the most quirky, and never wrote scripts for celebrities no matter how much they paid him.

Yu Qinghuan, “...”

Only two meals in exchange for a script Zeng Peirong personally wrote for him as the male lead? This must be a dream!

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