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Chapter 6

Wang Jie printed out the contract that Du Yu Shu is going to sign. Orange TV recently encountered a small problem. The broadcast of a current reality show was banned from the higher-ups. This week, Orange TV replayed a different variety to fill in the time slot but it is unclear how long this is going to last. So 《Vertical and Horizontal Alliance》which is expected to be broadcasted in October is fighting for its release in September causing the production team and the higher-ups in Orange TV to be restless.

That reality show that was banned had very strong public opinions and was even broadcasted on Saturday during the prime time period of 9 o’clock to 11 o’clock. Now to take the spot of such a reality show during the prime time slot on Saturdays, the loss is not small.

Now it is already mid-August, Orange TV means to catch up as much as possible for the show to broadcast in September. Not only do they have to deal with the artists’ schedule and the production team’s arrangements, there is also the matter of publicity.

However, Orange TV is very wealthy, having stood in the entertainment world for decades. 《Vertical and Horizontal Alliance》is also a program which they spent a lot of effort in preparing, even though it is in a haste, many people are still anticipating the program.

A few days ago, after the reality show was banned, Orange TV began its promotion for《Vertical and Horizontal Alliance》spending a huge amount of money on marketing campaigns on Weibo. Although the cast has not been announced, the news #Ye Jing An Yan Xi is suspected to participate in Vertical and Horizontal Alliance# soon broke out, garnering a lot of attention, even though it is half true and half false.

These two days there are many scenes with Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An but Director Zhang doesn’t allow those two people to practice. Instead, he just brushes over their scenes and continues on with the other scenes.

Du Yu Shu was a little depressed. At the end of the day, after witnessing Ye Jing An and Du Yu Shu’s quarrel, Wang Jie and Wei Meng, who was being unjustly caught in the crossfire for being present at the time, couldn’t stand it anymore and pulled their artists away and sent them to their cars.

“Can’t you save me from some heartache ah!” Wang Jie grieved, “You two are going to participate in the same reality show, can you be a little more friendly?”

Du Yu Shu simply said, “No.”

Wang Jie, “......”

All the way to Du Yu Shu’s house, Wang Jie didn’t say anything, but her expression reveals her dissatisfaction.

When Du Yu Shu arrived home, she answered her brother’s call. After chatting for a while, she sent him away to eat and went to Weibo.

At this time, Orange TV has started its marketing campaign and Du Yu Shu participating in 《Vertical and Horizontal Alliance》had become a hot topic. Du Yu Shu furrowed her brows and found that the cast has already been announced. More big V’s began to post about the news of《Vertical and Horizontal Alliance》and evening mentioning Ye Jing An and Yan Xi.

T/N: Big V is like a verified account for big celebrities, companies, etc.

Although some people are raising questions about the cast list online, some people chose to believe it. There are also some people who call for the broadcast of that other reality show. Du Yu Shu scrolled past it with disinterest and watch another video.

“Bang, bang, bang,” someone knocked on the door. Du Yu Shu unconsciously stopped the video, the two words 《Sage King》disappear from the screen; and she went to open the door.

It’s Song Chen.

Compare to the Song Chen from two days ago, today’s Song Chen seems to be in a more bad mood, her face looking gloomier.

Du Yu Shu invited her in. Song Chen sat on the sofa and held the pillow without talking. Du Yu Shu stares at her for awhile before going to the kitchen to get a bowl of strawberry from the fridge. She casually asks, “What happened, who made our princess so unhappy?”

Song Chen looked weakly looked at her, pick up the strawberries into the mouth and stayed silent for a moment. Then she said, “That little white lotus has a gold master backing her.”

“Isn’t that normal?” Du Yu Shu doesn’t understand why Song Chen is in a bad mood, “If no one is backing her, how can she be so arrogant?”

Song Chen stayed silent as she pinched the strawberry in her hand. Her face was very cold as she said, “––It’s Li Mo Qing.”

Li Mo Qing, the heir to Li Shi Media, Song Chen’s ex-boyfriend.

Du Yu Shu doesn’t know why they broke up, just that one day, the strong and powerful Song Chen bawled her eyes out like a little kid for an entire night. The next day, her eyes were so swollen that no one could see it.

“You.....” Du Yu Shu was just about to say some words of comfort until she saw Song Chen look up and laugh. She pinched the strawberry in her hand as the red juices flow down her fingertip.

Du Yu Shu, “......”

“What does that little white lotus have against me?” Song Chen elegantly picked up the paper towel wiped his fingers and smiled, “Do the girls right now like to toss around their boyfriend’s ex?”

Du Yu Shu, “......”

“Bunnies also bite,” Song Chen smiled, “but I am not a bunny.”

Du Yu Shu: “.....Yes, you are a piranha.”

Song Chen looks at her disdainfully as she turns her phone over and said, “I heard you are participating in a reality show with Ye Jing An.”

“Where did you hear that from?” Du Yu Shu drank a mouthful of water.

“Didn’t it already spread on Weibo? You’re really going to participate?”


“Tut,” Song Chen wanted to see what treasured animal is looking at Du Yu Shu, “I thought that you and Ye Jing An don’t like each other, but looking at it now, it seems like there is something you want to hide.”

Du Yu Shu spits out the water.

“Is it love or hate?” Song Chen nudged her shoulder.

“Get lost!” Du Yu Shu slammed the cup on the table, “Just looking at his taunting face makes me lose my appetite!”

Song Chen thoughtfully looks at Du Yu Shu and said, “I remember your relationship with Ye Jing An when you were filming 《Sage King》, but then....”

“That is because I was young back then and couldn’t see the truth,” Du Yu Shu said resolutely and unhesitatingly, “I am participating in that reality show because Wang Jie picked it out for me and had already talked about it with the production team.”

Du Yu Shu felt her hands are sweating.

That person’s elegant and contemptuous voice once again rang in her ears.

“Du Yu Shu? That idiot who relies on her connections? It’s better if it’s Xia Ning Hua, at least she has some aura and her acting is pretty good.”

An idiot who relies on her connections.

This is that person’s evaluation of her.

After that.....

“Du Yu Shu! Du Yu Shu!”

A puzzled voice sounded in Du Yu Shu’s ears.

Du Yu Shu’s face was a little pale. Song Chen shook her twice, her face showed some worry, “Are you okay? Are you not feeling well? I called you a bunch of times. Is something wrong?”

“I’m fine,” Du Yu Shu faintly said, her pale lips revealed a slight smile, “Every month whenever that relative comes, I feel a little tired.”

“Pffft—” Song Chen laughed, “Come, I’ll show you something to make you feel vigor.”

“Come, I’ll give you a chance to beat Ye Jing An.”

Song Chen turned on her phone and scrolled through her gallery. After finding the picture, she enlarged it and showed it to Du Yu Shu, “Look, this is a good handle ah.”

T/N: handle (把柄)- information used against someone.

The lights are dim. The man is washing his hands while the woman hugs him from behind. The man’s face was soft while the woman’s expression is charming.

Those two people, although it is in black and white, Du Yu Shu could recognize them.

–––Ye Jing An and Xia Ning Hua.

“Isn’t it a good handle?” Song Chen looks at her smilingly, “Emperor Ye’s lover. Emperor Ye’s soft expression as he looks at this woman’s charming expression. Looking at this ambiguous scene, even a fool can tell that they are lovers!”

Du Yu Shu didn’t give any reaction to Song Chen as she continues to stare at the photo. Song Chen nudge Du Yu Shu and smile, concealing the worry in her eyes, “Yu Shu?”

“I’m fine,” Du Yu Shu curved her lips, revealing a stiff smile, “This is a really good handle, thank you, Song Chen. It really is a good handle....”

Song Chen had a bad feeling about this, she felt that Du Yu Shu is acting strangely. Du Yu Shu lightly laughs, “Thank you very much, Chen Chen. With this, I can toy with Ye Jing An.”

Song Chen carefully studies Du Yu Shu. Seeing that her smile looks normal and that nothing is wrong, her heart calmed down. At this time, Du Yu Shu yawned and immediately said, “Great Aunt* is really painful. Chen Chen, I’m very sleepy QAQ.”

T/N: slang for period

Song Chen knock her head, “You usually eat cold things, now you feel very uncomfortable right? Ok, have a good rest, I won’t bother you anymore.”

Song Chen left, leaving Du Yu Shu in her thoughts. She knows that Song Chen noticed something but doesn’t want to worry about it. She lies on the sofa, that sentence once again sounded in her ears.

“Du Yu Shu? So stupid.”

“At least Xia Ning Hua has some aura.”


“Has some aura.”

Stop thinking about it! Du Yu Shu sat up and took a couple of big breaths. After struggling for a while, she found her black phone and went onto Weibo and look at the name under the pink rabbit—My Family’s An An is the Best.

This username that she has been using on Weibo since she was fifteen, that time was her most truthful beliefs.

From the time that Ye Jing An debuted, she had watched over him. It was because of him that she entered show business.

Du Yu Shu faintly smiles. And now, he has a girlfriend.

At that time he was a smiling shy teenager, now he is a glorious noble youth who has his own girlfriend and is only gentle with that person.

Unfortunately, that person is not her.

Du Yu Shu laughed. She thought, maybe in this life she will no longer use this Weibo account.

That night, Du Yu Shu had a restless sleep. She dreamed about the shithead she was back then who ran away from home.

When Wang Jie picked her up, she was shocked by the dark circles under her eyes. Du Yu Shu’s skin is so fair, usually, she would look very bright, but today she looks so haggard!

“What is it?” Wang Jie hurriedly said.

“Just didn’t sleep well,” Du Yu Shu said casually, “The relative that comes once a month is too painful.”

“Do you want to rest today?” Wang Jie frowned.

“No need, I’m not that delicate,” Du Yu Shu laughed and put on a pair of sunglasses, “Once I get dressed up then it’ll be alright. I’ll sleep for a while, wake me when we get there.”

She didn’t wait for Wang Jie to speak before reclining her body and slept.

Wang Jie could only shut up.

“Yo, isn’t that Leading Actress Du?” When she got off the car, Du Yu Shu heard that familiar taunting voice, “What, afraid to see people?”

Ye Jing An expected Du Yu Shu to jump up and fight back, but this time, Du Yu Shu just looked at him coldly and walked away.

Wang Jie burst into tears, Yu Shu had grown up ah!

Ye Jing An raised his head and saw Du Yu Shu walk into the studio without a glance towards his way.

What is happening?

Ye Jing An frowned, did something happened yesterday that he didn’t know about?

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