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Chapter 19

The voice over the speaker could be heard by everyone in the forest, Du Yu Shu frowned and asked, “Who is it ah, so fast.”

Du Yu Shu looked at the card in her hand. This is the card they just recently got.

–––Watermelon is the child of the dream that is up there.

“It probably means the watermelon is on top of the tree,” Du Yu Shu sighed, “It really is hot, are there no breaks?”

“You could just quit,” Ye Jing AN simply said and put the card away in his pocket. “Ye Jing An, can I ask you something?” Du Yu Shu earnestly asked.

“No,” Ye Jing An interrupted.

Du Yu Shu pretended she didn’t hear and continued, “How did you manage to stay alive till now?”

“That mouth of yours can kill people in minutes.” Du Yu Shu looked at him honestly.

“I already said no and you’re still asking. Is there any reason why?” Ye Jing An expressionlessly said, “I refuse to answer questions about your privacy.”

“As a good citizen, I can sue you for violating my privacy!”

Du Yu Shu, “.....”

As the two continue to move forward, they did not expect to encounter Dong Hua Nian and Yang Yu Bo.

Thinking about the first card he found, Ye Jing An couldn’t help but be alert. He and Du Yu Shu had not awakened their special ability yet so it is likely the other four. Meng Yun Rui and Wang Xiao Chen’s characters are small compared to Dong Hua Nian and Yang Yu Bo. Yang Yu Bo’s special ability could not be underestimated ah.

Ye Jing An whispered to Du Yu Shu, “We should hurry and leave.”

Ye Jing An retreated back. Seeing them like this Yang Yu Bo laughed, “Why are you dodging us? It wasn’t easy to find you, why don’t we work together?”

“Of course we can,” Ye Jing An smiled but continued to move back without any hesitation, “I feel extremely honored.”

“But you still retreat,” Yang Yu Bo’s eyes looked stern. She made a posture and yelled, “Special ability!”

At this moment, the two masked staff members behind Yang Yu Bo dragged Ye Jing An in front of Yang Yu Bo.

Ye Jing An, Excuse me?

Yang Yu Bo took out her card and smiled brightly at Du Yu Shu, “Right now, An ge is my person!”

Du Yu Shu, “.......”

Ye Jing An looked at the card and then bowed, “I am your knight, I am willing to serve you.”

Du Yu Shu, “.......What?”

Special Ability Charm–––Within the line of sight, make a posture and yell “Special skill” for it to take effect. It is only effective for men for fifteen minutes. The male players who are affected by this charm skill will have to shout “I am your knight, I am willing to serve you.” In these fifteen minutes, the male players would have to unconditionally provide assistance for you. Available for five times.

Du Yu Shu stared stupidly at the withdrawing figures of Yang Yu Bo and Ye Jing An, her mental state collapsing. Remembering that she is recording a program, she looked into the camera in surprise, “What? What just happened?”

Du Yu Shu jokingly made an action like she is morbidly worried about her looks, “Was I just abandoned?”

Du Yu Shu turned away from the camera and let out a long sigh. She took a couple of breaths and hardened her eyes.

It’s only a game, a show, it’s not real.

Du Yu Shu coldly smiled.

In the movie, he is in love with you and play a pair of lovers. What about in reality? Did you really think you would be a couple in reality? Don’t be ridiculous!

Du Yu Shu changed directions and headed into the woods. This segment of the show, she must win!

Du Yu Shu found the watermelon on top of the tree, the apple buried under the ground, and the orange near the water pipe. When she found the oranges, her lips were twitching. The water flowed out from the water pipe towards the direction of the orange; it really is indeed a river. The production crew is really clever ah.

Then she went on to find the grapes and bananas as well as obtain a clue. Just at this time, the voice sounded through the forest again, “The first round has ended, the first round had ended.”

Du Yu Shu sighed, she wasn’t able to complete her task; she is short two fruits.

Under the guidance of the cameraman, Du Yu Shu quickly arrived back at the place they all gathered at. When she saw Wang Jie, Du Yu Shu wanted to cry. Her brain must have been badly damaged to have wanted to participate in the reality show.

Running the entire morning under the hot sun in the middle of August?

Excuse me?

Why did I be torture myself!

A few of the artists were unable to stand, prompting their agents and assistants to rush over to deliver some mung bean soup as well as other refreshing food. Because Du Yu Shu’s relative recently came to visit her, she could not eat or drink anything cold so she could only stick to hot water, feeling detached from the others.

Wang Jie wanted to get a towel for her to wipe but Du Yu Shu waved her off, “Don’t waste your time, these clothes simple stick to my body. If I were to wipe it, it would be unbearable.”

Wang Jie, “......” Her heart is in pain QAQ

Du Yu Shu’s clothes were stained with mud; her entire body is drenched in sweat, her disheveled hair stuck messily to her forehead, her entire face red, her nail beds are caked with dirt, and her clothes are rumpled. The entire person is very sorry looking.

Wang Jie felt distressed and deathly glared at the director.

The director cough a few time looking at the miserable looking members. He expressionlessly said, “Little Princess Anji’s fruit salad also needs some spices. In order for Princess Anji to eat her fruit salad in satisfaction, please obtain the seasonings.”

“There will be a competition to obtain the seasoning, which you will have an opportunity to get all kinds of seasoning.”

The expression on many of the artists’ face fell. Several of the agents, who could no longer watch, went to not with the director. Their artists need to depend on their reputation to eat ah!

The director whispered, “It is only about half an hour, this task is simple. You can quickly let your artist go back to recover. I’ll let them have a day off tonight and continue off tomorrow afternoon.”

When the agents heard it, they reluctantly nodded and let the director continue.

With many cameras recording, they would be very stupid to protest. If a photograph was taken and published with a few paragraphs, it would cause quite a scandal.

Watching their agents leave the director’s side, a few of the artists felt their heart drop, today’s filming is almost over.

The seasoning competition is very simple, the six people would have the same black liquid in front of them with ten different seasoning in them. They can only write out five of the spices one at a time; if they write get at least one spice wrong, that person would be eliminated.

When Du Yu Shu saw the bowl of black liquid, she immediately turned away. She persuaded herself, she must beat Ye Jing An so must not be afraid of this black liquid!

Du Yu Shu hesitatingly drank the liquid, her expression becoming very colorful. As a veteran foodie, she can’t stand this disgusting taste.

Sweet, sour, spicy, salty and exotic, what the hell is this?!

Du Yu Shu didn’t have the courage to take a second taste. She falteringly picked up a spoonful of the liquid. Du Yu Shu’s hand trembled as she picked up the spoon, the black liquid falling off. Ye Jing An smirked, showing the disdain in his eyes; his face expression did not change after drinking two spoonfuls and then picked up the board to write.

“Tch–––” Hearing the familiar laughter at her side, Du Yu Shu turned to glare at Ye Jing An.

Du Yu Shu, “.......”

Du Yu Shu fiercely grind her teeth. She drank that spoonful of liquid, her face scrunching up.

Ye Jing An couldn’t help but smile. The way that Du Yu Shu is acting now is very cute, like a wronged fluffy kitten. Others couldn’t help but bully her to make her feel agitated.

“Countdown in five...”

Du Yu Shu quickly wrote something, completely forgetting what she was going to write.

“Four, three, two, one, please put down your pen.”

“Please lift up your board from left to right.”

Du Yu Shu revealed her board and saw Ye Jing An wrote the word “Cola”. She could help but show a schadenfreude smile––––how can cola be a seasoning! Ye Jing An definitely lost!

“Now the answer is revealed, cola, mustard, pepper, hot water....”

Du Yu Shu, “......”

Are you kidding me?

Cola and hot water counts as seasoning?

Except for Ye Jing An, the five other members were stunned. Everyone failed.

Du Yu Shu expressionlessly said, “How can cola and hot water be regarded as seasoning?”

Doesn’t cola chicken wings use cola as seasoning? Who doesn’t use water when making rice?” The director confidently said.

Du Yu Shu, “.....” You’re just bullying her because she can’t cook right!

After they finished making the fruit salad, the top three are Ye Jing An, Yang Yu Bo and Du Yu Shu; they each got three, two and one hint respectively.

Today’s recording ends here. When the director finished saying a few words to them, the some agents pulled there artists away. Du Yu Shu picked up her phone and took a selfie. Wang Jie asked, “What are you doing?”

“Ridiculing myself.” Du Yu Shu spit out these two words before going on to Weibo to upload the picture.

“You calm down ah!” Wang Jie exclaimed.

“I am calm.” Du Yu Shu looked at her in surprise, “Didn’t you say that I need to post more on Weibo and take more photos so that I won’t appear cold.”

Wang Jie difficulty said, “....I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Contradicting yourself is a shameful thing to do.” Du Yu Shu expressionlessly said.

Wang Jie, “.......”

Du Yu Shu still posted on Weibo.

Du Yu Shu (v): Am I beautiful today?【doge】【doge】【doge】【Insert Picture】

The picture is naturally very derpy looking.

When Wang Jie saw what she posted on Weibo, she felt some pain in her heart. “Yu Shu,” Wang Jie expressionlessly said, “You should probably get a new agent.”

“I abandoned you!”

Du Yu Shu expressionlessly said, “Because I am not beautiful anymore you want to abandon me? So you only like my appearance but not what is inside!”

“You’re a really shallow person!”

“I am very hurt right now!”

Wang Jie pitifully bit her lips, “.......”

Du Yu Shu looked down at her phone and refreshed the page and saw a growing number of comments and shares. Out of habit, she went to Ye Jing An’s Weibo page and happened to see that the first post was––––

Ye Jing An (v): Yes, yes, yes, very beautiful 【Laugh Cry】// Du Yu Shu (v): Am I beautiful today?【doge】【doge】【doge】【Insert Picture】

Du Yu Shu, “......”

Is he praising her or mocking her?

Du Yu Shu felt her clogged up.

At this time, she received Ye Jing An’s friend request on WeChat.

Du Yu Shu: What is going on today?

Du Yu Shu looked at the WeChat friend request page and thought of this morning when Ye Jing An didn’t hesitate to abandon her. Although that is most likely because of Yang Yu Bo’s special ability, Du Yu Shu still felt somewhat unhappy about it.

After she logged off of WeChat, Du Yu Shu decided to give him the cold-shoulder for awhile and then went back on Weibo.

Not even ten minutes later, there are already thousands of comments. While scrolling through the comments, Du Yu Shu couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

There Are Flowers Along the River: What’s wrong goddess?! What’s wrong goddess?! What’s wrong goddess?! 【Terrified】【Terrified】【Terrified】

Shoes are Wet: OH MY GOD! Goddess, you should not give up on treatments ah!【Cry】

Flowers are so Red: Goddess, what happened to between you and male god【Frightened】Just when I thought that you two would fight, you, are, getting, along! 【Terrified】【Panic】【Panic】Today you two are interacting on Weibo, tomorrow, you are going to publish that you two are in a relationship!

When Du Yu Shu saw this comment, you immediately laugh out loud. She wiped her tears, this child is really cute ah.

This child definitely have a big hole in her brain.

Du Yu Shu excitedly scroll through the comments and saw a lot of lovely and interesting ones. They are having a lot of fun about Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An’s interactions, especially this Sunshine Is Beautiful’s comment.

Sunshine Is Beautiful: Goddess, please remember, you already have a family! Don’t abandon this “family” of ours and go into the embrace of the male god! Can not ah!【Shouting】【Shouting】【Shouting】

Light Green Collar: In any case, Goddess is really, really, really beautiful.【Heart】【Heart】【Heart】 So the goddess could talk about her and Male God’s matter right? 【curious】

Legend of the Mouth: I have a strong affection for the world’s coldest coupling. Can finally pass out candies ah.【Spread the word】【Heart】【Heart】Of course, there are some bad comments attacking Du Yu Shu as well as some attacking Ye Jing An.

In faact, strictly speaking, Du Yu Shu isn’t one to attract haters. She has some prestige; she is very low-key and doesn’t get nosy. She does not go onto red carpet events or have any scandals. She has a very high reputation but the only problem is that she had been fighting with Ye Jing An for several years.

If Du Yu Shu had not have a strong supporter, her road to the entertainment industry would have long since been dead.

Because of her feud with Ye Jing An, Du Yu Shu gained some backlash. Add on to the fact that Du Yu Shu doesn’t have a strong social media presence and hardly participates in variety shows, there are even more haters.

Although Du Yu Shu pretended not to see them, when she does pass by some popular comments, she felt a bit uncomfortable inside.

One Leg: Before, you would be low-key, not participate in variety shows and avoid any scandals. Right now, you are participating in a reality show and becoming hot topics with Ye Jing An online many times. Are you still the same person that I used to like?【Bye Bye】Sure enough, there are no Pure Land in the entertainment industry; I always thought that you would be the same as before, I didn’t expect you to become this type of person; what’s next, get plastic surgery and then get involved in a sex scandal with Ye Jing An?【Smile】Having followed you for ten years, you have now become a stranger. I just unfollowed you, goodbye【Bye Bye】

This comment has more than 2000 likes making it climb up to the top so that everyone can see.

Du Yu Shu was a bit dejected.

In fact, this type of situation isn’t at all surprising.

There are many die-hard fans who would say that they would support their idols for their entire lifetime but how can it last a lifetime ah?

Having been in the entertainment industry for eight years already, Du Yu Shu have seen many fans and haters. Many of the familiar IDs who have helped her build her Weibo account have also disappeared. She always thought that she had gotten used to it and won’t be bothered by it anymore.

But right now, when Du Yu Shu saw this comment, she felt inexplicably sad.

Du Yu Shu sighed and went off of Weibo. She already knew that she wouldn’t reply, be it to reply, apologize or reply to something else, one careless mistake could arouse a suspicion of cyber bullying. After thing for a moment, Du Yu Shu gave up.

At thies time, Ye Jing An still hasn’t left; he is listening to the director’s rambling of tomorrow’s arrangements with a gentle smile on his face.

“Tomorrow, there is going to be a high altitude game....” The director casually said.

“High altitude game?” Ye Jing An turned cold, “What if there is someone who is afraid of heights?”

“This....” The director furrowed his brows, “They should overcome it right? Beside, people with acrophobia playing these types of high altitude games would lead to more conflict and the audience would like it.”

“You can’t call it off?” Ye Jing An asked.

“Could it be that you are afraid of heights? No that can’t be. You used to play high altitude games in the past ah,” The director look at Ye Jing An a few times and laughed, “Many acrophobia artists have come and gone. A few days ago, didn’t that one famous artist who is afraid of heights also participate in a high altitude game?”

Ye Jing An furrowed his brow, “But there is really someone who is afraid of heights.”

The director found this funny, “What’s wrong with being afraid of heights? It’s not like they have a heart disease. All our games are safely facilitated and are specially tested by others. Our staff also tried it out a couple of times, there’s no need to word about safety issues.”

Ye Jing An pursed his lip wanting to say something. The director spread his hands helplessly, “Or you could just have that acrophobic person came talk to me and we’ll have a serious discussion. But between these seven guests, no one has a history of having acrophobia.”

Ye Jing An didn’t say anything and thought, with that person’s pride, how could she afford to show her weakness.

She would only brace herself and force herself to do it.

“Jing An, don’t give us any more problems, the planning crew spends nights coming up with these tasks and games and as well as perfecting them. We are also tight on budget and have a lot of pressure from the up top so don’t be so hard on us alright?”

This director and Ye Jing An have some personal friendship. Ye Jing An didn’t continue to say anything and could only nod his head.

But Du Yu Shu have a slight fear of heights ah.

Du Yu Shu closed her eyes and leaned against the window. Although she feels somewhat sad, she couldn’t fall asleep and just rest her eyes all the way to her hotel.

When she arrived back at her hotel room, Du Yu Shu quickly took a shower. Because Wang Jie had to go out to handle something, Du Yu Shu was able to eat anything she wants. As she was letting her hair air-dry, she went onto Weibo.

From now until 10:00 am tomorrow, Du Yu Shu has no work so she is completely free.

When Du Yu Shu went on, the post she recently posted have surpassed 10,000 comments. In only three hours, how did the post get over 10,000 comments so fast?

As she was looking through the comments, she saw “One Leg” and “Quiet and Quiet” having a heating argument until finally all types of fam began getting involved. Finally, Quiet and Quiet, with a powerful momentum, spit out some dirty words and claimed an overwhelming victory. This is the modern version of verbal sparring.

Even in the end, Quiet and Quiet didn’t even forget to confess to Du Yu Shu, “Goddess, you will always be the best of the best! Just be yourself! We will always be your strongest supporter 【Heart】【Heart】”

Du Yu Shu remembers this ID “Quiet and Quiet.” This ID is one of those rare fans who have followed her for eight years.

From the first post that she has ever posted, you could see this ID in the comments. In every Weibo posts that she had posted, this ID would always leave a comment in every one even if the news are meaningless.

Du Yu Shu wanted to reply, but after typing a huge section of words, she immediately deleted the text and threw her phone under the pillow in resignation.

At this time, the doorbell rang.

Surprised, Du Yu Shu hastily yelled, “Wait a minute!”

She is wearing pajamas now!

After she quickly changed her clothes, Du Yu Shu opened the door and saw Ye Jing AN casually leaning against the door frame. She coldly said, “What do you want?”

Really cold and noble ah.

Ye Jing An chuckled, looking a bit indifferent, “Leading Actress Du’s hospitality is quite something ah, don’t even invite guests in?”

Du Yu Shu curved her lips, “Not anything can enter my room.”

“My room only welcome humans.”

Ye Jing An, “......”

Changing the rule to say that he isn’t human, Du Yu Shu is really....

Cute ah.

“Actually, I don’t mind standing outside,” Ye Jing An jokingly smiled, “In any case, I also don’t mind being seen by others.”

I mind!

Du Yu Shu internally gave her respect to Ye Jing An and then unwillingly open the door, “Come in.”

“If you have something to say, quickly say it, if not, get out.” Du Yu Shu coldly said.

“Of course I have something to discuss,” Ye Jing An lightly said, “Since someone isn’t willing to accept my friend request on WeChat, I have no choice but to look for that person.”

Du Yu Shu had already forgotten about the WeChat matter. After being reminded about it, she was a little embarrassed, “What WeChat? I didn’t see it ah.”

Having spoken magnanimously, it seemed like she didn’t see it at all.

Ye Jing An was too lazy to care about whether she saw it or not so he just said, “Leading Actress Du, do you still remember our bet?”

“I remember.” Although Du Yu Shu doesn’t somewhat understand, she still replied.

“Good,” Ye Jing An smiled with satisfaction, “Then right now, Leading Actress Du ought to finish her part of the bet.”

“What the hell?” Du Yu Shu stared at him with wide eyes, “I didn’t lose ah, why do I have to do the punishment?”

“You lost this morning’s game,” Ye Jing An indifferently said, his expression unchanged, “You lost. Could it be you don’t want to complete you part of the bet?”

“What the hell are you talking about!” Du Yu Shu angrily said, “Our bet was that the winner of this segment will get to ask the loser to do something, but this segment had not finished recording. Where is the so-called winner and loser ah!”

“This first segment, the winner has the right to ask the loser to do something,” Ye Jing An smiled and repeated, “This first segment.”

Du Yu Shu had a bad premonition.

“Also, in this segment, the winner of any part.”

“You really twist words and force logic! You troublemaker!”Du Yu Shu angrily said.

“What, you didn’t notice the trap and blame me? You’re the one who agreed with it, now that you lost, you don’t want to come to terms with it?” Ye Jing An smiled at her mockingly, “It’s not like I forced you to go along with it.”

“You–––!” Du Yu Shu was so angry, she couldn’t even speak and couldn’t only grit her teeth. She really wants to give this Ye Jing An a slap across the face.

“Do you accept your fate, Leading Actress Du?” Ye Jing An smiled.

Du Yu Shu couldn’t only grit her teeth in response.

“That’s good, then tonight, let’s go on a date together,” Ye Jing An warmly smiled, “I’ll pick you up at 5, how’s that? Right now, it’s not yet three; you still have two more hours to rest and prepare.”

Du Yu Shu stared with wide-eyes, “......” What the hell?!

“Also, remember to add me on WeChat.” With that said, Ye Jing An opened the door and left, leaving a stunned Du Yu Shu to reach out and touch her forehead; she wasn’t hallucinating right?

Da-, date?!

Ye Jing An came to invite her on a date!!

【Small theater】

Ye Jing An: Let’s go on a date together yoooooo

Du Yu Shu: He’s not setting up a trap for me to fall in right?

Ye Jing An: Can you trust me just this once?

Du Yu Shu: I really really really want to trust you.

Du Yu Shu: However, your character is not good enough for me to trust you.

Ye Jing An: .....

Ye Jing An: Alright, go, I’ll sell you.

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