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Chapter 29

Number one is Yang Yu Bo, number two is Dong Hua Nian, number three is Ye Jing An, number four is herself. Even as the staff handed her the equipment, Du Yu Shu’s lips were pale, the formula running through her head.

That’s great, Ye Jing An isn’t number six.

I must win.

Du Yu Shu thought as she was pushed down the chain.

The wind whipped against her face and lifted her hair. The strong wind made it so that Du Yu Shu couldn’t even open her eyes, let alone get the envelopes.

When she closed her eyes, she couldn’t help but think of the scene in the Ferris wheel.

I must win.

Du Yu Shu opens her eyes and repeats to herself.

I must win.

At that moment, the height seems like nothing. As her hair hits her mouth, Du Yu Shu vigorously snatches the envelopes.

I must win, Du Yu Shu slowly and firmly repeated.

I must win!

The wind whistled and the branches rustled in her ears. The branches brush against her palm as she reaches out to get the envelopes.

Suddenly everything stopped.

It ended.

Her face and lips are white, her black wind-blown hair messy, but in her hands are four envelopes.

She smiles and looks at the camera, waving the envelopes in the air. Although her hair is messy and her face is pale, she smiles brightly.

The staff came over and helped her. As Du Yu Shu tries to walk, she staggered and fell. Ye Jing An’s face instantly became angry.

He went the help the staff and pointed to Yang Yu Bo and says, “She seems to be a bit uncomfortable as if she has been enduring it for a couple of days now. You should go see if she needs to go to the hospital or something; leave Goddess Du to me, Yang Yu Bo can’t be delayed any longer.”

The staff froze and then gave a grateful smile as he hastily went to see Yang Yu Bo. If anything happens to the artists here, it would be big trouble!

After the staff left, Ye Jing An carefully helps steady Du Yu Shu as the two cameras follow behind them. Ye Jing An lightly laughs, “Yo, Goddess Du, you looked very handsome for only three seconds ah.”

“At least in those three seconds,” Du Yu Shu retorted, “I looked more handsome than a certain someone.”

Ye Jing An, “.....Goddess Du, you should be more careful. If I wasn’t careful, you would’ve hit the ground.”

Although he said this, Ye Jing An’s grip on Du Yu Shu’s hard is strong, giving her an infinite sense of security.

Du Yu Shu’s lips slowly curved up, “

Ye Jing An turned to face the camera, his lips carry a gentle smile as he said in his cello-like voice, “Do I not look like an idol?”

Low voice, eyes looking inexplicably tempting, Du Yu Shu looked at his handsome profile and couldn’t help but curse the Creator’s bias.

How can you make someone so perfect?

Perfect that not even a trace of pores is detectable.

They went back to the rest area and Ye Jing An made a gesture for the cameraman to stop recording. Dong Hua Nian and Yang Yu Bo were engaged in a conversion. The staff repeatedly went to confirm Yang Yu Bo’s situation and wondered how is Yang Yu Bo not all right?

“Why so worked up?” Ye Jing An helplessly helped Du Yu Shu sit under the shade of the tree. They are far away from Dong Hua Nian and the others, the camera has already moved back to that side and with the trunks blocking them, they can be considered hidden from sight. “It’s only a reality show, is there a difference between winning or losing?”

“Of course,” Du Yu Shu nodded her head and jeeringly said, “Emperor Ye, both of us retrieved four envelopes, who do you think was the best?”

“By reason, it should be a draw,” Ye Jing An looked at Du Yu Shu and already knew what she is thinking about, but he pretends he doesn’t and smiles, “But it is not impossible to change the outcome.”

Ye Jing An leans into Du Yu Shu, their breaths entangles together under the close proximity. Du Yu Shu firmly stared into Ye Jing An’s deep tranquil peach blossom eyes and slowly says, “You want to beat me?”

“You have already won,” Ye Jing An softly laughs, his eyes showing infinite affection. His Adam’s apple moved up and down looking indescribably sexy. The hint of male hormones completely envelopes Du Yu Shu and she only heard Ye Jing An say in that low and soft voice, “From the body to the heart, from the inside out, you have won ah.”

Ye Jing An took Du Yu Shu’s hand and put it on top of his heart, “Do you hear that? It only beats for you.”

Ye Jing An quietly stares at her, his smile containing no regrets, only affection.

Du Yu Shu’s face instantly turns bright red and push Ye Jing An away.

Ye Jing An smiles at her, “What, Goddess Du, still not satisfied?”

“That’s really unfortunate, once the goods are sold, it can’t be returned,” Ye Jing An seriously says, “Especially me, this special edition golden good, who could only die together with the owner and can never be returned.”

Du Yu Shu couldn’t help but laugh, “What can you do? Cook, laundry, clean, have children? You can’t even do it, why would I need you?”

Ye Jing An innocently put his hands in the air, “This is not my fault. God just didn’t give me this ability.”

“Also,” Ye Jing An lazily dragged his voice, “If I really did give birth, you wouldn’t be scared off?”

Du Yu Shu smiled.

At that time, the trees rustled. The sun passes through the leaves and shines on them, the noise in distant noise fell on deaf ears. This little corner is like a peach blossom forest, isolated, only belonging to their little world.

All the heat and irritability swept away like the high cable does not exist at all. They stood staring at each other, their hands clasped together as if this is the first time in eight years that they experience a warm and tranquil moment together.

The wind blew through their hair as the sun shone on their hands. They smiled at each other like time has stopped for a million years.

The third mission is very simple. You can either choose to make an alliance or betray you team member. In the market are clues and props, the first one to complete their task is the victor.

Ye Jing An cross over Dong Hua Nian and Yang Yu Bo, smiles at Du Yu Shu and slowly says, “Your opponent is me.”

Du Yu Shu also cross over the others and smiles at Ye Jing An, “I, will wait and see.”

Their goal was never to win the competition.

Come, my dear, my opponent, is just you

I know you understand right?

The production team is stunned to see Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An fighting as they rubbed their temples. They try to suppress the anger in their heart as they watch the two people arguing through the cameras in the supermarket.

Du Yu Shu’s task is to eliminate number 6, Ye Jing An’s task is to eliminate number 1, but the two completely disregard their tasks at hand and started arguing.

The director’s face became more and more black. He dropped the cup and roared, “Who is the one who invited these two ancestors?!”

Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An got the most hints in the first two rounds and are the ones most likely to win. The result is that these two people don’t care about winning or losing whatsoever as they shouted insults at each other, creating a racket, funnier than a children’s bickering.

“Number 3 Ye Jing An eliminated, number 3 Ye Jing An eliminated, the winner is number 5 Meng Yun Rui, the winner is number 5 Meng Yun Rui.”

Meng Yun Rui looks very innocently into the camera, “?!”

He didn’t even find Ye Jing An, how did he win?

It is believed that this is history’s most effortless victory. The director’s face darkened as Meng Yun Rui let out a brilliant laugh. When he got the prize, he put on an act of bowing to Du Yu Shu, “Goddess Du, Goddess Du, you are a ray of light shining on me, warming me, soothing me, giving me hope, giving me light, giving all the nutrient that I need to grow, oh, goddess, oh Goddess Du, oh, oh oh! My Goddess!”

Du Yu Shu, “........hahaha!”

Ye Jing An gently smiles, “It seems that Yun Rui is very happy that I was eliminated?”

Meng Yun Rui forced a laugh, “.....hahaha!”

He remembered yesterday how Ye Jing An painfully raised his hand against him!

Afterward, there was an interview. When it was Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An’s turn, the director darkly asked them questions.

“May I ask, are you satisfied with the each other’s performance?”

Ye Jing An smiles, his eyes a flash of bantering as he looked at Du Yu Shu, “Of course I’m satisfied, this is my goddess, did you not see me call her goddess the entire day? Wasn’t my goddess’s performance amazing? If anyone says otherwise, come and fight me!”

“Satisfied ah,” Du Yu Shu ignored Ye Jing An’s provocation, “How can I not be satisfied? If I’m not, wouldn’t the Emperor’s fans tear me to pieces?”

“But I believe,” Du Yu Shu’s face suddenly became serious, “my fans will speak out about my aspirations for me.”

That evening, this interview would appear online on 《Vertical and Horizontal Alliance》’s official Weibo page. In an hour, it will quickly spread to the major forums.

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