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Chapter 21

When Ye Jing An came back, he spent the entire afternoon looking up dating posts. Ye Jing An, who had never been on a date, felt helpless, how do you have a pleasantly good date?

Although he deceived her into going, this is still his and Du Yu Shu’s date as a couple ah. Ye Jing An couldn’t help but feel hot just thinking about it.

He must leave a good impression for Du Yu Shu on their date ah.

Head aching, Ye Jing An closed the browser. He already knew ahead of time that he and Du Yu Shu are going on a date, but if he had prepared a month ahead of time, he wouldn’t be so flustered right now., girls seem to love flowers, then what flowers should I send? Rose? Lily? Lavender? Gardenia?

Ye Jing An rubbed his aching temples and went to Baidu to search up flower meanings.

The meaning of the Japanese rose is not that bad, oh, Dutchman’s Pipe also isn’t that bad, oh. When Ye Jing An’s eyes landed on a certain flower, his eyes brightened. This one is good!

“Loving you brings me the greatest happiness of my life, thinking of you is the sweetest pain.”

“Being with you is my joy.”

Ye Jing An slowly read out the Champagne rose’s description as a sweet smile slowly forms on his lips.

This flower perfectly suits his situation ah.

Falling in love with Du Yu Shu is the happiest thing in his life so far. The pain of longing for her and secretly loving her. However, when he thought of when they are constantly arguing, his heart felt a trace of sweetness.

This secret crush is like a cup of highly concentrated black coffee. At first, it would taste bitter, but after a while, there would be a hidden sweetness.

After searching through a number of florists, Ye Jing An finally found the rose that he wanted. He then continued to search online and continue planning out his date. Although he could ask someone else about it, Ye Jing An stubbornly wanted to do it himself. He doesn’t understand why he is so persistent.

Ye Jing An laughed at himself, his eyes gentle. Perhaps it is because of her?

Whenever he is with her, he wanted to be the best.

After mapping out the date, Ye Jing An checked his phone, it’s already 5!

After putting everything away, Ye Jing An put on a suit that he had never worn before. When he remembered that they are going to the amusement park today, he quickly took off the suit and wore a pair of particularly long pants. Don’t be pitiful ah.....

Remember that Du Yu Shu has a standard of 1.85 meters, Emperor Ye began quietly considering how to make himself taller.

Is it too late to buy shoe lifts?

After he finished dressing, he felt that he didn’t look good enough. He clearly knew that he was going on a date today, why didn’t he bring a bigger luggage. Also, why didn’t he go buy some clothes in the afternoon ah!

Ye Jing An checked the time on his phone. Seeing that there are still five minutes remaining, Ye Jing An’s eyes froze and then went out the door to find Du Yu Shu.

Ye Jing An took a deep breath to calm himself down before knocking on her door. The moment Du Yu Shu opened the door, he felt like there was a starlight coming from the room.

In order to appease his beating heart, Ye Jing An made some snide comments and led her to the car.

“Just us two?” Du Yu Shu raised her brow and asked.

“What, does Leading Actress Du wished that there is someone with us?” Ye Jing An smiled as he started the ignition.

“It’s not that,” Du Yu Shu smirked, showing some charm, “A lone man and a woman sitting in a car together, I’m just afraid that your girlfriend would get jealous, Emperor Ye.”

Ye Jing An ineffably frowned, “I don’t have a girlfriend.”

Du Yu Shu choked out a laugh, “Secret Celebrity lovers, what’s more, it’s Emperor Ye. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone, Emperor Ye doesn’t need to look like a cat that has its tail stepped on.”

“I really don’t have a girlfriend.” Ye Jing An casually said. He had always been clean void of any scandals for many years, how would he get a girlfriend??

Not to mention, the girlfriend that he wants doesn’t even acknowledge him at all.

His heart is already filled with one person, how could he look for someone else ah?

Du Yu Shu furrowed her brows in anger. Does he not trust her?

“Ok, ok, you don’t have a girlfriend.” Du Yu Shu indifferently said before she turned and look out the window.

“I really don’t have a girlfriend.” Recalling the strange atmosphere between him and Du Yu Shu the last couple of days, a light went off in his head. Could it be that it was because of this reason?

“Alright,” Du Yu Shu doesn’t want to continue talking about this issue, “you don’t have a girlfriend, you have a boyfriend, better now?

Ye Jing An, “.......”

The mood feels quite uncomfortable.

Since they ate lunch around two already, Ye Jing An doesn’t intend on taking her out to eat. Instead, he took her to a movie theater, bought two tickets along with a bucket of popcorn and two bottles of water and headed in.

Du Yu Shu, “.......”

Ye Jing An saw Du Yu Shu’s expression and asked in puzzlement, “What is it?”

“No, nothing,” Du Yu Shu said nonchalantly.

I didn’t think that you would have such a deep feeling for movies. Filming isn’t enough, you still go to the cinema during your spare time.

Ye Jing An felt that something isn’t right, “......”

But clearly it is stated in that book, One Hundred and Eight Ways for a Date: How to Capture the Heart of a Girl, to go watch a horror film in the cinema and while strongly embracing in the terror-filled atmosphere, it can win the heart of the girl yo~

Ye Jing An will not admit it, but it took him a long time to find this cinema that has a horror film showing at 6!

As the film began to play, Du Yu Shu lazily threw the popcorn into her mouth. There was only the two of them in the room. She sluggishly said, “This is clearly a directly booked theater ah, why did you buy two tickets?”

Ye Jing An, “......”

“This film must be a total flop,” Du Yu Shu couldn’t help but turn to look at Ye Jing An, “You’re in the film industry ah, you can’t even tell a good film from a bad one? I felt Wei Meng could do a better job.”

“He can’t do it at all!” He turned to stare at the screen, gritting his teeth. Clearly, he has more ability than Wei Meng but why doesn’t he get any praise?

Also, it’s not that he couldn’t tell a good film from a bad film, it’s because he had no choice!

Also, the reason why there is no one here is that he booked the whole theater!

This Du Yu Shu could infuriate someone in minutes. Ye Jing An furiously gnashed his teeth and read the subtitles on the screen.

Well, just you wait, in awhile, you would be scared witless and run into my arms.

Half an hour later.

Du Yu Shu lazily yawned as she threw the popcorn into her mouth. As drowsiness hit her, she wants to sleep now.

She turned her head to look at Ye Jing An to find him staring unblinkingly at the screen. Is it that good?

Du Yu Shu turned to look at the screen and puzzledly said, “The post-production team doesn’t have any sense, the person died for two-three days already but the blood is still bright red. Also, that skeleton is terrible, you can clearly tell it is plastic.....”

Ye Jing An stiffly turned to look at her, “You, you’re not afraid?”

“Scared of what?” Du Yu Shu exclaimed incredulously, “Cheap special effects, the music is discordant, the actors make erroneous judgments, what’s there to be scared of....”

Du Yu Shu suspiciously glanced at Ye Jing An. He looks normal, his head forming some cold sweat, his eyes empty, his fingers tightly grasping the handle, and his Adam’s apple moving from time to time. An idea flashed in Du Yu Shu’s mind.

“Aren’t you, uh, even afraid of spiders?” Ye Jing An stammered, his face rigid.

“That’s because it is a reality show ah,” Du Yu Shu shrugged, “It’s true that I hate spiders as well as the fact that I hate multi-legged and no legged organisms, possibly afraid of them, but it is not to that extent. However, that is a reality show so what important is to show it ah.”

At this time, the heroine in the film issued a sharp scream; Du Yu Shu personally saw Ye Jing An’s finger slightly move.

“Wang Jie said that my image is too cold and had me show my adorable side to earn a few fans back,” Du Yu Shu smiled, “Don’t the little girls like this type of image right now? This type of clumsy cuteness?”

Du Yu Shu quietly put her hand behind him. Ye Jing An didn’t even notice her hand as he laughed!

Du Yu Shu forcefully slapped Ye Jing An’s back, making him cry out, “......Ahhhh!”

Ye Jing An turned and embraced Du Yu Shu as he shouted, “........Ghosts, ghosts, ahhhh!”

Du Yu Shu, “.......”

Du Yu Shu effortlessly said, “......what ghost, where did the ghost go!”

Ye Jing An, “......cough.”

When his reason gradually returned, he felt the warm and soft skin beneath his hand. Being in the embrace of Du Yu Shu, a smiled pulled on his lips.

Look, even when he is irrational, he doesn’t even forget to protect this person.

“Don’t be afraid, there’s no ghost. Besides, I, this great this person, is here....” Remembering her own prank, she couldn’t help but feel guilty. She effortlessly whispered, “I’m here, the ghosts wouldn’t dare do anything to you.”

“I will drive them away.” Du Yu Shu reassured.

Originally he wanted to show his masculinity while watching the horror him, but it seemed the roles have been switched. 𝗶𝘯𝗻𝙧𝚎α𝘥. 𝑐o𝘮

Not only is Yu Shu protecting him, she is also comforting him, wu.....

However, this kind of Yu Shu is dashing o(*////////*)q!

Girlfriend’s strength is off the charts ah xd~!

“So, can you let me go?” Du Yu Shu’s voice entered his ears. Ye Jing An blinked and pretended he didn’t hear.

Shu Shu, who is hugging him, looks very cute!

“Can you let go of me......” Du Yu Shu said a bit louder.

Seeing the ghosts floating around on the big screen, Ye Jing An suddenly felt he found a way to “get” a girl.

It seems that book, One Hundred and Eight Ways for a Date: How to Capture the Heart of Girls, is quite useful; it seems he doesn’t have to change his itinerary.

Ye Jing An happily lets go of Du Yu Shu and sincerely said, “Sorry, thank you.”

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