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Chapter 16: Interview in the Street (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

He forced a smile, “One last question, why did you ignore us at the beginning?”

After he said this, everyone in the program set up their ears.

“Ah,” Huo Qu gave Yu Qinghuan a look, with a naïve expression on his face, “Qing Huan told me before leaving not to talk to strangers.”

The whole program group, “...”

Are you his barbie doll? Why are you so obedient?

The host felt a trace of unusual and asked, “What is your relationship with him?”

Huo Qu gave him an inexplicable look, “Didn’t you say it was the last question?”

The host, “...”

You finally got some intelligence! But this was not the time to show your shrewdness!

The program group left in a gloomy mood. After Yu Qinghuan bought two goldfish for Huo Qu, he then drove him home.

“I can’t take you out the following days,” Yu Qinghuan said to Huo Qu in the car. “I’m going to be on the set tomorrow. If you feel bored, send me a message and I’ll reply when I have time.”

Hearing that Qinghuan would not be seen in the following days, Huo Qu immediately felt frustrated. He bit his lip and asked carefully, “Can I go to see you?”

Yu Qinghuan shook his head: “The crew will keep it confidential when filming.”

“All right.” Huo Qu bowed his head in frustration with today’s good mood suddenly gone.

“Don’t be like a child.” Yu Qing Huan poked him in the face with a smile, “I won’t forget you, my friend.”

Huo Qu suddenly raised his head: “Then you can’t lie to me.”

Yu Qinhuan smiled and said, “I won’t, I promise.”

Just as the two men were talking, messages kept bombing Yu Qinghuan’s cell phone.

Zhao Qingyuan, [What are you doing, Qing Huan?]

Zhao Qingyuan, [When will you be in the film crew, I’ll pick you up!]

Zhao Qingyuan , [Oh, I can’t hold it any more, I want to tell you a piece of explosive news! Wang Chengcheng has a child, do you know? Her kid is fucking three years old already! She always said she is a virgin when in interviews.]

Zhao Qingyuan, [What are you doing? Give me a response at least.]


“Who is he?” Huo Qu suddenly felt a little uncomfortable in his heart. He only had Qinghuan as a good friend, but Qinghuan seemed to have many apart from him...

“A parrot,” Yu Qing Huan didn’t notice the change of Huo Qu’s mood and replied jokingly. Seeing that his ignore had no effect in Zhao Qingyuan and the other side was kept sending messages, Yu Qinghuan set up an automatic reply “And then?”, and set the messages coming in as “Do not disturb.”

Zhao Qingyuan, [The thought of playing as the lover of Wang Chengcheng makes me sick!]

Yu QInghuan, [And then?]

Zhao Qianyuan, [You finally replied to me! I’m afraid she would spread sensationalization on the relation of her and me!]

Yu Qinghuan, [And then?]

Zhao Qingyuan, [Well, I understand that you are a newcomer and don’t understand these hidden rules of entertainment circle. I will be totally screwed if got trapped in these gossips! I don’t want anything to do with Wang Chengcheng!]

Yu Qinghuan, [And then?]


Although Zhao Qingyuan was also puzzled by Qinghuan’s repeated reply, as long as there was a reply, he could go on with the conversation. He held his mobile phone and talked with Qinghuan’s automatic reply cheerfully for the whole afternoon.

Zhao Qingyuan’s agent finally found the strange, grabbed his cell phone and looked at Zhao Qingyuan as if he was mentally retarded. “Are you stupid? This is automatic reply!”

“What?” Zhao Qingyuan was dumbed.

That is to say, Qinghuan not only ignored him, but also used automatic reply to deceive him?

Zhao Qingyuan got furious!

A handsome, rich and attractive best actor winner asked him to chat, but he just gave a cold shoulder and set up an automatic reply?! How could this be tolerated?

The angry Zhao Qingyuan picked out some screenshots of the conversation and posted them on Weibo with an @Yu Yinghuan.

Zhao Qingyuan, [Where is your human nature? I chatted with the automated reply for the whole afternoon! How could you do this! [picture] [picture] [picture]]

Zhao Qingyuan always held a cold and taciturn image in front of the public. His previous Weibo had few words and no emotion. When this one was sent out, it immediately aroused heated discussions among fans on Weibo!

[What was this? LOL. So hilarious!]

[Is this that Qingyuan I know? I seemed to see an angry husky...]

[I agreed with you. Haha. That’s actually what I wanted to say. Your image in front of the public has collapsed. Does your agent know about this?]

[I laughed to tears, I thought Qinghuan did nothing wrong. The problem is you are too stupid.]

[Am I the only one who is curious about Qinghuan? He must be a goblin if he can get Qingyuan’s attention and the privilege to appear on Qingyuan’s Weibo.]

[Just wait. I will find out the true identity of this Yu Qinghuan.]


As a result, the topic about Yu Qinghuan and Zhao Qingyuan appeared again on Weibo trends.

#Looking for Yu Qingyuan#

#Zhao Qingyuan, Yu Qinghuan, and then?#

Yu Qinghuan was startled the moment he opened his Weibo.

So... just because he let Zhao Qingyuan chat with his automatic reply for an afternoon, the other party let him appear on the hot searches twice?

Well, he was indeed a man who bore grudges.

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