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Chapter 27

Wang Jie’s brain string together an elaborate love story about how the two of them in fear that the company would try to suppress them, pretended to be hostile with one another and suppress their feelings but in actuality, whenever they are fighting, it is like a knife stabbed into their chest. Wang Jie was touched to the point of tears and said, “Even if the company wants to break you two up, I will help you! But you guys even kept it from me!”

“Do you know how much hair I lost because of you,” Wang Jie angrily yelled, “My heart has received unprecedented blows. The wrinkles are because of you, how are you going to compensate me!”

“Don’t say money!” Wang Jie angrily added, “Could my youth be compensated with money? Don’t be absurd!”

Du Yu Shu, “......”

Ye Jing An, “........”

“Say something! Are you dumb?” Wang Jie arrogantly said, all high and might, “I am not that easy to be deceived!”

Du Yu Shu, “......”

Ye Jing An, “........”

Du Yu Shu rubbed her head in melancholy and earnestly said, “Wang Jie, I told you many times, stop watching those melodramatic romantic shows, it will ruin your brain.”

“Look at yourself now,” Du Yu Shu sorrowfully said, “A three-year-old’s IQ is higher than yours!”

Wang Jie was stunned, “You actually.......!”

Ye Jing An patted Du Yu Shu’s shoulder in pity. Du Yu Shu’s body stiffened by the contact. Ye Jing An didn’t notice anything and lightly said, “Must be hard on you.”

Ye Jing An kindly suggested, “How about I have Wei Meng help you for a couple of days? Girls don’t need to work too hard, it will be tiresome.”

Wang Jie stared at them in a daze, “You two.....!”

“Then I’ll have to trouble you,” Du Yu Shu didn’t see Wang Jie’s expression and distressfully said, “I also feel that I’m too tired. To tell you the truth, I have been coveting for your diligent, responsible, brave and capable Wei Meng for a while now. Every now and then I would invite him to switch over but it’s a pity that he doesn’t want to.”

Du Yu Shu shook her head sadly.

Wang Jie, “.......”

You don’t think that I am diligent, responsible, brave and capable?!

Wang Jie felt her heart broke.

She had fantasized many times of Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An working together harmoniously and not causing any trouble, but who would’ve thought that after these two people are working harmoniously together and not causing trouble, they would work together to attack her.

Wang Jie held her broken heart and looked at the two of them critically, “Right now, it is 10:30, Does Emperor Ye and Leading Actress Du remember that shooting starts at 2 o’clock? We have to go at 1.”

When she finished speaking, Wang Jie flipped her hair and boldly walk out.

There are only Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An in the room. They are just like a pair of junior high students who had just started dating, not looking at each other.

“Cough,” Ye Jing An didn’t look directly at her and asked, “How are you feeling now? Still uncomfortable?”

“Don’t be troubled,” Du Yu Shu gently replied, “Head doesn’t hurt, I’m fine.”


The two people fell silent, and then Ye Jing An whispered, “Then I’ll go now, get ready and don’t eat too much, in the afternoon if you feel uncomfortable, it will be painful.”

Du Yu Shu nodded, “En.”

When Ye Jing An reached the door, he looked back at Du Yu Shu, his eyes contain a hint of a smile. He can’t help but affectionately say, “Du Yu Shu, have I ever told you how beautiful you are?”

“I am very happy.”

Ye Jing An’s affectionate voice reached her ears as if fireworks were bursting in her ears, so dazzling that it swept her whole world.

Du Yu Shu thought. Her expression looked very funny that Ye Jing An issued a small laugh.

Then he lowered his head and very gently, he kissed her on her forehead.

Du Yu Shu felt the world turn upside down, that gentle and blissful kiss affixed to her forehead.

When she recovered, Ye Jing An had already opened the door to leave.

Du Yu Shu rubbed her cheek, “This is unfair.......!”

“Really.....” Du Yu Shu whispered, “Where did you learn this from, such a great seducer, heng....” 𝓲𝗻𝚗𝑟𝑒𝓪𝑑. 𝘤𝚘𝚖

But she felt very happy.

Du Yu Shu couldn’t control the smile forming on her lips.

When Ye Jing An came out, Wang Jie was standing outside, waiting. Wang Jie smiled when she saw him come out and made a gesture, “Let’s talk.”

There is no way he can refuse.

“Ok.” Ye Jing An nodded.

Wang Jie led Ye Jing An into her room next door. When she was opening her door, she turned to examine Ye Jing An. His handsome face indifferent, looking unhurried, like a son of a noble family. Every move has an indescribable charm, his eyes deep that you can’t see his feeling with a sense of invincibility high above others.

This type of man is not common.

Wang Jie sighed. If he is sincere towards Yu Shu, then she would generally support it, but if not....

A flash of violence appeared in her eyes. She had watched Du Yu Shu grew up for eight years and regarded her as family. She would definitely not let anyone harm her!

“Please sit,” Wang Jie poured two cups of mineral water and smiled, “Ye Jing An don’t have to mind.”

“Wang jie, you can call me Jing An,” Ye Jing An politely laughed. Wang Jie had been with Du Yu Shu for eight years and is definitely a responsible agent who Du Yu Shu depends on. Such a person, he does not want to offend.

He also doesn’t want to make Du Yu Shu sad because he doesn’t get along with Wang Jie.

Knowing that Ye Jing An is giving her some courtesy because of Du Yu Shu, Wang Jie felt relieved. Seeing that he is like this, their relationship must affectionate.

Thinking there, Wang Jie couldn’t help but laugh and her suspicion became heavier.

Ye Jing An could be called a gentleman in the entertainment circle. He has a big supporter in the background, is mysterious, and there are some rumors that he is from some French aristocracy. Wang Jie secretly pondered, even if Ye Jing An isn’t from some nobility, his family could be compared to Du Yu Shu.

“Then I’ll call you Jing An,” Wang Jie held the paper cup, her left thumb unconsciously rubbing against the rim as she lightly laughs, “Yu Shu’s eyes are good. She picked the famous Emperor Ye who has no fault.”

Ye Jing An laughed, “Wang jie is overpraising.”

Wang Jie didn’t care for what Ye Jing An said and looked at him seriously, “You like Yu Shu?”

“Yes.” Ye Jing An slowly said after a moment of silence, his eyes burning, “I like Yu Shu.”

“In one’s whole life, there is only this one person.”

This is Ye Jing An’s promise.

Wang Jie sighed and relaxed. She smiled at him, “Then I can rest assure.”

“From earlier on, I already know, the way you treat Yu Shu was different, she must have liked you,” Wang Jie said definitely, “When she meets someone she hates, she would put on a poker face and wouldn’t even say a word.”

“Only with people who have a good impression would she speak casually and joke around like a normal girl.”

“She had faced a lot of hardship,” Wang Jie sighed, “Please take good care of her, I beg of you.”

“I definitely will,” Ye Jing An seriously said, “I will definitely take good care of her.”

I will never let her cry, my heart would hurt if that happens.

Wang Jie patted his shoulder and smiled, “Hurry back, Wei Meng was just anxiously searching for you.”

Ye Jing An nodded his head and courteously left. He knew that this is Wang Jie’s way of telling him to leave.

Just as Ye Jing An closed the door on his way out, he faintly heard a sigh of relief. That feeling earlier is like that of meeting the parents. It made him want to perform better for fear that Wang Jie might have a bad impression of him.

Wang Jie had been in this business for more than 10 years, she has many contacts in the field and her ability is even more outstanding. If Ye Jing An really believed Wang Jie’s performance in Du Yu Shu’s room, then he should eat his own IQ!

Her performance was to let Du Yu Shu relax, after all, when Wang Je got into the business, she did not expect this kind of scene.

Ye Jing An chuckled. Since the agents know, then does that mean he could expect some romance.

A few minutes later, Wang Jie knocked on Du Yu Shu’s door. When she saw Du Yu Shu open the door, she chuckled, “Hello, baby, were you just waiting for me to report back what happened?”

“You know, just a few days ago, oh, wait, no, just yesterday, you couldn’t wait to strangle Ye Jing An to death,” Wang Jie threw her phone back and forth between her hands, “But in a blink of an eye, you are hugging. What’s next, are you going to kiss tomorrow, baby?”

“Ke,” Du Yu Shu coughed, “No.”

We already kissed yesterday.

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