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Chapter 9

When Du Yu Shu arrived home, she couldn’t sleep. She subconsciously took out her phone from under her pillow and went on Weibo. However, when she saw the homepage, she laughed and stuffed her phone back.

After tossing and turning for a while, Du Yu Shu still couldn’t sleep. Sha angrily sat up and rubbed her hair. She took out her phone and applied for a new Weibo account. Out of habit, she went onto Ye Jing An’s page and followed him. After doing this, Du Yu Shu looked as if she had just woken and violently rubbed her hair as she quickly went to unfollow him. After doing so, she laid back down.

She knows exactly why she couldn’t fall asleep.

Once she closed her eyes, she would see that person’s alluring peach blossom eyes with infinite affection, his tempting low voice like the richest red wine as he said to her, “You stole my heart, baby.”

––That is fake!

In her mind, Du Yu Shu angrily drank. That is fake, he is a liar!

That swindler!

Du Yu Shu gnashed her teeth and she let out a curse as she threw aside her phone and stare at the ceiling. She gently said, “That person is less than 1.85 meter, neither tall nor robust, can’t cook or love someone. He also can’t bring you a sense of security, so why do you like him in the end?”

Her voice is full of helplessness and bitterness.

––Because he was the only one who can give me light in my darkest times.

Du Yu Shu heard her soft and gentle voice in the silence of the bedroom that carried a trace of bittersweet.

Twelve years ago, fifteen-year-old Du Yu Shu was alone in the streets of the capital.

At that time, it was raining heavily. Du Yu Shu’s whole body was drenched and her knees had also been scratched. The clothes in her hands were also dirtied with mud. She sat there, alone in the empty street with the type of panic you would feel if you were abandoned by the entire world.

At that moment, a teenager in a white shirt and holding an umbrella bent down and put the umbrella over her. Du Yu Shu looked up and saw the teenager softly smile and look at her with worry, “Are you okay?”

Even his voice sounds nice, makings others entranced.

That teenager was like a ray of sunshine poking through the rainy sky and penetrated deep into her heart.

Du Yu Shu’s family was not harmonious, her parents married for political reasons and are usually busy. Whenever they see each other, they would always talk to each other in cold words and sarcastic comments. In her memories, Du Yu Shu recounted that her parents are not usually home to accompany her, let alone eat a simple lunch.

They are always busy and even if they are not, they would mock each other. It is very common for them to walk away from the dining table in the middle of a meal.

During those times, a small Du Yu Shu would nestle in her older brother’s arm and quietly cry while asking him why her parents won’t stay with them.

Her brother, who is three years older than her, would look at her with a look that would say that she is too young to understand and continue to hold her and didn’t say anything.

All the way until she was fifteen-years-old, her most important family is her brother, her parents are just strangers. But when she was fifteen, her parents divorced and she was sent to live with her mother while her brother stayed with their father.

Du Yu Shu’s mother brought her back to her country and settled in B City.

Du Yu Shu’s mother is tough and controlling and the Du Yu Shu then was at the stage of rebellion. And this stranger of a mother who had never had a proper meal with her would always have that look of tiredness and loathing. In Du Yu Shu’s eyes, this mother of hers is the culprit who separated her and her brother. Because of this, she hates her to death!

She also had to adapt to a new foreign campus life which is different from her old studies. Her Chinese is not fluent, her classmates isolated her, she has no friends, relatives or warmth. At that time, the fifteen-year-old Du Yu Shu couldn’t stand it anymore and decided to run away from home to look for her brother.

With no money, Du Yu Shu, who hasn’t eaten in two days, walked around in the streets. Du Yu Shu, who had come out from the school and had only been in the city for only a few days, quickly got lost. When the heavy rain poured, a soaked Du Yu Shu stood at a corner of a street where she accidentally tripped and scraped her knee, causing red blood to flow out.

It was at this time that Du Yu Shu saw the teenager.

Warm, bright, and can light her life.

Later on, when she saw the teenager on TV, she recognized him at a glance.

Du Yu Shu quietly fell asleep.

The next day, Du Yu Shu could feel the warm sunshine from behind the curtains.

Du Yu Shu was forlorn, she really hates hot weather.

Du Yu Shu was able to sleep peacefully after a dreamless night. Today, she felt more spirited.

These two days, Du Yu Shu’s scenes aren’t heavy. When Song Chen came to visit, Du Yu Shu, who had filmed two scenes in the morning, was leisurely drinking black tea while looking over the script. Occasionally, she would say a few words to Wang Jie.

Song Chen, “......”

How can she have so much leisure! It really makes others jealous!

After greeting Du Yu Shu, Song Chen went on to happily greet Director Zhang and the other crew members as well as handing out the drinks that her assistant bought. After Song Chen had made a round around the studio, Song Chen carefully watched Wang Jie. When she saw that Wang Jie wasn’t looking her way, she smiled and quickly handed Du Yu Shu a pack of white rabbit candy.

Wang Jie, “.......Hey!”

Du Yu Shu loves desserts, especially candies. This white rabbit candy is her favorite.

Du Yu Shu is an actress so maintaining her figure is necessary. Even now, Wang Jie limits her intake of sweets.

Also, because Du Yu Shu doesn’t lose weight or exercise, she had gained three pounds these past few months!

Du Yu Shu looked at her innocently and hid the candy behind her back, “It is for my face, not my body.”

Wang Jie, “.....”

Du Yu Shu hid behind Song Chen and hugged her waist. She lowered her head behind her back, pretending not to exist.

Wang Jie covered her forehead, and seeing Song Chen’s faint smile, she helplessly said, “Only this one time, you have gained some pounds recently.”

“All right, all right.” Having won this round, Du Yu Shu quickly tore the packaging and unwrap a piece of candy and put it in her mouth. Then she unwrapped another one and put it in Song Chen’s mouth.

Her pink tongue wrap around the white fingertip.

At the side, Ye Jing An who witnessed this, pursed his lips as he glared coldly at Song Chen.

Feeling a pair of gaze on her, Song Chen casually turned around. She was slightly surprised when she caught a glimpse of Ye Jing An’s cold eyes.

That pair of peach blossom eyes then revealed a look of casual mockery before closing his eyes, causing Song Chen to become even more confused.

“Why did you come?” Du Yu Shu asked vaguely as she joyfully looked at the remaining candies that she poured out from the package.

“I miss you, baby,” Song Chen said with a smile, “I haven’t seen you in a long time so I miss you to death.”

“You’re acting fishy.” Du Yu Shu hummed, not believing her.

Song Chen smiled and didn’t answer.

When Song Chen got home the other day, she felt that Du Yu Shu’s reaction was a bit strange. While she was lying in bed and thought of Du Yu Shu’s reaction, it doesn’t seem like the type of reaction someone would have when they have leverage over their sworn enemy.

There was some broken-heartedness.....


When she came to this conclusion, Song Chen was shocked for a moment and then remembered that Du Yu Shu is participating in a reality show.

Obviously, the day before, Du Yu Shu personally told her that she isn’t interested in reality shows and doesn’t want to participate in them at all, but after that day, she told her that she is going to participate in a reality show that Ye Jing An is rumored to be in.

Logically speaking, if you really hate a person, doesn’t it mean that you don’t want to associate with that person for your entire life?

––And yet Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An had worked together on many projects.

Well, she could put aside that matter right now. After all, who in the entertainment industry haven’t collaborated with someone they hate.

Song Chen had been a child star and has been friends with Du Yu Shu for many years, so she is very clear that there are more sensitive topics compared to that.

She always felt that Du Yu Shu was acting strangely.

The answer that Du Yu Shu gave her was that Wang Jie personally received the invitation to participate in the reality show, show she has no choice but to accept it in order to not embarrass the other party. But Du Yu Shu has been in the entertainment industry for eight years, the amount of variety shows that she partake in could be counted on one hand. Wang Jie had never taken the initiative to accept other people’s invite without her permission, so why would she start now?

You can put on makeup quickly on the reality show but it is even faster to get a tan!

So-and-so little flower only participated in two reality shows but she was still able to get really tan that even her mother couldn’t even recognize her!

Looking at Du Yu Shu’s smiling face, Song Chen hid all her worries in her heart and let out a smile.

Who doesn’t have things that they don’t want to tell strangers? Even to their friends and family, they won’t tell.

Even when her parents asked her about her ex-boyfriend, she didn’t explain anything to them.

“So, why did you come today, didn’t you just start work?” Du Yu Shu had already eaten three pieces of candy consecutively as she enjoyed the sweet taste that traveled from her tongue to her heart.

“Don’t even mention it. The production is a tremendous mess. From yesterday until now, that little white lotus and I had NGed more than twenty times. Every time we mess up, she would apologize to the crew all delicately and charmingly. Ugh, it really disgusts me. If she used the same skills during the scenes, everything would’ve been fine!”

“Pfft.....hahaha,” Du Yu Shu couldn’t help but laugh out loud and whisper in Song Chen’s ears, “I think you calling someone little white lotus is out of sorts hahaha.”

Song Chen glared and pinched Du Yu Shu.

Those two people, playing around like little children, made it so that no ordinary people could get close to them.

On the stage, Xi Na and Ye Jing An looked over at them with shock and couldn’t help but exclaim, “They get along so well.”

Du Yu Shu would usually have a cold expression on, when can she laugh so closely with someone?

“Very noisy.” Ye Jing An coldly narrowed his eyes.

Xi Na thought that Ye Jing An was talking about Du Yu Shu and Song Chen so she just smiled and didn’t speak. She thought, so Ye Jing An and Du Yu Shu’s friction isn’t a rumor after all.

Du Yu Shu laid on Song Chen’s shoulder, panting. Feeling a cold gaze on her, she looked up and met Ye Jing An’s eyes. Du Yu Shu frowned and pulled Song Chen up, “Let’s go to my lounge to rest.”

Seeing Du Yu Shu pull Song Chen away, Ye Jing An’s eyes even darker until it couldn’t be seen anymore.

After he finished filming his scene, Ye Jing An quietly walked down from the stage to drink water. He looked at Wei Meng who is at his side and whispered.

“Mr. Agent, you should start working on your atonement.”

Wei Meng felt wronged as he gritted his teeth and asked, “What have I done wrong?!”

“You typed so many words to slander me, is it now?” Ye Jing An leisurely smiled.

“Didn’t I already make it up to you!” Wei Meng rushed to argue.

“That is because your relationship with Wang Jie is so good, slandering me is another matter,” Ye Jing An smiled and patted Wei Meng’s shoulder, “I’m Song Chen’s fan, go get me an autograph.”

Wei Meng, “......”

In the end, what have I done wrong?!

Wei Meng burst into tears.

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