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Chapter 8

Ultimately, Wang Jie still promised Wei Meng.

This is Du Yu Shu’s first reality show and it is very strict so members being familiar with one another is necessary. For the reality to be well-received, the member’s mutual cooperation is indisputable.

Not to mention《Vertical and Horizontal Alliance》 also has Du Yu Shu’s sworn enemy, Ye Jing An.”

In the afternoon, Ye Jing An and Du Yu Shu’s scenes progress smoothly. When Du Yu Shu’s scenes were all finished, it was only 4:48 which was about an hour earlier than expected.

Du Yu Shu went back to her lounge room to rest. When Ye Jing An’s gaze swept the area around the stage and saw that that person is not there, his eyebrows furrowed. His low voice was rich like a hundred-year-old wine, “.....So?”

“.......I like you.” Voice choked with emotions. That gentle flower shop owner’s eyes were empty, looking dazed.

“Cut––!” Director Zhang loudly yelled, “Zhang Yi, you are a blind woman! A blind woman! A blind woman who has killed someone and loves him like crazy! Do you know how to play a deceitful blind woman?!”

Zhang Yi hurried to apologize, but Director Zhang just waved his hand and tell them to come back in five minutes. Zhang Yi’s assistant also hurried to bow in apology. Zhang Yi sighed in sadness.

Wang Jie told Du Yu Shu about tonight’s dinner meeting for《Vertical and Horizontal Alliance》when she was removing her makeup, her water on her face has not yet dried.

Du Yu Shu inadvertently played with the glass, “Can I not go?”

Wang Jie unhesitatingly said, “No!”

Du Yu Shu, “.......”

Du Yu Shu’s eyes showed some protest. Wang Jie slightly touched her nose and softly laugh, “It has already been discussed with the crew. This weekend you have to Z City record for the reality show. Coincidentally, the film also needs to go to Z City as well to film some scenes in the forest. Are you sure you don’t want to see your cast members?”

“I’m not blaming you,” Wang Jie shrugged, “ “Wang Xiao Chen, Meng Yun Rui, Yang Yu Bo, Dong Hua Nian, do you know any of these four? Which one do you know? Are you familiar with their face? Can you match their names with their face?”

Du Yu Shu, “.......”

“This program is called 《Vertical and Horizontal Alliance》, although there is no information about the specific rules, the name has some hints on what it is about right?” Wang Jie paused and handed Du Yu Shu’s clothes to her, “Are you sure you don’t want to go? If you’re not careful, your future teammates will make an alliance with Ye Jing AN oh.”

Du Yu Shu took her clothes and gave Wang Jie a serious look, “Wang Jie, our friendship has turned over.”

“It’s fine, I can get on a larger ship.” Wang Jie smiled.

“Never going to happen.” Du Yu Shu’s face was expressionless.

Wang Jie, “.......”

Is there any artist more annoying than this one?!

Eight o’clock in the evening, Yu Shu’s third floor, Private Blue Room.

Wang Jie watched as Du Yu Shu entered the door. She greeted the other artists before heading out. In this type of occasion, the agents leaving their artists will feel some restraint.

When Du Yu Shu arrived, there were already three other people in the room. When they saw her, the three people stopped talking and chatted with her. In the car, she had already seen their pictures and could clearly recognize them. When she greeted them, the other three people sighed in relief.

The one with the fair skin and the tender face is Wang Xiao Chen. That type of elegant look is a favorite of among the young ladies. It is said that his laugh is like a ray of sunshine so all the young ladies would call him little sunshine. After starring as the sorrowful second lead in 《Heart of Mind》as little prince, he suddenly blew up and had become a center of attention in the entertainment world.

The one with the calm and serious air is Dong Hua Nian. He has been in the entertainment circle for eight years and has a big brother image with his lukewarm personality. His popularity is not bad.

Yang Yu Bo looks very pure and beautiful with her long hair and doll-like features. Qing Ling media’s Hua Dan*. Has a lot of black history but is now trying to turn a new leaf.

T/N: Vivacious characters in Chinese opera

These are the information that Wang Jie told her in the car. Du Yu Shu sat next to Yang Yu Bo. Everyone is in the same circle, so even if they aren’t smooth and slick in establishing social relations, they can still say that they tried. Their relationship could still be considered joyous and harmonious.

Even though Du Yu Shu may seem cold and is a person of few words, she is very polite. When Dong Hua Nian handed her a cup of waters, she courteously said thank you. Although, she is not involved in the discussion, when she speaks, she does not dampen everyone’s mood, much to the other three’s relief.

There had been many rumors surrounding Du Yu Shu: some say that her background made it hard for her company to control her, some say that she has quite a few Gold Masters, there are even some that say that she is from a prestigious family. In short, many people still go their own way, even Ye Jing An who has survived in the entertainment industry doesn’t care about the rumors of Du Yu Shu. From the beginning, Dong Hua Nian was worried that he would have to deal with a “princess,” but looking at her now, he felt at ease.

From this girl’s every move, one could tell that she is very educated.

In a short while, Meng Yun Rui came in. He had participated in one reality show before and many variety shows, so he is well-known in the area. His temper is very open and he has a refined characteristic. He punished himself with three cups of wine and laughed, “Having to make the two goddesses wait is truly a sin. I will punish myself with three cups to show my deep love for the goddesses.”

Wang Xiao Chen laughed, “Then what about us? What is Brother Nian and I to you?”

Wang Xiao Chen and Meng Yun Rui had participated in a few projects together so their relationship is not bad.

“You?” Meng Yun Rui shrugged, “Isn’t waiting for me be something you ought to do?”

Wang Xiao Chen looked over at Dong Hua Nian for help in beating him up. Meng Yun Rui hid behind Du Yu Shu and Yang Yu Bo to beg them for help. After a while of happily watching, Yang Yu Bo just persuades him to drink the wine. Bitter, Meng Yun Rui look for help from Du Yu Shu, who just said, “Just drink it.”

Meng Yun Rui, “......”

“Hahaha!” Wang Xiao Chen laughed, “Of course Shu jie is domineering, Rui ge, you’re still not going to drink that cup in your hand?”

Meng Yun Rui boldly downed the cup of wine, “Drink!”

He then turned to Du Yu Shu and Yang Yu Bu and pitifully said, “For my Goddess Yu Bo and my Goddess Yu Shu, ten thousand deaths will not stop me!”

When he finished saying this, the door was opened.

Bright clear skin, broad shoulders, narrow waist, indifferent expression, lips slightly curved into a smile. The entire person seemed to have come out of a painting, simple and magnanimous with a classical extravagance and oppression.

Ye Jing An’s eyes sweep around the group and landed on Meng Yun Rui’s body.


The room was dead silent until Dong Hua Nian quickly laughed, “The emperor finally arrived.”

At the moment, Dong Hua Nian doesn’t know how to call Ye Jing An. Based on age, he is older than Ye Jing An by 7-8 years and has been in the entertainment industry for a longer period, but he is not as popular as him. In the group, he is definitely inferior to the others but couldn’t bring himself to say ‘ge.’ So he could only call him emperor which wouldn’t be wrong.

Several others also stood up and greeted Ye Jing An, who also politely returned the greeting. Although there was no mistake when he was greeting–– there was a smile on his face the entire time––there seems to be a separation between him and the others.

When Ye Jing An sat down, he only realized that there was only one seat left at Du Yu Shu’s left. Around the circle sat Wang Xiao Chen, Dong Hua Nian, Meng Yunrui, an empty seat, and then Du Yu Shu and Yang Yubo. In other words, Ye Jing An could only sit next to Du Yu Shu.

The other four had a bad premonition. It is no secret that Emperor Ye Jing An and Leading Actress Du Yu Shu don’t get along and would publicly quarrel with one another. The director even personally told them to watch over Ye Jing An and Du Yu Shu and try to separate them whenever they can. These two days, while they were filming their film, they had been fighting nonstop and caused Director Zhang to lose his temper.

But Ye Jing An just calmly sat next to and gently smiled, “Leading Actress Du.”

This time, Du Yu Shu didn’t look up and meet his eyes but just casually said, “Emperor Ye.”


A harsh sound of a chair sliding against the floor could be heard. A few people subconsciously looked up at the source. Dong Hua Nian gave an embarrassed smile, “Ei, these days I have been eating too much and have gained some weight. I thought I can pretend to look thin, but the result is that the chair doesn’t fit me.”

Yang Yu Bo immediately joined in and talked about how his agent is making him lose weight, Ye Jing An just smiled; he casually turned his eyes to look at Du Yu Shu and silently laughed.

Du Yu Shu lowered her head as she drank water, exposing a looming white neck under her long black tresses. Ye Jing An would join in with the discussion with mild humor as well, making the others laugh at several times. However, Du Yu Shu did not move at all.

Ye Jing An deliberately brought the topic over to Du Yu Shu and softly laughed, “I still remember that time when Leading Actress Du lost weight; it even became a hot topic on Weibo. Leading Actress Du, you must have some thought on this topic right?”

Even after hearing this, Du Yu Shu didn’t lift her head. She spoke in a not salty or light tone, “Ye Jing An is overthinking it.” 𝓲𝗻𝚗𝑟𝑒𝓪𝑑. 𝘤𝚘𝚖

“Share some advice with us, I also want to lose some weight as well.” Ye Jing An smiled and laughed.

The smell of gunpowder wafted in the air. Within this circle of people, Yang Yu Bo and Meng Yun Rui are the most sophisticated. When she saw that Ye Jing An is doing this deliberately, Yang Yu Bo laughed first, “How does Shu jie do this? Share some advice with us; I also want to lose weight. These days my agent has been ordering me what to eat and not to eat; now, I can only drink water!”

Hearing Yang Yu Bo’s exaggerated language which caused the others to politely smile, Du Yu Shu frowned. After giving Ye Jing An a glare, she faced him with a calm smile and clear eyes. She spoke in a too calm voice, “Eat less, exercise more.”

After Yang Yu Bo and the others laughed, Du Yu Shu added, “After I talked about losing weight, I gained six pounds.”

This caused everyone to laugh again.

After Dong Hua Nian calmed down, the crease between his eyes smoothed out. It looks like the conflict between Ye Jing An and Du Yu Shu isn’t so big.

It was Ye Jing An’s turn to stay silent. Du Yu Shu wasn’t like this before.

Once she quipped that she is fat, she would put herself down.

Right now, what is wrong with her?

This dinner could be considered harmonious, everyone chatted happily. After eating, they proposed to play Kings. This can be considered a way for everyone to get closer together. In the first round, Meng Yun Rui is king.

T/N: It took me a while for me to realize that Kings is a drinking game with playing cards. The person who draws a King card makes a rule that everyone must follow. More information here.

Meng Run Rui smirked as he scanned the people around the room. Wang Xiao Chen’s heart stopped when Meng Yun Rui’s gaze landed on him. He raised his hand to hit him when Meng Yun Rui made some threatening gestures and shouted, “Stop! He is trying to murder the king!”

She has to say, Meng Yun Rui is very suitable for variety shows. Even though Du Yu Shu isn’t feeling so well, after seeing the way Meng Yun Rui is acting, she couldn’t help but laugh.

“Two of hearts and ten of diamonds, publicly pronounce their love, tone and action have to be sincere!”

Du Yu Shu turned over her own card, ten of diamonds. Ye Jing An slowly turned his over, two of hearts.

The room was silent.

Like poured water, his words couldn’t be taken back. Men Yun Rui praised his good luck.

How did he draw out these two people!

Ye Jing An slowly stood up; today, he is wearing a blue shirt. His bewitching eyes showed infinite affection as he smiled at her. His voice was low, sounding like a siren’s lure as he said to her in an affectionate tone, “You stole my heart, baby.”

At that moment, Du Yu Shu’s fingers twitched. She slowly looked up, her left hand curled into a fist under the table. She lightly said, “I refuse.”

Afraid that they might start fighting, Meng Yun Rui laughed to ease the tension, followed by Yang Yu Bo and Dong Hua Nian as they started the next round of games.

When they finally left, it is already half past ten. Tomorrow, they are all very busy, their itineraries are not little, especially Yang Yu Bo and Wang Xiao Chen.

When Wang Jie came to pick Du Yu Shu up, she saw that atmosphere between them are better than she expected. Her mood gone up. However, she still has some worries and said to her, “Yu Shu, in reality shows, it is easy to put on powder, but it is even easier to get tan, you.....”

“Oh.....” Du Yu Shu dragged.

“You’re finally not going to fight with Ye Jing An anymore, right?” Wang Jie cried tears of joy, “You two have been in a feud for seven and a half years already. Do you know how long has it been since you’ve debuted? Eight years! From when you debuted to now, what has he done to you?”

Du Yu Shu looked at Wang Jie with a serious expression, Ye Jing An’s face flashed in her mind. Her lips happily curved as she propped her chin with her hand and said in a low voice, “He stole my heart.”

Wang Jie, “Hehe......” This conversation cannot go on, how can her artist say this kind of joke.

I want to pinch her innocent face!

Du Yu Shu looked at her with innocent eyes, look, even when I say the truth, no one would believe me.

This is very good, Du Yu Shu laughed.

Smiling until her eyes curved of her innocent love, like a little princess.

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