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Chapter 17: Qingyuan’s Public Image Has Collapsed (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

After leafing through Zhao Qingyuan’s Weibo, Yu Qinghuan replied with a simple ellipsis. Thanks to Zhao Qingyuan, Yu Qinghuan’s empty Weibo account had hundreds of thousands followers now. And this new update immediately received tons of messages from those wide-eyed enthusiastic followers.

[Wow! A new update finally! Even though there’s only an ellipsis.]

[Hahaha! Qinghuan is so chilled. Qingyuan should’ve been stamping his feet in anger.]

[Good, dude, you have successfully attracted my attention.]

[I’m wondering what kind of person this Qinghuan is.]


While those netizens were gossiping under Yu Qinghuan’s new update, the blogger who had ever posted Yu Qinghuan’s photo suddenly renewed his update–

San San Niang’s Sailor Suit: [Oh! This Yu Qinghuan and a senior of mine are as like as two peas, including their styles. So I pinched it out that maybe...]

Having been on the hot search on Weibo a few days, this dude was under the spotlight. His new updates immediately bombed the whole Weibo.

[So this Yu Qinghuan is that school uniform cute boy from Hua University?]

[Oh my god! I didn’t recognize him! I’m gonna follow him now!]

[My dreamy husband is so cute but keeps in a low profile. Why not use a photo of his own as the avatar? Why the heck does he use a blank picture?]

[Ah! I am a huge of Qingyuan! I am so jealous of him. I also want Qinghuan to set auto-responder for me.]

[Wake up. It’s late night now. Don’t daydream here.]


Because this new updates, those gossiping netizens immediately confirmed Yu Qinghuan’s identity. Soon a lot of Yu Qinghuan’s schoolmates had exposed his transcripts and all prizes he had won in school which aroused a huge wave.

In Hua University ranking the first place through the whole country, he had taken the first place in all the finals during the four years. And every time he could have won the National Scholarship. Besides, the trophies he had won in all kinds of competitions were as many as hell! Is he an alien?

Those gossiping citizens showed unprecedented interest in Yu Qinghuan. Only one afternoon, his followers had reached one million, comparable to an online celebrity.

Yu Qinghuan got slack-jawed. Now he was letting his character setting develop to the most boring side. He didn’t post any photos on it. Why were there so many followers? This was insane!

Qinghuan threw his phone on the bed. He was hoping this was only a moment’s thing. They were just curious about him. They may unfollow him after a few days.

Suddenly a burst of vibration interrupted his thoughts. He took up his phone. It was Zhao Qingyuan as expected. He knew he couldn’t hold it that long.

“Yu Qinghuan!” Zhao Qingyuan’s growl was heard on the other end, “You finally picked up my phone!”

“Didn’t you just call me once?” said Yu Qinghuan blandly. He then turned on the TV, which happened to be broadcasting an interview ofZhao Qingyuan.

Among a bunch of excited and screaming fans, Zhao Qingyuan’s emotionless face seemed quite attention-getting. Those who didn’t know him in person would really think he was really normcore.

“That’s not the point.” Zhao Qingyuan got choked by his words, but still questioned him, “Why do you play me?” You agreed to gossip and hang out with me? You said we are friends. You liar!

After a moment’s silence, Yu Qinghuan said, “I didn’t expect you have found it out till now.” If someone had been replying you with the same content, including the punctuations, as a normal person, shouldn’t he have found it out after a few sentences?

How dumb could Zhao Qingyuan be to chat with his auto-responder the whole afternoon!

Zhao Qinghuan, “...”

He knew Yu Qinghuan detested him and be sarcastic, saying he is dumb, foolish or what. Of course he could sense it!

But he had no guts to bicker with Yu Qinghuan, so he could only play rogue, “It is your fault anyway. You made me humiliated before all my followers on Weibo. They even said my public image has totally collapsed. You owe me! You have to apologize!”

Yu Qinghuan, “...”

Yu Qinghuan, “That’s because you posted the screenshot on your Weibo.”

Zhao Qingyuan, “!!!”

It seems quite reasonable...Wait! That’s not the point! The point is Qinghuan has to apologize to him!

“Anyway, you are the initiator of all this!”

“All right. In what way you want to me to apologize? Treat you to dinner?” For Zhao Qingyuan whose IQ only equaled to a five years old kid, Yu Qinghuan surrendered.

“There’s a long line of people wanting to treat me to dinner.” Zhao Qingyuan snorted. He rolled his eyes and immediately came up with a plan, “You have to cook for me yourself.”

As a standard affluent second generation, as far as Zhao Qingyuan could recall, few people in this world knew how to cook. So he thought this would be a super challenge for Yu Qinghuan.

“No problem.” Yu Qinghuan agreed without any hesitation, which stunned Zhao Qingyuan, “Let me tell you. You can’t buy any from outside. No helping hand. All by yourself!”

“I know.” Yu Qinghuan turned on the warmer. He then asked while warming his hands, “What would you like to eat? What about baked ribs?” One of Yu Qinghuan’s biggest hobbies was cooking.

Maybe because his parents had died young. Although those folks had given their greatest care to him, he still lacked the sense of security. Only by stuffing the empty fridge with a kinds of ingredients and make delicacies with them could fill the hole in his heart and make him have a sense of security.

He had great gift in cooking. Pity that he had made few friends in his precious life, plus he had to keep fit, so his superb cooking skills had been totally wasted.

Honestly speaking, he felt a little happy about Zhao Qingyuan’s demand. After all, finally someone could enjoy the dishes he personally made. That was a joyful thing.

“That’s...that’s great!” Zhao Qingyuan swallowed some saliva. He had been on diet for the movie The Line of Life and Death. He was already drooling on hearing the words baked ribes, let alone the taste of it.

“Then I’ll see you at the filming site.” After saying that, Yu Qinghuan was about to hang up, but Zhao Qingyuan stopped him, “Wait! When are you arriving? I can pick you up at the entrance.”

Pick him up? He is picking up the bakes ribs. But Yu Qinghuan didn’t puncture his lie, “About 8.”

“OK. See you tomorrow.”

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