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Chapter 2

It was still early when Du Yu Shu came home. She lives in a company-arranged apartment where the security is very high so many of her colleagues live in this apartment complex as well. Not only that, there were only two rooms on her floor, including hers.

Du Yu Shu’s cooking skill wasn’t that great so she seldom cooks; however, since it is still early and she had just argued with Ye Jing An, she had no appetite. Instead, she just changed into her comfortable clothes, sat on her sofa and browsed through Weibo.

The Weibo account that she is using is her alternate account. If she used her main account to blog and accidentally have a mishap, the gossip magazines would catch wind of it and the story would be blown out of proportions. It is better to be a little cautious and stay out of it.

Du Yu Shu visited Ye Jing An’s Weibo page and saw that he hasn’t posted anything for several days. His latest post was a re-post to a post from a crew member of 《My Darling, Good Morning》.

On the top of the post, her name was mentioned. Du Yu Shu curled her lips in dissatisfaction; it is rare for both of their names to appear on the same post.

《My Darling, Good Morning》is invested by Dong Huang Film Company, starring Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An as the leading roles. The character’s description seems to be delicate; the time span of the film is ten years. Zhang Rui will take up the role of director as he will try to portray a suspenseful, horror, and warm love film. The leading actors are also very talented. Director Zhang is said to take this to dominate the film awards.

Simply speaking, the plot is about a pair of childhood lovers getting ready to marry, but the night before the wedding, the bride unexpectedly died; her entire family nearly collapsed and the groom was in distress. He always thought that his lover’s death was not normal and had investigated it for many years. Because he would always go to the flower shop near the cemetery to buy flowers, the owner, who is a blind and independent woman, is very familiar with him. He couldn’t help but want to take care of her and the two began to enter an ambiguous relationship. It was during this time that a woman who completely resembles his past lover appeared in his life. He slowly got closer to her but then, she began to get involved in something dangerous.

The man became very angry, associating her with his dead lover. After investigating the truth, he learns that the woman is his lover’s sister. When they found the key evidence to the death of his lover, it was in the hands of the flower shop owner....

At the end of the story, the so-called twin sister smiled at the man and said, “My darling, good morning.”

This afternoon, they were shooting the scene of the two childhood lovers in which they NGed seven to eight times.

Du Yu Shu grew frustrated just thinking about it; they are not suitable to work together.

Du Yu Shu was pulled from her thoughts when she heard the doorbell rang. She quickly put aside her thoughts and went to open the door. It was Song Chen.

Song Chen’s delicate features and willow brows showcased her beauty. Her pair of watery bright eyes showed some delicate and charm which let people want to protect her.

But right now, she is clearly in a bad mood; even when she saw Du Yu Shu, she did not reveal a sliver of a smile.

Song Chen entered the door and hung her coat on the hanger with familiarity. She first went into the kitchen and wash her hands before going over to the refrigerator to take out two eggs, a handful of vegetables and a piece of meat.

“What are we eating today?” Du Yu Shu leaned against the kitchen entrance and asked. 𝐢𝙣nr𝙚a𝗱. 𝚌૦m

“Porridge and vegetables.” Song Chen said fiercely, “As for you, go drink northwest wind!”

Du Yu Shu touch her nose and laughed, “Why are you so angry?”

“Humph,” Song Chen finished washing the vegetables and gnashed her teeth in anger, “This afternoon, I encountered a small white lotus on set.”

“Ah?!” Du Yu Shu widens her eyes in surprise.

“Why are you so surprised?”

“Nothing.” Du Yu Shu forced a smile and replied. Song Chen’s serious appearance made her look like a clear white lotus. Even though she is just standing there not moving, there is a charm and delicateness about her which make many regard her as a white flower upon the first impression. But when she opens her mouth, they will realize that Song Chen is a despotic flower not just in name but also in reality.

That mouth is poisonous.

“If you want to laugh then laugh, don’t hold it back,” Song Chen said gloomily, she also doesn’t want to put on a long face.

Du Yu Shu bit her lips to keep from laughing. Song Chen was too lazy to pay attention to her, “This afternoon a small white flower appear on set and annoyed me to death. Don’t mention it anymore, just thinking about it vexes me.”

Du Yu Shu, “.....rub your temples, don’t get angry.”

“Getting angry because of her will only make me crazy,” Song Chen yawned and started cooking. She asked, “How are things at your end?”

“Not good at all.” Du Yu Shu sighed, “This afternoon we NGed seven to eight times that Director Zhang completely lost it and had me leave the set. If it wasn’t because of that, I wouldn’t be home so early.”

“Who were you acting with? Ye Jing An?” Song Chen frowned.


“That’s not bad,” Song Chen turned off the fire and patted Du Yu Shu on the shoulder, “I thought you two would NG about twenty-eight times.”

“Hey!” Du Yu Shu exclaimed unhappily.

“Originally, when you two see each other you would argue, when you don’t, you would badmouth him. Now that you two are starring as a couple, it is bringing trouble to yourself.” Song Chen said bluntly.

Du Yu Shu seriously thought for a while, but couldn’t find any reason to refute. She only said, “What you said makes sense, I just...”

“Alright,” Song Chen gave her a look and rub her hair, “Don’t worry about it, let’s eat.”

Du Yu Shu’s expression was indifferent. She is slightly acquainted with the members of her circle of friends, but only Song Chen and the King of Movies, Yan Xi can be regarded as her actual friends.

Speaking of which, Du Yu Shu and Song Chen were never friends at first. After exchanging a number of blows at each other, they started to grow closer and eventually became the best of friends.

Du Yu Shu cannot cook, but Song Chen had a good hand at cooking. At that time, Du Yu Shu would order takeout every day. Seeing this, Song Chen couldn’t stand it and invited her over to eat. Eventually, since she lives in the opposite apartment of hers, she would come over to Du Yu Shu’s place to cook.

After dinner, Du Yu Shu exclaimed, “If I was a man, I would marry you. Obviously, it is a simple dish, but when you made it, it is so delicious!”

“Shut up,” Song Chen coolly said, “Go wash the dishes.”

After washing the dishes, the two nestled together and chat. Song Chen suddenly said, “An upcoming reality show has been garnering a lot of attention, have you recently received an invitation?”

Du Yu Shu thought for a moment and frowned, “I’m not sure. I probably have. Wang Jie hasn’t told me anything.”

“Besides, I’m not really interested in reality shows,” Du Yu Shu shrugged.

“There’s nothing wrong with not going,” Song Chen said casually, “I heard that a lot of big names are going to participate in the show. It is said that Ye Jing An seems to have been meaning to do a reality show called 《Vertical and Horizontal Alliance》. A few days ago, when I was doing a talk show on Orange TV, I happened to hear Hua Xin say it.”

Hua Xin, Orange TV’s most famous hostess. What she says always has some levels of truth.

Ye Jing An also want to participate in the reality show?

Then should I think about doing it as well?

While Du Yu Shu was in deep contemplation, Song Chen mischievously hit her in the head, “What are you thinking about? I called you a bunch of times.”

Du Yu Shu hurriedly exposed a smile, “What is there to think about, I’m just a little tired.”

Song Chen glances at her, “What sleep? You just ate dinner, take care of your body.”

“Oh, oh, oh!”

Do I really want to participate in a reality show?

Forget it, Du Yu Shu closed her eyes. Tomorrow, she will look for Wang Jie to discuss it, maybe Orange TV didn’t invite her at all.

The next day, when Wang Jie came to pick up Du Yu Shu, she asked, “I heard that there is a reality show that is recently garnering interest?”

“Yes, recently, there is a lot of domestic reality shows that have become popular. You have received a lot of invitations as well. I looked through some of them and found one that isn’t so bad. It is Orange TV’s《Vertical and Horizontal Alliance》,” Wang Jie turned a page in her folder, “Orange TV’s reality show is pretty good, the ratings and the public’s opinions are great. The program crew for this show is the same as 《Who Will Win at the End》. There is also some professional staff from abroad. Do you want to think about it?”

Isn’t that the show that Ye Jing An is participating in? Du Yu Shi stayed silent and didn’t answer.

Seeing the expression on Du Yu Shu’s face, Wang Jie could clearly tell she doesn’t want to participate. Worried, Wang Jie earnestly and well-meaningly advised, “This program looks pretty good and the paycheck is also gratifying. The guests also beamed to the top. It is a win-win situation. Your image right now is too cold. You don’t participate in variety shows or even blog on Weibo and only let the company operate for you....”

“I’ll do it.” Du Yu Shu closed her eyes and comfortably reclined in the back seat.

Du Yu Shu’s sentence interrupted Wang Jie’s words. She joyously exclaimed, “You’re really obedient today!”

Du Yu Shu, “.....”

Wang Jie close the folder and suddenly ask, “Yu Shu, can you promise me something?”


Wang Jie looks at Du Yu Shu intently, “Can you not quarrel with Ye Jing An during filming?”

“You’re thinking too much,” After a moment of silence, Du Yu Shu continued, “I am a weak woman, how can I argue with Ye Jing An.”

Wang Jie, “....” I don’t believe what you said.

“Do you know? I am extremely worried that you and Ye Jing An will fight.” Wang Jie dejectedly sighed.

“Oh, is it like this?” Du Yu Shi turned and looked at the scenery outside the car window. Her lips slightly curve up as she casually said, “Then why don’t you get me an instructor.”

“Huh? What instructor?” Wang Jie looks at her, puzzled, “You want to lose weight again?”

“A mixed martial arts instructor,” Du Yu Shu twirled her hair; this action looks a bit charming, “Don’t you want me to fight? Are you not going to teach me and just watch me get beaten up?”

Wang Jie, “.....QAQ!”

When they arrived at the filming location, just as Du Yu Shu got down from her car, another car stopped right next to her. Ye Jing An got off from the car and the two met face-to-face.

Ye Jing An wore a white suit. That simple outfit was able to cultivate his moral character. It made him look like a prince from a painting. He looks at Du Yu Shu, his eyes containing a touch of mockery, “Leading Actress Du.”

“Emperor Ye.” Du Yu Shu used the same mockery tone to reply.

They haven’t even entered the set and just said hello, but it had already become a thunder and lightning situation!

Wang Jie felt that her premonition will soon become a reality.

She is really wounded right now.

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